Winter 2009/2010-where is it??? Anytime now!


Snow, I need it, you need it, we all need it!!!! Desperate times call for desperate measures as some of our workers & team riders headed to Winter Park Co. on a whim after there annual Thanksgiving Killington trip was cancelled due to NO snow!!! Logan, Steve & Rob-now thats some dedication right there. Where are you heading, where have ya been. Let us know.

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  1. Rail jam at Highland park on South Ave. this Saturday….check the other blog post for more details!

  2. We hit Mad River after work on Saturday nite, rode to 12:30, pretty foggy & slushy, drunks galore!!!! Always amusing!

  3. Rode snowtrails on saturday, it was actually really good. their park is big. Not as many options as mad river but definitely worth the drive.

  4. Rode Caberfae tuesday, Crystal wednesday & heading up for a Mad River nite sesh after work…after a slow start I’m coming on strong!

  5. After a long two days off, i’m back on the snow tomorrow. Riding thursday, friday and sunday, maybe saturday if i’m lucky…

  6. Heading up North to Caberfae tomorrow then a Crystal hit on Wed!!! Hope to follow it up with a Mad River this weekend!

  7. Hoping to get some street in today. If anyone is checking this and wants to ride UT or Downtown, I’ll be at the shop around noon. Let me know…

    1. Everyday there are a few groups that come in to the shop & talk about riding street with you & Logan. EVERYDAY! I don’t know what happens to them all……

  8. Riding some street today then heading down to mad river for the shop session. Stop by the shop to get the details and ride with us!

  9. Dumpster session was a huge success! QP to stall to dumpster ride to front one to flat… yup all that.

  10. Yep, Mad River was super fun, it always is! I give more props to Ryan for drinking a gallon of beer in 15 minutes then continuing to ride for another 2 hours, anyone can drift/pass at 70 in a Suburban…..

      1. The problem with threaded replies on a blog like this is that there’s nothing to make the new replies (since your last visit) stand out from older posts.

        You end up re-reading things many times over when looking for that new comment indicated by the comment count on the main page.

  11. Mad props to Mark’s 70MPH drifting skills yesterday!! My 1st session of the year felt good despite the quart of beer on lunch.

  12. Taking the day off to rest up, Pulling out for Boyne mountain and highlands tonight, riding tomorrow and tuesday, then back down to mad river to close out the week.

  13. Finishing up ’09 with only nine rides… terrible! But, I’m heading out soon and i’ll be at boyne sunday, monday and tuesday.

  14. yeah but you looked real cool. no worries i had to wear a coat today. snowing here. hopefully scoring deep fresh in the morning.

  15. Turbo sick, i had to cancel on riding today… that’s what i get for looking cool in a hoodie! Feeling better already though and looking forward to riding a couple more days before the first of the year. I’m planning on leaving from the shop around 9:30am tomorrow morning if anyone wants to tag along, let me know.

  16. Riding Monday morning, leaving from the shop around 10am then riding wednesday, thursday, and maybe tuesday. Meet at the shop at 10:00am for the session.

  17. Girl who bought the social board today, Sam, I forgot to give you your free lift ticket! stop in anytime and i’ll get you set up.

  18. touche! i don’t have much to come back on after that blow. all i’ll say is i’m going go ride some P-O-W!

  19. No riding until monday… it’s going to be a rough couple of days. Riding monday, wednesday and thursday next week. Mad river for the hat trick!

  20. Heading down to Mad River tonight for the shop session. Leaving from the shop at 5pm, session runs until 9:30pm. We’ll have the camera out so come out and try to get some clips!

  21. Snow! not too much but its a start. Taking the day off and resting up for tomorrow nights session. Mad river/Capital park, leaving from the shop at 5pm session runs until 9:30pm. Should be good.

  22. One of our team riders, Stiss, had a bad accident. Rob gave us some of the gruesome details-that was some crazy f’d up stuff. Hope all is well & we see him out riding soon. If you know him, you know he’ll be riding weeks before the docs say he can…..

  23. Rode Mad River again yesterday, park looks really good. They were putting up new features and building up two more jumps… Taking today and saturday off and heading back out Sunday night.

  24. Just got back from Mad River/Capital Park. Great snow, super fluff and fast. They were grooming more of the park, added two nice sized jumps and a couple new rails/boxes. Definitely the best day so far of the season. Bluebird and warm. Heading back down tomorrow morning!

  25. Just got our ultra-secret new tow in device for street riding this year. super stoked on it and it should open up possibilities to hit a lot more stuff. WARNING: do not use with mountain board….or you’ll get wrecked real good like i just did!

  26. Last night we went down to Mad river for our first sunday ridenight. Conditions were shitty (rain and fog) but the place was empty. No car problems and we got a couple clips. Looks like another day of spring conditions then it cools back down for wednesday and the rest of the week. Logan and I are heading back down for wednesday and thursday!

  27. Mad river session yesterday with Jordan and Sammi, snow looked good, super warm and bluebird. Lots of rails and three pretty decent jumps. Heading down again with Logan, Steve and Rob. Should be a good shred sesh. We’ll have pics so check out the gallery!

  28. At least now, when browsing the blog from my phone, I don’t have to scroll past 300 previous posts to read the latest. I would only have to scroll for 20 minutes if/when I decide to reply or post a wind-report.

  29. Exams…have to miss the wind tomorrow

    hoping to be in the water one more time this year after the 16th

  30. except now you will have to scroll to the bottom to comment what’s on top…see how long before I have to change it back.

  31. I think your bets for this weekend are Mt. Brighton, Mt. Holly and…….Cannonsburg. How desperate are you?????? At least they’re all a lot closer than Logans Winter Park Colo. drive!

  32. Check out the Mad river cams, they’re blowing snow now, shouldn’t be too long before the grass is covered lol. I’m thinking 100% open for the 12th, with features! but that’s what i said about this weekend too….

  33. The lads pulled out last nite 11/26 at 11:21 pm!!! I had to drag it to the new post this morn which f ed up the departure time.

  34. Logan & company

    Calling first claim for the 09/10 season. pulling out of the driveway for winter park.

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