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This has been one sucky bummer of a summer(& fall!)

I know this is going to sound like the “back in my day things were different” old guy rant but man, I swear this has been one crappy summer(& fall!) of epic disappointment due to weather(lack of), injury & bad luck. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it never blows much in the summer, but this season seems different.  It started early this spring, it was cold but we  hardly a wave day come through, we had some wind but no swell, no Luna Pier bomber days, no 3 day Maumee Bay North blows. It continued into late spring, the annual Hatteras trip was cancelled due to injury! We haven’t missed that trip in over 20 years. Then when we were supposed to be in Hatteras I jacked my ribs/internal stuff. I still haven’t shaken the bruise & discomfort of it(nor have I rode since then-I’m not sure how the harness is going to work without killing me). Thats not so bad you say?  You might be saying to yourself “what else do you got for us you big pansy?” Well then the construction of Central & Secor  roads cranked into full speed grinding the shop to a halt! There have been many days when the intersection has been closed & usually busy Central Ave is a ghost town. Wow, it can’t get much worse, can it? How about the complete lack of wind for weeks on end maybe the monsoon rains that we had or how about the oppressive heat. Well, to top it all off I ruptured my Plantar Fascia tendon running a 100 meter dash against my 12 year old(I was up big when it let go). I got to wear a groovy walking boot for 4 weeks & I’m not supposed to do anything until 7/31! What else could go wrong? All the bad karma, juju, vibes have had to of been used up, right? With that said bring on the fall! And I’m not missing next opportunity for wind I’m taking, jacked up or not!

227 thoughts on “This has been one sucky bummer of a summer(& fall!)”

        1. when????, it doesn’t look like its gonna warm up much, ‘flow & ‘I” show the peak around 1 and dropping after that…….I’m figuring on eating lunch & rolling at noon!?!

        1. I just got back from MBSP. The water line is just at the bottom of the rocks near the inlets. The wind line, however, is nowhere to be found. Straight offshore and light.

          1. Sandbar was so so. Actually, never made it to the Sandbar, the wind created one in the bay. I setup about 150 yards offshore. Fully depowered 10meter starting out, really gusty, then after about 40 minutes I was looking for more wind. Not the greatest but I’ll take it.

    1. it looks just miserable out there! You are a true player if you decide to get back in the game today! Unless there is a long break in the rain I ‘m out……

        1. I may head east tomorrow if the forecast holds up. Take a half day from work and head to the sandbar.

          1. I’m going to watch the sensors closely tomorrow. If it really blows, I’ll take 1/2 day off.

          2. Brad report from CI, barely whitecapping, maybe 6.5 sail, not worth it………

  1. Trick or Treat moved to saturday for me. I’m good to go Thursday, weather permitting (no lightning) heading to CI thursday around 3:30. Windy, Warm, and probably Wet. Don’t make me be solo!!!

    1. Unfortunately Toledo’s trick of treat is still a go! I’m out, good luck & make good choices, while you’re riding I’ll be teaching kids the art of smashing pumpkins!

  2. Here is todays break down of where I believe the gale takers are riding:

    Pete- SS east
    Brad-the invite only- SSSS
    Andy F-Mentor Headlands
    Gary-the mucky Ottawa river
    Ryan, Mark & John- desks
    Don-NY fields

    1. Update: Not going east alone. Might drive to B(.)(.)Bies to see if there’s any water left there. Not hopeful.
      Rain headed our way, too.

      1. Water is 1/2 mile out at boobs and the wind was fluctuating between 13 kite and 6 kite conditions. Back home wishing I had a crew to go east.

  3. I talked to mother nature. Apparently the wind that’s forecast for Saturday will arrive as scheduled. Unfortunately, by daybreak, there will be no water left in the western basin.

    Who wants to go to Red Sky’s SS for a wave day?

    1. I’m in. I have to do the early shift. On the water by 11. Have to be on the road before 2.

      Ryan B or Mark. If your interested in the Super SS spot let me know. Sorry too many trees for kites.

      1. Thanks for the invite but I’m stuck at work(1st cold saturday of the season, we’re praying we’ll be busy!). So I’m almost positive I’m out-considering a quick hit is probably out of the question with the wind direction & the fact that we won’t have any water left on this end of the lake!

  4. Andy F(the other Andy) wanting to know if anyone is riding today, I’m not too excited about the forecast & direction, but thats just me……

    1. hopefully, gonna do the leaves & hope its warms up & starts blowing then. Water level pretty low from the ncyc site, probably MB or bust, nothing like a sketchy hunt deep off shore blow!

          1. not unless it shows more W, SW not too fun this time of year for me(unless its CI)

      1. Gary report from MB: 6.8 sail & you have to work way, way out to get to it, there you go, make your own decision & be careful if you hunt deep…..

        1. Brad and I had a good session out at the sandbar. Both on 10’s and Alex (I believe Russian) was on a 12m. Sorry, no kite looping sandbar jumping mayhem story this time.

  5. well, well, well, what do we have here, NOAA just upped the forecast to 20-25 out of the west & Sailflow has it blowing 20+ around noon to 5pm-going more west as the day progresses. I’m looking to head out around 1(if its blowing that is). Bring something warm…..

    1. I’m up north (ie. secret lake) there was big wind forecast for Sunday, it was a bust. Forecast looks good for Tues and Wednesday, I hope to get out.

    1. Andy and I made the trek to the sandbar. Boat problems so we had to hike it. Good day on the 10’s. Andy tried jumping the sandbar. Didn’t end well !!! Don’t worry all is well.

          1. Yes, I am alive and all is well. Thanks Brad…. could have just said Andy’s jumps are getting higher and farther… especially that last,,,,, intentional, one. Like I told Brad, “If you didn’t see it, kinda tough to explain”. But after the crash, (on a really good jump) my lines and bar got hooked in a manner than pulled hard one direction, with the safety not able to release. Let the fun begin… Although there is no video of the carnage, let me assure you that Slingshot kites (maybe me too) are indeed bulletproof. I can’t speak for the other brands, but I can say that Slingshot sure makes a tough kite. Good session.

  6. Once again I’m taking the bait & loading for bear. Tomorrow here I come! Maumee Bay ETA around 2.

          1. I had a 3:45 appointment, so I never pumped up. John and Mark were last seen headed for the channel with a 13 Fuel and 5.5 sail, respectively.

            I have no idea if they made it back.

          2. not only did we make it back in, we were blown off the water at the end of the session, by the time I switched out boards it was done!

  7. Well it looks like the only chance we have of riding is Sunday in the rain & its kinda sketchy at that…..enjoy!

  8. on a serious note, I hope we didn’t lose Vic for good to the motherland. His “paperwork” expired & didn’t get renewed in time, he has/had to go back to mother Russia & get a new visa & papers. I hope they let him back out!

      1. Haha still here. I actually have a stress fracture in my foot from the summer that I am still trying to get over it. I will be in a boot for one more week and then in 2 more weeks I will be in the water. (doesn’t look like I have missed that much)

    1. I shook the magic 8 ball and asked, “Should I take this bet?”
      It said, “The odds are not in your favor.”

  9. My hopes for scoring a ride before the rain moves in seem to be dwindling! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow & the NW lil wave day that they’ve been taunting me with!

    1. well……..I’ve been burned sooooo many times its hard to get excited about today but I’m watching & waiting-it will have to be an almost guaranteed 20 to get me to bite this time.

      1. MB beach report. Baby caps, partly cloudy, wall of clouds coming. I hope the winds come with them. Winds feel like they are building.

          1. John report from MB, 15-17 up & down, putting up 13 & trying-“kind of like last Friday” (which by the way was pretty marginal) He is supposed to update after the feeler.

          2. After all you posers left, I had a great 90 minute solo session. Even depowered for a bit. Only quit because it is date night.

    1. Man, I have no idea, I can’t even grasp how he initiates it! But it looks like I need a quad to do any of those moves 😉

  10. well lookie there, its says Monday might blow……..hmmmmmm, fool me once shame on NOAA, fool me twice shame on me…….

    1. Why are they always dead-on accurate when they predict 4-11 mph winds, but they can never correctly predict anything over 15?

    1. Might have to take a 1/2 day vacation from work, Thinking I could be suited up and on the water by 11, chasing down my board by 11:15, untangling my lines by 11:30.. Can’t wait!!

          1. I would roll, too, but it seems like there’s only single digits on the map. The lone exception is the Monroe Buoy, out deep. Going to go to work and hope there’s something left, late.

          2. Seems to be blowing good at Davis Besse. Ryan B any meeting this afternoon. Want to try Baypoint?

          3. John & myself rolled to Maumee Bay around 8:30AM, I started on 5.5 powered up every once & awhile, moved to 6.5 rode pretty good for a while took a break & went back out to mainly under powered riding. John on 13 kite the whole time- same thing powered up to underpowered at the end of the session. Definitely better when we first got there~ as we were unrigging “the Andy” showed up. I do believe its diminishing returns for the rest of the day, good luck to the late shift……….

          4. I forgot…….if you’re comparing last Sunday to today, last Sunday was much better!

          5. Just came in from the lunch time session, pretty much the same, powered to underpowered. Then just as I was going out for another run after a short break, 13 news showed up. Great…Underpowered, directly onshore… wasn’t pretty. After a few passes the wind completely died, barely made it in with the kite still in the air.

          6. Late Crew (Me) scored a flat-water session on the inland pond. It was much as you all described it earlier in the day. Three backrolls and one jump with a kiteloop. That means it counts.

  11. All right, after todays crapfest of sketchy light winds it looks like Friday AM is finally, FINALLY, going to blow & grant us a decent wave day, ‘flow is showing big ass winds out of the NNW around noon! This ones gonna be big, I can feel it! Whats that sound………….?

    1. other than it sucked, schlogged a 1/2 & called it(north of the equator), but I’m sssssuuuuuurrrrrrreeeeee Maumee Bay is going off if you have a 20 kite or 10 sail!

  12. Today was pretty good, Tuesday looks like a warm & windy day, rest up & ready yourselves! Please be smarter than going to Maumee Bay on a S switching to SW forecast- it will SUCK! Head north to Boobies, find yourself a secret spot or head east to the Valley of Death(CI) or befriend someone with a boat!

    1. I am waiting also, think I will grab a coffee and head out soon.
      Looks like it will be a quick hit and I want to be there if it shows

        1. good day, a little wave action 6.5 sail & 13 kite. Ryan & myself did a “baby Chuck” (crossed over to woodtick). 3 kites, 4 sails & no collisions!

      1. start making your preparations for Sunday at Maumee Bay, show up early, it MIGHT be good. (then again it might not- it’s still officially summer)

        1. Here is the confirmed list so far for Sunday:
          Damn, its a gaggle of Ryans!

  13. Tensions are running high from reports that are rolling in but it appears from multiply unnamed sources that a RRD 115 Yorktown class warship was attacked without warning by a Coast Guard frigate- the SS Turin- from the Socialist Kiteboard Federation. The unprovoked attack happened in the South Maumee Bay Sea during training maneuvers this afternoon. The Yorktown class RRD 115- known to be one of the most formidable warships to sail the seas- sustained a hull breach to her bow and damage to the port side. DNA evidence of the human form was recovered from the RRD 115 after the warship returned to port under her own power leading investigators to believe there might have been casualties on the SS Turin. The investigation is on going & we’ll update as details become available.

      1. Due to the heightened tensions between the 3 contingents- the Unifed Republic of Free WIndsurfers, the Boardsailors of Ancient Mesopotamia & the Socialist Kiteboard Federation-no information is being released as of now due to the on going investigation. The 2 main parties involved- the URFW & the SKF- are working diligently behind the scenes to resolve the matter peacefully. The BAM contingent sits & waits & waits & waits….Here is a picture that was leaked to us by an anonymous source http://twitpic.com/dby9lu more information will be divulged as it becomes available.

          1. The meetings between the URFW & SKF are still in session as they are attempting to avoid an all out wind war which is becoming more of a possibility every passing minute. Reuters news has just released another photo of the alleged attack http://twitpic.com/dby9w2 An unidentified source with knowledge of the meetings says the only thing that might stop this from escalating into war is the forecast! Meanwhile BAM has declared a neutral stance on the issue since there season is over until next spring.

        1. I figured out why Mark doesn’t want to give John a kill sticker for yesterday.

          It’s self preservation!

          If John has a kill sticker, then everyone else will want one.

          1. I kill sticker would signify that shes at the bottom of MB! She is in drydock under going repairs. A boo-boo sticker- yes, a kill sticker- no! (not yet at least)

          2. also anyone else who wants to take the shin to board nose challenge let me know. Johns shins must be made of steel, I’d bet others shins aren’t.

          3. boy oh boy, I’d sure like to meet this man of steel ~ hard things intrigue me 😉 I sure hope he doesn’t “string” me along!

  14. WTF, its blowing WNW????? I’d normally not be complaining other than the forecast iscalling for SW! I got my eyes on MB, waiting, watching…..creepin’ on it….

    1. Had a good day up here on Sunday, solid 6.0 SW wind all day, might get another shot today, hope ya get something down there today.

          1. well, that sucked! unless you think riding in marginal ass winds is the sh!t!

    1. of course it’ll blow Monday, I’m flying solo at work- unless I get sick & have to leave early………

    1. Still sucking, I’m hoping that “i”‘s Thursday AM quick wind hit happens, yep, I’m jonesing for some wind.

        1. no go today, crappy winds-a waste of gas! Thursday maybe when it swings N????? Then again maybe not, hard to get real excited about a 10-15 forecast…….

          1. Well I’m heading up north, to toxin and pooh free waters and a better wind forecasts. Hope this helps you all out somehow.

          2. Training on the down low? Good luck up north, there might not be poo & toxins but they have Bigfoot lurking about!

    1. pretty good, up & down 6.5, the longer I rode the better it got. Gary, Ivan, Chuck, Chuck & myself windsurfing, John, Pete & Andy kiting.

        1. ‘The’ Andy was with ‘the’ Brad at Port Clinton beach which was really good. Started on my 14 then after riding and continually depowering till it was all gone, switched to my 10. It was good for about an hour then the wind started cutting and decided to call it. Brad was lit the whole time on his 13.

        1. I most likely will head east to PC to stay away from the algae. Brad may join me. I’d rather spend and extra 30 mins drive time in the car than 3 days sit time on the can. Once my kite skills are better I may risk it. Should be flying by 4.

      1. WOW! there is nothing in the forecast for a while! That toxic bloom is gonna go crazy stewing in warm, calm water!

  15. Algae Bloom is Back! Just went out to MB to check conditions and the pea soup mixed with lime green paint is churning in the water. Good thing the wind wasn’t good as I don’t want to even be tempted to get in that water.

  16. Getting our gear together for the Red Sky Free SUP demo/Kiteboard clinic today at Maumee Bay State Park. If you’ve ever been curious about either sport,now’s your chance to give ’em a try. Come on out,4-8.

  17. This Thursday 8/1 @ 4pm-8pm we are going to be at Maumee Bay state park- rain or shine- for a free SUP demo & kiteboard clinic. Yep,a stand up paddle board for you to try, training kites for you to fly, big kites to marvel at(& just maybe play with if the wind is just right) & good times. Be there! ITS FREE & maybe we’ll even bring some Arizonas for you to drink!

  18. Sunday looks like it might happen, keep your eyes open. WSW isn’t that bad at Maumee Bay if you get a connector gust out. Hunting deep is not for the faint of heart(or for crappy swimmers!)

      1. Broken herd, some went east for swell. some north to the kiddie pool & the rest at Maumee Bay. Good day 6.5 sail & 13 kite.

  19. 90 degree sandbar day…12m…. 2 windsurfer’s on the wavy side…. fun…. had to leave before the big stuff is suppose to roll in….gotta work

    1. I rolled out for a quick hit with John & Pete, my first in a long time. 6.5 sail, 13 kites, powered up pretty good and just if your wondering a quad fin doesn’t repel weeds worth a damn (I switched boards just to test that theory out)

  20. WOW! I thought I was having a bad season. Don’t feel so bad now.
    Good news is, built a new house and was busy settling in this spring.
    All set now and ready for FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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