Tuesday Ride Nite 2010


Back for a third year, you’ve heard about it, you’ve dreamed about doing it, now is the time~ Tuesday Ride Nite!!!!! Your chance to ride with the bros! Kiteboarding & windsurfing in the pristine waters of Lake Erie. Every Tuesday nite this summer is ride nite! Come ride with us! If you wondering about the windsurf & kiteboard scene come on out & check it out for yourself. See 1st hand what its all about. Its not a demo, its not a free lesson, we’re inviting you to come out & ride. We’ll be changing spots looking for the best wind so call the shop, email or keep watching the blog to see where we’ll be heading every Tuesday! We’ll have all of our gear so if conditions permit we might even let you have a crack at it! We hope to be hitting the water by 5pm. Stop on out and say hi, bring your own stuff & ride with us or just come on out and see if its something you might want to do! Questions? Lets hear’em. See you on Tuesday!

29 thoughts on “Tuesday Ride Nite 2010”

    1. see if I can find where I put my board, its been so long. At kellys island all weekend, but the board is going with me. shouldn’t be a problem finding a sweet spot.

  1. as we were going in the water the rangers at Maumee Bay came up & warned us about the Toxic Algae Bloom-we shoudn’t go into the water, a full body contact warning is in effect. “Go in at your own risk”

  2. Bring your kite or board, its water or bust, no land flying/playing where we’re going(Luna Pier, north), there isn’t any room.

  3. No wind, no go…….there actually might be “negative wind” if that is possible!!!!! Stop on in at the shop and buy yourself a longboard skateboard, you don’t need any wind for those!!!!!

  4. We have a lesson Tuesday at 2:30~ IF the storms hold off that is, that means no ride nite because the C.R.E.A.M. rule is in effect. Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin to f#%& with!

    1. Lesson confirmed, we’ll be out at MB, no loaner kites~ they are being used in the lesson, C.R.E.A.M. rule in effect……..

      1. the lesson lasted to 7:30! Long day in the sun watching the wind cut. Better than working though!

      1. Ryan is doing recon right now, Gary reported good 6.8 earlier…….if the Ryan report is good I might be rolling at 3ish……

        1. Ryan update, barely whitecapping any more, Patrick on 20, John underpowered on 13…was better earlier…..as the forecast said-cutting!

          1. Thanks for the update, yes it really looks bleak. I will keep an eye on it and go later (like 5-ish) if there is anything left.

    1. Called everyone off and couldn’t resist. Marginal 13. Shoulda been 15. John hung out and tried his 15 and Mark came anyway to try 6.5. That sucked! Now it’s getting windier.

  5. It must be Tuesday because it sure doesn’t look like we’re gonna ride tonite! Rain & storms that are approaching are more than likely going to keep us off the water tonite!

  6. Its not looking good for tonight…….pretty light & not a good forecast. My prediction is it won’t happen. Maybe next Tuesday-its gotta blow on one of these Tuesdays!!!!

  7. wow this is a huge vacuum for this early in the summer…. bummer

    I am not sure even when I leave town sunday for 5 days will even break the cycle…

  8. Not tonite…… no wind & the forecast is less than promising! We’ll try again next Tuesday.

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