Winter 2009/2010-where is it??? Anytime now!


Snow, I need it, you need it, we all need it!!!! Desperate times call for desperate measures as some of our workers & team riders headed to Winter Park Co. on a whim after there annual Thanksgiving Killington trip was cancelled due to NO snow!!! Logan, Steve & Rob-now thats some dedication right there. Where are you heading, where have ya been. Let us know.

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  1. Any idea who was trying to fly a Blue/Black/White kite at the old Southwyck parking lot today? Chris saw him one day last week, too. Possibly driving a full size green van?

    Both days were like today… NO WIND.

  2. Awesome time with SJJA at Mad River last week! Snow was great, hit the boxes and rails, one kid had to leave with a concussion.

    1. Haha that’s awesome, well the rails and boxes part, not the concussion. Let me know if you guys make it out again, i definitely want to ride with you guys

  3. We have a small rebuild going on right now at the “Parking lot Lab”, but we need another rail! Does anyone have a small rail that we could keep at the shop for the rest of the season? It’ll be put in the back hallway at night…. anyone?

  4. Fresh snow! I’ll be at the shop all day shaping up a new parking lot line in riding, stop out if you want to ride or dig!

  5. Anyone going to take in some fresh powder at Madriver tomorrow? I’m off all day and considering it.

  6. sooooo i was more hyped on that saturday late night big boy gap session than i’ve been about something the whole season. good timessssssss!

  7. Meeting tomorrow (Saturday ) at the shop at eleven am and riding the shop park for a little bit. The news is supposed to make an appearance so stop out!

  8. Little afternoon parking lot session. Hopefully everything iced over and the mound will be rideable. Either way, we’re heading out later on to ride some street. Everyone is welcome, we’re going to some pretty easy handrails so email/blog/text/call the shop if you want to tag along

    My Cell:

  9. Parking Park looks awesome, Moto X style. We just need a rail for acrossed the gator gap and we have the best park in toledo. Anyone have access to a corrugated pipe? or a fat piece of PVC?

  10. Plow guys jacked up our parking lot park, but it shouldn’t take more than an hour or so to get it back in shape. A bunch of heads are coming out again today, lets see if we can get a BBQ going! I’ll get the music going and we’ll make it a jamparty…

  11. Crazy good parking lot session today. BMX style jumps, quarter pipe, flat rail, dumpster hipper flipper, the works. Lots of backflips, rodeos and some tech on the flat bar. Come out tomorrow for more of the same!

      1. awesome, we have one feature build, hip over the dumpster, working on another hip and some other jammers once more heads get here. TURBOSESH

  12. Bring on the snow.

    Hey mike how about some bungee time sunday in the shops parking lot. heard you did some dumster flips.

    me and wes just picked up plane tickets to colorado for $205 bucks a peice flying frontier. Going spring break march 10-14(wed-sun). If anyone is interested check out expedia. we are going to stay in fort collins at our friends place at CSU.

    1. That sounds awesome, i’ll be in vermont though! I’m definitely in for a bungee session this sunday. I think OZZY is setting up a rail jam at his place on saturday. He has a spine, wallride, rails and a Grill. Should be a good time. I’ll try to get a flyer out asap.

  13. Snow!!!! 6-10″ headed our way. That means some serious street sessions this week/weekend. Check in with the blog to see when we’re heading out!

  14. X games don’t have nothin on our work crew……Mikey doing back flips off the snow plow pile in the stores parking lot into the street…..AND yes all you haters, I got pics & vid…… to test fest back on friday, come in & visit Mikey to keep him from going crazy.

    1. You took the camera before we could upload the pics onto the computer… now i can’t show off until friday!

  15. Looks like a pretty good sunday in the park session tonight at Mad River. We have about 10 people signed up to head out tonight, if you want to come just Call/Text/Blog and we’ll make sure you have a seat in someones car. Screw the SuperBowl, come ride!

  16. Mad River update from B, they left Toledo at 8 arrived at MR at 11;30! Rt 68 had 4 foot drifts and 70 cars stuck, about 20 cars off the road on the mile stretch in to MR!!!! Once there not too crowded……hell drive….

    1. have fun getting home, the mad river cam looks like a white out. atleast you got to ride in some real snow.

  17. Looking to get out again tomorrow, anyone looking to ride? I’ll probably head down to Mad River around 10am.

  18. Wearing my “Destroy All Skiers” hoodie down to Mad River, I sure hope I don’t get beat up by some crazed skier! Better come bet your “destroy” tee before all the good colors are scooped up.

  19. Trying to ride tomorrow, looking for someone to keep me company! I have room in my car for two more… any takers? Call/Text 419-973-6883

  20. Super chill session last night. I’m thinking about taking a couple of days off but we’ll see haha.

  21. riding mad river tonight. Not quite sure what time we’re leaving but it’ll be between 2:30 and 5:00pm. Check back or call the shop to find out the details. It looks like we’ll have about three cars full of people so it should be DA BOMB!

  22. Rode mad river today, super cold but a good day on the snow. Taking the day off tomorrow to work at the shop, then heading out for the sunday night session. We’re looking to get a good sized crew together for the session so blog in and let us know if you want to ride. Planning on leaving from the shop around 4 and getting home around 11.

    1. me and wes are in for sunday. i’ll be stopping in the shop saturday to get new skull candys and pick up the new shop T. Suggest everyone to buy the new T’s the front and back graphics are sick.

  23. Working at the shop all day today then heading down to mad river tomorrow. Leaving from the shop at 10am and riding until around 3 or 4. I have room in my car for 2 in anyone wants to pile in.

  24. So ready to ride tonight. It’s going to be a jacket night for sure. Blog in if you want to roll, we have two more seats open in the car.

  25. leaving the shop between 4 and 5. anyone who wants to score some chilly night ride at mad riv stop by.

  26. I’m hoping the rain comes early so we can ride mad river tonight. It’s going to be a slushy night but we’re still planning on riding. Meeting at the shop at 4pm and heading out from there.

  27. Heading down to Mad River tomorrow (wednesday) morning, and preparing for the railjam the rest of the week!

  28. We just got in our new “Destroy All Skiers” logo t shirts, come on in and get one & show your friends that your down with the best shop in the area & help us spread the hate! (just joking)

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