There here…..Tuesday Ride Nites 2012

  Tuesdays!!! You know them, you love them (at least when the wind blows),   back by popular demand—– Tuesday Ride Nite!!! We close up the shop at 4 PM and meet at some pre determined location by 5 PM to ride. The goal on ride nights is first & foremost to get out on the water & ride.  If the direction & winds co-operate you can try out some of our small trainer kites or jump on a high performance windsurf board or the “Bat” if you’re a newb. Need some pointers, advice, help setting up or just are tired of riding on your own- then come on out!  Remember Tuesday ride nights  do not replace a lesson, they are more to complement it. Ride nites will go down if the winds are strong enough to ride, with gas a $4 a gallon no one needs to head out to the beach unless its looking promising!  If this sounds familar it is! Pretty much the same rhetoric from last year, kinda if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Coming to a beach town near you (maybe), run for the hills, take cover, go to an inner room, say your prays & last but not least, consider yourselves warned! 

26 thoughts on “There here…..Tuesday Ride Nites 2012”

  1. yep, August ride nites are going out as they came in, which is pretty bad! Ryan says its starting to blow so if you’re desperate maybe you’ll see him at MB.

  2. well, I think we should change the name to “Tuesday Ride Nots”…..but……Thursday is looking like a rideable SW

  3. its not looking too good tonite, unless you believe 3 & 4 knots of wind is good (or you’re going to have a sailboard race 😉 )

  4. due to the fact that the sensors are showing single digit & all most of us rode our asses off in sketchy winds yesterday, we are not riding tonite….(maybe later if it boosts up around sunset)

  5. Damn, i heard the weather got crazy after i left the shop today. hope you are all still standing in the toledo sylvania area.

  6. Due to the lack of wind we are skipping ride nite tonight. Sorry, but the sensor was showing 1 gusty to 2 at 2PM. (really, it did!) Next Tuesday it’ll crank! I sorta promise!

  7. Well, it looks like its going to be a marginal Nite ride. Sensors aren’t showing much yet & the direction is bad (SW). IF we hit water it will be to run deep, so if you’re planning on going out there make sure you’re confident/skilled enough to get back to shore (or you possess superior swimming skills). Gonna be sketchy & hot. Maumee Bay is the place.

      1. NOTICE——RIDE NITE IS CANCELLED!!!!! The winds are dropping out & making a long limp to what may have been a wind line impossible!

  8. WOW!!!! A ride night that actually looks good! Maumee Bay is the place to be on a NW, rendezvous after work at 4:30. Should be a good direction on the water for all, noob to hot shot local.

  9. Just a heads up there was a few people out on windsurfers today at portage quarry Bowling Green. Not traveling to fast across the water but it may be a new spot to check out. You can drink all the beer you want, and the eye candy is great. 5 bucks to get in, free if the weather is shit.

  10. 6/5 Tuesday ride nite is on!!!! We have a lesson going down at Maumee Bay so hunt us down(we’ll be easy to find, look for the big ass kite up in the sky) & we’ll kick yo uout one of the small trainer kites to play around on!

  11. Well……since I just picked up the ol’ Hevy from getting her new water pump put in & being as all my load of gear isn’t in it to go along with the single digit readings and light forecast, we’re going to skip this 5/29 the 1st ride nite (but tomorrow does look pretty good 😉 )

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