Tuesday ride nites 2009…they’re back!


What is ride nite you ask? Well, its a good excuse for us to close early on Tuesday and go ride for starters, the number one goal on ride nite is to hit water & ride. This is also a good time for anyone interested in kiteboarding or windsurfing to show up & see what its all about. If we’re at a beach that is big enough you can even try out our small kites for FREE!!!!! If its a favorable wind direction we can let you try out some windsurf gear also. This doesn’t replace a lesson but allows you to come and see what its all about. Ride nites do require a wind minimum of 10 knots, if not no ones moving (or at least having fun). We change the place we’ll be at depending on wind direction & forecast so check with the shop to see were we are going. Sometimes Maumee Bay, sometimes the Pier and maybe even some field flying. Come on out one Tuesday and check it out for yourself!!!

28 thoughts on “Tuesday ride nites 2009…they’re back!”

  1. We have a lesson going out tonite so we won’t be doing ride nite. Sorry, lessons get first crack on ride nites…..

  2. Ride nite is once again looking a little on the light side. Official call to be made in a few hours, but my educated guess would be it ain’t happening!

  3. Storms, off shore wind & no wind…..that about sums it up. A little of everything, check off another nite ride.

  4. We have 2, count em, 2 lessons going off tonite. We should be at MB until 6 or 7. That means we should have a land kite (the one we’re not using) for you to play on.

  5. The lack of wind turned into big board surf a palooza, Logan & Holly ruled the waves hands down. Ryan, Pete & myself gave it the ol’college try, but our wind thingys couldn’t compete with the surf crew.

  6. LP ride nite, its water or nothing, remember LP has NO MARGIN FOR ERROR. Not so bad for windsurfing but kiting there is treacherous, hopefully the fabled LP swell comes up.

  7. Big ol’ windsurf board for ride nite! Kiddie sail/rig so it’ll be way easy! MB 4:30-6ish…..

  8. Got a lesson done, watched the wind die after the rain & played centerfield for John fo a while…….not bad as ride nites go.

  9. A tuesday with wind, we have a lesson 1st then hitting the water, bring your board or kite and I’ll see you a mile out in the lake.

  10. We have a private lesson tonite, ride on your own son, Luna Pier looks to be the best bet for a little swell if you’re heading out.

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