There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues~ Kiteboarding & Windsurfing Lake Erie summer 2014

I’d hate to say I told you so……….but………… I told you so! I hope you got your wind fix in already because we’re in the summer wind doldrums. Its not that you can’t/won’t ride this summer its just now you’ll be lucky to put in once a week & that day might be a very marginal day. Those southwest winds that you avoided all spring are the norm right now, those 12 knot days that you were skipping a month ago are now the windy days.  But there are positives to be had in the summer. You might get lucky and score an afternoon thermal wind session from out of no where, the weekly parade of thunderstorms will give you an opportunity to score some wind before they roll in, as NOAA says: “wind & waves may be higher in & near thunderstorms” , the water is warm, the toxic algae hasn’t reared its ugly head yet, the E coli warnings have been infrequent & last but not least the beach scenery is a little more pleasant! Buy a big kite, buy a lightwind kiteboard, buy a big sail if you must, just don’t sit around doing nothing but complain, you were warned & you knew that the summer shut off was coming! Stop on in, we’ll hook you up with some lightwind gear because we feel for you & we care!

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247 thoughts on “There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues~ Kiteboarding & Windsurfing Lake Erie summer 2014”

    1. Ryan looks like he might be the last to score for the year. He is in the clubhouse with a saturday ride at MB(12/6) 9 kite, switching to 13, could have been better but it always can be better! The bar has been set, any takers. Last one in gets our new Red Sky logo skull tee!

  1. I’m thinking thank god I have to work, there is cold weather riding then there is this…..under 40 degrees & I’m out!

  2. Brad and I spent the morning at the bar, Sandbar that is. Lit 10m’s for about hour and half, then it really picked up but ‘somebody’ had to work.

  3. John, Ypsi & myself at MB. Ypsi on 5.2 then 6.0 sail, John on 13 kite & yours truly on the magical 5.5 sail. Up & down, down & up. John was a rock star & we ended the day on a lit up high note. Not too bad temp wise.

    1. News alert!!!!!! 1st reported by the Toledo hospital proctology & podiatry department it seems as a certain unnamed kiter may have suffered a foot injury & also may have been anally violated by a boulder! They said the foot is a concern but that gluteus maximus looks like it has suffered trauma before & should “rebound” quickly! I wish you a speedy recovery unnamed rider!

          1. John & myself ETA at MB 1:30- 1:45…….I can hide a squid lid somewhere at MB for you Ryan?

  4. Cold ass wave day Saturday?!?!?!?!? We’ll soon see……….looks like if its going to happen it’s going to be an early one! (as of now)

    1. Got about 60 minutes on the water with my 13. Ryan rigged 9 and switched out to surfboard after about 30 minutes. The wind seemed to die down a bit and we both called it simultaneously.

      Landed one laid-out front roll kite loop transition and rode away. Lots of other stuff but that’s the one that makes today’s session a win.

      1. Well, I went & looked & went home after about a half hour of looking at up & down winds & a wind line that keep creeping in & out.

        1. I’d love to say that it was a typical SW day at MBSP. Unfortunately, it wasn’t even that good. Pumped 13 kites, made it out to the wind line where we needed 9 or 7 meter kites in the gusts and 25 meter kites in the lulls.

          We were done after about 30 minutes.

  5. rolling to MB wednesday after lunch, hoping its not an waaaay offshore windline! Got me a new 4.5 to try out!

      1. I’m loaded and ready to go. If I see evidence that it’s good, I’ll cut out of work early (3pm-ish). If not, well… we’ll see.

  6. Good day at sandbar on 10. Andy and myself and a few others. Someone even had a fire going to warm up. 3 days in a row. Love that wet wetsuit

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        1. You forgot no algae bloom(yet). Hahaha Don’t bother with the baypoint membership you still need a boat to get there or better yet a jetski. Pete I will let you know next time. Maybe Wednesday around noon. I wish I could go today

  7. Brad was on a 5.5 and I was on my 7m. Big swell and gusty winds. Wishing I had kept my hood with the holes in it. I’m having Mark order O’neil right away. Maybe another session tomorrow?

    1. I’m going to head over to Catawba around 1030. It should be into to mid 40s by then. Hahaha. Looks like sailing today and kiting tomorrow

          1. still at work, that report didn’t make it sound too fun, it looks like Ryan & Brads cold CI day was the place to be!

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