Tuesday Ride Night 2013

Come and ride with us. Tuesdays we meet up & go kiteboarding & windsurfing (weather & wind permitting). The goal is to go riding & have fun, bring your gear & come riding with us, got questions or just want to watch, come on out! We’ll post here where we’ll be, what its looking like & the biggest, most important thing, ‘IF’ the wind is cooperating & we’re actually going to be able to ride. The usual spots are Maumee Bay State Park & Luna Pier. 4 PM ish is when we arrive. Check back  & see whats up!

34 thoughts on “Tuesday Ride Night 2013”

  1. and just like that another season of Ride Nights has passed! Thats not to mean that we aren’t riding anymore, in fact we start riding more than ever in the fall!

  2. Well, it looks like a typical ride night (no wind, bad direction) for later on, BUT, Wednesday is looking pretty good for a little wave day out of the North. Remember the old saying, “there are no friends on a wave day” so be careful & aware that the rocks are in play. Ride on!

  3. Do I really have to say it……. THIS AFTERNOON
    SUNNY. WAVES 2 FEET OR LESS. ……I think that speaks volumes!

    1. Finally a good ride night! 5 windsurfers(from 6.0-11m) & 3 kiters(13-14m). Wind slowly increased until about 6pm.

  4. Its looking a little light with a bad southerly direction. That and Andys algae blow sighting has tonite a no go.

  5. Getting our gear together for the Red Sky Free SUP demo/Kiteboard clinic today at Maumee Bay State Park. If you’ve ever been curious about either sport,now’s your chance to give ’em a try. Come on out,4-8.

  6. Well, tonite is looking bad for ride night, BUT (yes a big BUT) this Thursday 8/1 @ 4pm-8pm we are going to be at Maumee Bay state park- rain or shine- for a free SUP demo & kiteboard clinic. Yep,a stand up paddle board for you to try, training kites for you to fly, big kites to marvel at(& just maybe play with if the wind is just right) & good times. Be there!

  7. well, Pete might be correct, it looks like it might be ride nightable. This is more on the hoping that it picks up & turns more on shore. Maumee Bay, bring your stuff, go ride, its fun .

    1. surprisingly good, picked up soon after we got there-NNW. Chuck the traveler, Ivan, Ypsi Steve, Andy, Brad, Pete & myself. 6.5 – 7 sails & 13 – 14 kites. Swell boosted up a little & Pete added new tricks to his playlist.

  8. at least yesterday was nice & windy! We’re heading out to MB, doesn’t look like much be we’re on a mission.

    1. we finished up Jaimes lesson, just had enough wind to finish. All in all a productive ride night.

  9. come on know, after last Tuesdays nice lil’ ride night you knew it wasn’t going to happen 2 Tuesdays in a row! The wind is SW to WSW(side off at MB), from 0 to almost double digit & storms are a possibility. If you haven’t guessed by now, ride night is not happening for us BUT if you’re feeling bold go on & go for it, the Commodore might still be there with his boat so maybe you’ll get a ride back if you get hung out deep.

  10. Great googly moogly, Ride Night is looking pretty good, NE means nice little Maumee Bay ramps-(chop), wind is looking good & I have 2 cameras(one needs 4 ‘AA’ batteries- its at 50% now so if you want a pic & have 4 laying around bring them!) Grab your kite or windsurf board & head out to Maumee Bay, I’ll make ya famous BUT I’m not taking any mowing the lawn pics so leave your race stuff at home! ETA 4.

        1. Mark, Ryan, Paul thanks for the support Tuesday night. This was my forth time flying a kite and the first time flying it in a wind above about 5 knts. It was a huge experience builder. Also, thanks for the great pictures, even though the prospect of “carnage” and “Utube” fame might have also been a motivator!? :-)
          Newbie Don

  11. Due to light winds tonites ride night is a ride NOT. Sensors are showing single digits soooooo you’re on your own if you bite on that!

  12. well, against my better judgement we’re rolling to ride tonite. (or more likely to look at the calm, pretty lake) If nothing else I have to swap out lines on the lesson kite. Starting up Luna Pier way & heading north from there. And yes, I know the wind looks super light out!

    1. well, flew a 3M trainer kite & sent a windsurf board out with a 2.4M kids rig, fun in the sun for all.

      1. Newbie Don we were at Luna Pier earlier no wind there so we moved up to North Cape in search of more wind. If we new you were coming we would have waited. Maybe next time.

        1. No problem, I didn’t know I was going until 5. Now that you know I am trying to hook up, could you update your location if you move (if possible).
          Newbie thanks in advance.

  13. every man (& woman) for themselves on a stormy SW wind day! Be careful, its blowing side off shore at Maumee Bay & almost straight off at Luna Pier & Sterling. Brest bay may be your best bet if you’re going to roll the dice with the weather.

  14. well, well, well, it looks like the typical SW wind that seems good inland until you get out to Maumee Bay & see the wind line a half mile out from shore. Luna Pier then you say? Well its also too offshore. Brest Bay may be the call if you have too get out (or head waaaay east to Sandusky Bay & hope Don & his jetski are waiting there for you). I guess what I’m saying is ride nite is ride at your own peril nite! Good luck, myself I’m hoping for the Thursday N winds to pay off at Maumee Bay- only 2 days from now-you can wait 2 days, can’t you?

    1. SW winds, you gotta love them! If you’re a newb its crazy to ride MB in side off winds! Don’t do it, make good choices!

  15. Ride night 5/14 we are calling off (the organized part at least) Luna Pier is probably going to be side/side off & Maumee Bay will be almost directly off shore. Its ride at your own risk night which if you’re a newbie we don’t recommend in off shore, 58 degree waters. Brest bay marina is probably the place to go if you are still tempted.

  16. I went to Maumee Bay state park only to find the “road closed” sign blocking access to the beach. Parking in another lot, I had to walk to check it out. They were dredging the boat docks and were using the beach as a high speed shortcut to dump mud next to the sledding hill.

    It would have been marginal 13 with the surfboard. They picked a good day

  17. The 1st ride night of the season looks a little light but Ryan is heading out to Maumee Bay state park to give it a go. Grab your stuff & go keep him company! Its on! (sorta)

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