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Tuesday Ride Nights 2011-its better than working!

Ladies, this one is for you!!!!! MARK!!!
Its Ryan & he's flying!

Come on out & ride with the crew on Tuesdays!!!  The goal on ride nights is first & foremost to get out on the water & ride.  If the direction & winds co-operate you can try out some of our small trainer kites or jump on the barney windsurf board- if you’re a newb. Need some pointers, advice, help setting up or just are tired of riding on your own- then come on out!  Remember Tuesday ride nights  do not replace a lesson, they are more to complement it. Ride nites will go down if the winds are strong enough to ride, with gas a $4 a gallon no one needs to head out to the beach unless its looking promising!  

Booty!!! another one for the ladies (& Carl)

27 thoughts on “Tuesday Ride Nights 2011-its better than working!”

  1. the last ride nite goes out like a lamb!!! Not to mention the toxic killer algae, tonites ride nite is a “ride not”

  2. We just can’t win on ride nite! Cancelled the lesson we had going out today due to a crappy forecast! Ride nite also looks to be a no go.

    1. Yep, ride nite looks to be a go! The west wind means its more than likely gonna be a long pull to the wind line, be prepared to run deep. None but the brave tonite at Maumee Bay.

          1. I ended up going for it. Self launched around 7 and got a decent session before kite fell out of the sky around 8.

  3. 8/2 ride night is looking bleak, the wind is supposed to come up but not until later tonite. Stay tuned.

  4. Ride nite is going to be “catch up on kite lessons” nite tonite! We are going to try & finish a 2fer lesson tonite at ride nite, the small land kites should be there if anybody wants to try it. Maumee Bay it is.

  5. 7/12 ride night is looking 50/50. IF it does happen it MIGHT be a baby wave day at Maumee Bay, we’ll make the final call later. If not today it looks to be Wed for a MB wave day.

    1. its a crap shoot! Its not supposed to blow until later, much later. IF it comes in we’re running out for a quick nitecap! (it could actually be a “nite” ride) Tomorrow looks more promising….

  6. 7/5/11 ride night in no way, shape or form is gonna happen according to everything I’ve seen on the forecasts. Unless Neptune grants us a mystery storm- we are NOT riding tonite! Hopefully next week gives us something!…….by the way, last Tuesday Ride Night was super good, if you weren’t there you missed a good one!

  7. Its ON!!!!! Ride night 6/28!!!!! Bring your gear, be it windsurf or kiteboard & come ride with us at Maumee Bay state park. We should be there for a while…..hopefully!

  8. the June 21 ride night is not looking good…. IF it happens & thats a big IF, its gonna be water or bust at Luna Pier……final call will come at 3ish. Stay tuned…..

  9. Todays (6/14/11) ride night is looking kinda sketchy. If its at least what yesterday was(which was about 12) we’ll head……stay tuned, I’ll make the final call with in the hour.

    1. as much as I don’t want to call this ride night…..the wind is just not co-operating & the forecast isn’t too promising……IF someone thinks they are gonna go either email me or call me before 4!

      1. With all the sensors showing single digit right now Ride Night is caput! Its not looking too promising……if that changes we’ll be running waaaaay deep at Maumee Bay.

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