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Waterman Hall of Fame nominee ~ Don Renuart~ the interview!

I recently caught up with Don to talk about his recent nomination to the Watermans Hall of Fame. Here is the riveting conversation I had with him covering his windsurf career, his transfer to kiteboarding and other poignant topics. Enjoy!

Red Sky: You windsurfed forever before taking up kiting, what drew you to the water in the first place?

Don: You know, there’s like a boat-load of gangs at this school. This one gang kept wanting me to join because I’m pretty good with a bow staff

Red Sky: ummm, thats great, lets try again, your cousin got you into windsurfing in Florida, lending you gear, correct?

Don: Well, I have all your equipment in my locker. You should probably come get it cause I can’t fit my numchucks in there anymore.

Red Sky: I didn’t lend you any equipment….you started making your own boards down there during the peak of the windsurfing boom, how’d you do it?

Don: I already made like infinity of those at scout camp

Red Sky: all right, moving on, what factor made you switch from windsurfing- where you were considered to be one of the very best to kiteboarding-where you had to start all over & work yourself back to the top-was it the allure of the air?

Don: Last week, Japanese scientists explaced… placed explosive detonators at the bottom of Lake Loch Ness to blow Nessie out of the water. Sir Cort Godfrey of the Nessie Alliance summoned the help of Scotland’s local wizards to cast a protective spell over the lake and its local residents and all those who seek for the peaceful existence of our underwater ally.

Red Sky: Soooooooo Nessie drove you to kiting? OK, lets try & focus- remember when we first met years ago, you had that van with the windsurf mural, all the adventures, those were some fun times, what comes to your mind from those early days?

Don: Well, you had a sweet bike. And you’re really good at hooking up with chicks. Plus you’re like the only guy at school who had a mustache.

Red Sky: we didn’t go to school together….

Don:  and I caught you a delicious bass.

Red Sky: well, I can see this is going no where fast! One last easy question, lets get this one right. They used to refer to you as “the panther” during your MCO days, honestly I never saw it, but the question is what is your favorite animal?

Don:  A liger.

Red Sky: whats a liger?

Don:  It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.

Red Sky: any thing else to add before the Watermans hall of fame voting takes place?

Don:  Just tell them that their wildest dreams will come true if they vote for me.  😆

219 thoughts on “Waterman Hall of Fame nominee ~ Don Renuart~ the interview!”

  1. I don’t know if I’m in for today, I seem to have some rib area issues, bruised & painful. I might need to borrow Dons seat shorts…….I think it started from getting tossed off the front weeks ago riding with Don & somehow made super worse in Wed. lame ass session.

      1. I was out at MB with dogs & kids & saw RB heading out to wind line,it sure did NOT look good, save the trip, don’t go!

      1. nothing to see here, you didn’t miss anything! Pretty disappointing day. John, myself & Gary all struck out.

  2. I was trying to get a AM session in before it cuts out but I don’t see anything worth going for yet….maybe its already cut out…..

      1. Well the wind did blow up here today in spite of the forecast. I got a little session in, another step forward.

  3. Today looks like its going to be a good day once it turns north. Yes its going to be a little on the cool side & yes it might rain a little BUT summer winds are just around the corner & Maumee Bay is as good as it will ever be on a NNW I’m hoping to roll soon after it switches & settles in.

      1. I had to wait out the rain for about an hour then scored 5.5 with Ypsi Steve(5.2) for about 1 1/2 hours. Nice little ramps, kiter from BG? was out(I forgot his name). Hands got pretty cold.

  4. in land winds seem to be cranking, I’m out with a sick kid! Sensors not really showing it though…..maybe someone got some!

  5. Heading out with Tom to meet up with Gary. We’ll see if we can get Tom back on the horse again after all these years!

  6. Waiting for it to switch over to W then hoping to hit Maumee bay after lunch! “I” forecast shows it rolling WNW which is almost too much to ask for. Today might be a good day.

      1. pretty good turn out. Patrick, Ryan, Andy & Brad on kites, myself, Judd & Ypsi Steve reppin on the windsurfers. 14m & 13m kites & 5.2-6.5 sails.

  7. Tomorrow- SUNDAY- its going to be cold & windy- WNW! The plan is to meet up at Maumee Bay at 11& see how long we can last. So far its myself & Don. Be there! It should be good! Any takers?

      1. I just threw away my 5/3 wetsuit after the last session. It was done. It had a good run of 5+ years, but it was done.

        I don’t know how I feel about using a 3/2 when the water temp is 58 and the air temp is 48.

        1. I have my old 5/3 large- same as your old one, no breaches, still in good shape if you want to borrow it until a new one arrives 😉

          1. well, at least I got out. 5.5 & 9 kites. I thought it would have been bigger. Petes chart was right on, pretty sketchy!

  8. Due to a medical emergency the spring Hatteras trip has been cancelled! This will mark the 1st time in 23 years that we have not made the spring journey.’ Pedro’ (named changed due to article 528 of the downed waterman code) one of the godfathers of watersports in Ohio is resting up after a scary ordeal. The test results are still pending but after contacting an official at the Sam Rutigliano Memorial Hospital and invoking the freedom of information act they gave me this X ray form Pedro’s case file http://www.redskytoledo.michaeljpaulus.net/gallery/photo-gallery/?album=1&gallery=19&nggpage=7 (its the last pic on that page-the x ray) I’m no doctor but that doesn’t look like it belongs up there! An anonymous hospital source familiar with the case stated “that X ray raises more questions than answers” & followed with ” we believe its a matchbox car, a 1969 Dodge Charger-the General Lee to be exact, how it got up there we’ll never know” . Wow, I’m in utter shock, I never took Pedro for a Dukes of Hazzard fan. Stay tuned for updates on his condition. Get well my friend, I’ll miss hanging with you more than the trip itself-always a good time. Hatteras will always be there!

  9. you would think that with John on his way to Hatteras we would get some wind while he was gone BUT there is nothing in the forecast as long as you can see! To make it worse its supposed to crank in Hatteras while he is down there!

      1. steve from mich

        don’t rule out SSP,. this east wind is delivering there, got out deep yesterday, withj some North in the sipposedly SE wind

  10. Pete and I scored last night at MBSP. Slightly underpowered on 13’s. That’s #2 for me. I think Pete is in the lead with his San Francisco trip

      1. I have a kiddie track meet today & a funeral in Indiana tomorrow, I hope to get out after lunch on Friday!

  11. Gary just scored another gusty session on the Ottawa River, thats 2 in January if you’re keeping score.

  12. For what I believe is the second year in a row, Gary has taken Lake Erie water honors for 2013! Ottawa River 6.8 sail on 130 liters! Very nice, Noaa is saying the water temp is 32 degrees off Toledo!

    1. Gary, for being the 1st in the water in 2013 you win a FREE lift ticket to Mt. Brighton, Caberfae or Mad River- your choice! Let me know what ticket you want!

  13. There is something evil afoot. Seven new kites delivered on Thursday and 4 days of wind remain in the forecast.

    Sunday looks like the best with temps in the upper 50s and a wind direction that will have us at B(.)(.)Bies.

  14. 3pm update on iKite shows temps in the 40s through mid afternoon, tomorrow!

    ETA 10am.
    9M Kite.

  15. Tomorrow, LP? if it really is due S, looking to head out around noon if its blowing(and not dumping rain)

        1. oops, I just returned from LP, a little too much W in it for me, couldn’t motivate after riding 40 the last time out. It might be worth it to someone……

          1. Solid 9 kite. Taking a break before going back out. John switching from 13 to 9.

          2. 70 degrees, Sunny, swell and windy. Luna Pier delivered.

            Mark’s helmet cam footage uploading now. No editing done. I need real software for that. The first one says 380 minutes remaining and the 2nd hasn’t even started yet.
            I’ll post a link here…later or tomorrow morning.

  16. I’m going to go take a look after I get off work. ETA 5:15 (car is already loaded and I’m wearing my wetsuit at work).

  17. If it doesn’t warm up a bit more, I am out for today. No feeling in hands = no ride! I’m making my call at noon, hoping to ride Wed. if the weather cooperates.

          1. got them, used them yesterday, not cold, just no grip & circulation, 1.5 psycho gloves- straight out of the mesh bag, warmer than my open palms but same end result.

          2. ??? not to my knowledge. I hope it wasn’t huddled by my car trying to get feeling back in my hands!

  18. No reports from yesterday. Did we lose everyone? I got my ass handed to me yesterday. Too much sail and board, but didn’t have the right equipment with me.
    I’m scared of marblehead today after maheim yesterday. anyone going to be at MB around 4?

    1. all hands accounted for. 1st session was Ryan L, John, myself & 2 Mi. guys (Chuck & a unnamed rider), we came in to downsize & Patrick & Ryan O showed & final session consisted of 4.5 sails- except Lashaway who was feeling Hulkish & 7-8 kite except Patrick freezin on his10 kite. Today I’m shooting for 1ish & I’ll be lucky to last long. I’ll see how sh!tty the rain is & decide before I leave, driving rain in 60 mph gusts dosen’t sound to fun.

          1. 1st shift just finished, John 6 kite, Patrick 7 or 8 kite, Gary 3.5 sail, me 4.0 sail. Cold, rain was starting, a bumpy ride indeed! Couldn’t feel my hands after about 2 laps, not frozen they just don’t work with gloves!

          2. 2nd shift report. Brad and I with Andy on ground support sending us off. Brad was on a hot pink 4.0 I think (couldn’t hear w/hood and howling wind). I was on my 5m Fuel wishing I had a 6m. I should have went 7m on 20’s. I think that 6m is where my credits will go. Brad and I took turns with his helmet cam–you know how that’s going to turn out. Lots of people with cameras and even one girl swimming. Hope to see some pics and a youtube link tonight 😉
            Soooo. Lets find the top end of my 5m tomorrow

  19. Here are the player notes for Sundays big game at Maumee Bay:
    Full Participant: Mark, John, Ryan L
    Probable: Pete, Brad, Ypsi Steve
    Questionable: Patrick, Gary, Andy, Ryan B, Judd, Luke, AA crew
    Doubtful: Tom, Vic, Chuck the Traveler
    Game Time Decision: Ryan O
    Out: Don
    Check back through out the day for updates on your favorite players status.

    1. I think I might have to wait for the game on Monday. Probably a higher scoring event. Hopefully there won’t be a rain delay.

        1. Today or Sunday??? Today, I’m not too excited about it with huge stuff coming- eta around 5- if I see it (Ryan L should have a scout report by then), Sunday- Big Game Day- I’m thinking around noon- not knowing how long I’ll last.

          1. Sunday. Going in extra early. Maybe a little later…depending on how much I get done

          2. Ryan gets my spot, family event up by st clair at 3 pm sunday means I score anchor bay on the way. But odds are Chuck and Jim from michigan will come down to balance things out

            ypsi steve

          3. I’ve seen/heard enough of the failed kitecam experiment, I think I’m going to try windsurfchase cam & see what comes of it.

          4. I’m stuck on island in ferry line. But I’m hitting Marblehead when I get back. The forecast is insane!!!

  20. days upon days of big north wind coming, gonna be cold, but you already knew that, this could be the once a season week long N blow!

      1. John and I both on 13 Fuels….I’m guessing he’ll have a new quiver sooner than later. Patrick brought the family and tried to hold down a 20 with no fins to show off. That didn’t last long 😉

  21. I’m having a hard time getting excited about a rainy, gusty SSW, I’m sure once the rain passes its either way SW or done-even though, I’m waiting

      1. tomorrow AM looks a lot better than today, I’m waiting to see if anything happens today, if not I’m going to try the LP dawn(ish) patrol around 9-try that is.

  22. John report from MB, one windsurfer out deep on big gear (maybe 7.5) he has a 9.5 rigged on the beach! IF he goes out it would be 14 kite, he is debating if its worth it after yesterday.

      1. rode until the water blew out, by the time we called it, the water was way gone, had to walk in from deep & go get my car to recover my gear, I couldn’t get back to where we put in.

      2. Solo session at Catawba. Not even a Clevelander. Probably watching those Browns win their first game.

        1. gave up my browns tickets… to kite! sandbar day maxed out on my 6m ….7 kiters good time…

          and the browns win? lol

        1. Got some time in between 430 and 6. I was just south of state park at a friends place but didn’t see any kites over there. Looks like I missed you guys and the good wind. Heading over there Sunday? Looks like a good SW in forecast.

  23. I’m hoping to get to MB around 1:30, I’m sure I won’t hold long in the cold. A raiding party headed east in search of swell this AM.

    1. Scored finally, John took out his 14 for the feeler & got killed, went back out on overpowered 10, quad of death finally rode(like a champ I might add) with new 5.5 rig, overpowered but couldn’t re rig because had to ride the new stuff. Left Luke out there on his own, I think on a 9? Lasted 2 1/2 hours, not bad.

      1. I met up with the Cleveland crew at Avon Power Plant. We quickly decided to head further East to Mentor Headlands for bigger waves and more wind. Lots of kiters and windsurfers riding. Kites ranged from 6-10m. I was well powered on my 7 Fuel. Big waves, warm water and lots of wind. I highly recommend the trip. I will post some pics to my blog tomorrow (no action shots just beach and a picture of Don’s retired Link 7) I’m sure Don will email some pics to Mark as well

  24. The ladies love the dick towel!

    Could we actually have wind today?

    Will the quad of death be present?

    Helmet cam?

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