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The Apocolpse is upon us!!! Spring winds 2012

 This spring has already been pretty interesting. Just look at all these signs that the apocolpse is upon us:  We started out with 80 degree temps in early March where the winds were similar to July instead of the big swell blows we usually get, cold rainy ass days in April, that well, felt like April &  a lot of  flat water days of no wind. We’ve yet to score a decent wave day and we’re already in to May!  The toxic algae is supposed to be at never before seen levels this year, John has already “damaged” 2 kites  this year (I believe he is trying to break his own world record of 19 set in 2009), Pete lost a board with about 5 of us around, which I still find hard to believe that we couldn’t find it.  Don is back riding Slingshot gear (I guess there have been some cold days in hell this spring)- Man, I hope Dimitri doesn’t catch wind of this! Also, one sure sign that the end is near…..Ryan O has actually HAD to work on some windy days this year!!!!!! Surely our days are numbered, Red Sky is carrying SUPs now!  Repent now, make peace while you still have time…..thats right, I said SUPs!

264 thoughts on “The Apocolpse is upon us!!! Spring winds 2012”

  1. I’m not scared to say it………….Sunday looks good!!!! Blackhawk 85 will be seeking revenge!!!!

          1. oh oh, the forecast just dropped out…….I knew that was going to happen. Great…..

  2. Blackhawk Down!!!!!!

    Information is vague at this time, but there is a report that a RRD Blackhawk 85 crashed into the North Catawba sea around 4 PM yesterday just West off Millionaires bluff. Coast Guard & Emergency Medical personel were dispatched and took part in the rescue. The pilot was safely recovered with the only injuries being a bruised ego & possibily soiled boardshorts. The names have been withheld in accordance with privacy act 59-62A.

    1. I don t think I want details, just assurance that there is not going to be a recall of RRD boards over this


      1. unofficial sources have said it was pilot error that caused the downing of the RRD Blackhawk 85, a formal investigation is underway

    2. yep….Mark…..it was you…. sorry smelly shorts and all…..but i must say you did make a redemption run

  3. Heading out east to meet Don at the “Land of the Rising Swell” anyone in?????? Looking to be there by 3……. could be a heavy day, pack some extra panties!

    1. being that SW sucks at MB & the little(ever so little) taste of waves we just had, I think its still a go out east even though the forecast isn’t quite as big as it was. You can probably leave the extra panties at home!

        1. hit the water at MBSP after work around 530. Love the great pumpkin charlie brown kite! The Asylum 138 is my new favorite board now. Barely made it in twice, but worth it out deep. More reports that I have a “magic kite”

  4. Good and bad on the Cleveland scene….. the good… 12m kite then 9m… too east for edge water…. when to “huntington beach” big nice rollers and would actually break top to bottom… tough to get thru….. then to the Power Plant… same big swell …. fun….

    Then the BAD…. while we were at huntington the life guards came on duty and put up red flags and closed the beach! they were blowing air horns to get us in …. we stayed out for about an hour then had to take a break… they came over and told us we had to leave!… now the wind had some north in it so we went to the power plant… as we walk down to check out the wind .. the worker there tells us the beach is CLOSED! we ignore her jump the barrier and start to rig up.. as we are launching we can see a cop walking down the beach! so we hurry up and get out on the water… he leaves …. then after an hour or so … we need to take a break…. while on the beach.. the cop comes back to kick us OUT! what the fuck! come to find out some more idiots almost drowned again… so now when the rip current is strong (i.e. windy) the beaches are closing!
    we are stunned not sure what to do…….i am very very pissed at this point…. beware on your end ….

    1. That sucks! I guess are flat ass side of the lake isn’t looking so bad right now. Who’d you guys piss off over there (one of you riding in a Lebron Miami Heat jersey?)? Its porbably just thru Labor Day right? Only when the beaches are “open”, you should be good fall & spring I would think???? I bet buggies are still allowed though!

      1. it seems like this problem could be easily solved by offering an “old fashioned” to the cop kicking you out. 😉

  5. Grabbing something to eat & rolling to MB. I don’t have any faith waiting, just hoping there is something.

    1. Grabbed a 7 – 9 morning session on a 5.5 at marblehead. It was SWELL!!!. Snapped another harness line. Mark, can you order a new fixed line one if you don’t have any in stock. I can believe my dumbass brought the boat back from Kelleys at 6 in the morning it that. Didn’t know it was that big till we were half way home.

      1. Yep, I broke 2 harness lines in 2 days so I’ll get an order in pronto! Good morning follow up session to last nights stellar sesh! Pretty beat!

        1. Just got home. Solid 13 kite after you left. LOTS of cameras, compliments and questions. Probably no pictures in return

      1. You’re all welcome…it was not enough for 7 kite. My new 9 comes Monday. Still a well needed day. Looks like today will still be happening at 12. I just hope the swell has picked up

        1. You’re going to suffer through a weekend of seeing that your kite is sitting at the Maumee sorting facility until Monday.

          I hate that.

  6. I hear there’s a wave day coming. Rumor has it Mark will be ditching the windsurf gear to debut his new SUP and HD helmet cam!!! (thanks Don)

    1. I just hope I can paddle my fat ass fast enough to catch one! SUP is were the real watermen shine, ask Laird! Also, I have room for one more, the SUP is pretty big, anyone but Carl that is!

      1. I can’t hardly wait for the updates! I really feel like we’re going to get a day or two!!!!! Come on wave day!

  7. WTF! this is starting to really, really suck big time & we still have a 1 1/2 months of no wind still to go!!!

    1. No one got out today? I heard it was capping in LP most of the day….? I didn’t get a chance to look at wind speeds or cams.

    2. Now, ikite is playing the game of “wind is just 2 days away…always 2 days away”

      What used to be thursday wind is now friday wind. Feh.

  8. went for the evening session only to find very marginal NE winds & one surfer out, yes, I said surfer. Being the nice guy I am I decided to leave all the nice, meaty waves to him being he was there first. Surfer guy, you owe me one!

  9. Hey, Mark…
    I blew out the LE on my 13, tonight. I was wondering two things.
    1) Any chance you could meet me at the store tomorrow so I can get the Nemesis before (and IF) there’s any wind?
    2) Where were you tonight? You missed some nice wind!

    I ended up pumping up the 9 – never got out on the 13 – and having a nice session. John was on his big RPM.

    1. Still no power at home, meet at the shop at noon, looks like tonite if anything. I was stuck at home babysitting dogs in the 100 degree heat. Winds looked like they came up around 7, I knew I was screwed!

      1. You rock, Mark. I don’t want to know if you’d have still met me at the store so I could get my 12 Nemesis even if you had power at home. I’m going to go forward under the impression that you would.

        Hope to see you later today, but not counting on it. Waiting for wind sucks.

  10. Possible double-header twilight sessions this weekend! Sunday certainly looks better than tomorrow.

  11. we just received the new issue of “The Kiteboarder magazine” in, if you want a free copy stop in, get them while then last. Its the next best thing, if you can’t ride because there is no wind at least you can look at pics of peeps riding & dream.

  12. Damn, where is the wind?!?!?! Forecasts keep dangling wind a few days out then slam it down to nothing! Man, those SUPs we have are starting to look real good.

  13. Should be another round of mayhem today at MB, Garrett & Mikey are kiting, land then maybe water. They reported Judd & 3 others out deep not moving much/ or at all.

  14. planning on a dawn patrol tomorrow, if its blowing, no work coverage hence the dawn patrol-and the forecast is for it to cut also

        1. Judd should be out at MB now, no report. Tom heading out soon for his 1st sesh in a looooong time, he is supposed to drop me a report. Winds still seem a little light.

          1. a report came in, sounded still so/so. Judd out on 6.5? (or 7.5)& Tom heading out on 6.0 (all he has!) The sound of fear was in the air!

          2. update on the update. Tom said light & not really happening yet. Going to hang out & see what it does. Garrett debating putting up 13 kite or 3 Hydra…..

          3. Ryan report marginal 13 (I think, he was breaking up on the report) & I believe Garrett causing mayhem.

          4. I got there and after all but one of the windsurfers left. Garrett getting dragged to sledding hill. Grabbed his kite, reran his lines and set him off body dragging in the water. Marginal 13. Was one kiter on an infinity underpowered on a big board. I put up my 13 and took len10 out. Creepy guy eating weeds on the beach. No kidding. Should have taken out the surfboard but was able to unhook and jump a little despite having to walk upwind once. I’m counting it.

    1. 12m AM ses at edgewater… nice swell… heading to NY for 2 weeks…..
      that should muster up some wind for you…..

  15. Going to try and get a lesson done today, need the wind to roll. Thats not asking a whole lot is it?

    1. I wonder if “The Diesel” is riding tomorrow, it would be a big bonus to have “The Diesel” out at ride nite pimpin the shop!

      1. Man that was good! Slashing swell, throwing spray and charging upwind. Almost got the fins out of the water on an ollie…..Sounds great on here….not so much at LP. Kite barely powered…yet enough to sell John on going out…he did…I bragged and crashed my kite.

        That sums up yesterdays suckfest

  16. last nite wasn’t too bad, I had to cut it short due to family matters. I’m prettly sure it picked up once I bounced like it usually does!

  17. Looks like tomorrow might be a nice little NW day @ MB!?!?! Also, I had a Chuck the traveler sighting today at the shop, back from a little R & R, I was wondering where he was.

  18. Forecast shows a maybe, common sense says its going to be ugly crowded & probably not worth it, sensors show a slight possibility……hmmmmmm

  19. It almost looks like its happening at Maumee Bay right now. IF you aren’t stuck at work that is!

  20. sailboard races cancelled saturday at the Cattail due to gnarly winds? Gary will have to confirm.

        1. Tomorrow could be a dusk “wave-day” at mbsp if this forecast holds.

          Or, at least an opportunity for some more pictures.

          1. I’m the Commodore of love & I have some interesting picks if amyone wants to see them….. 😮

  21. here we go again, hopefully its better than saturday, rolling for attempted lesson before the big winds come than some free riding.

      1. grass cut and I ate. Looks like I’m headed for MBSP to play in damn near straight offshore winds….didn’t someone say WEST to WNW!!!??? WTF?

  22. MB pretty much all day today, leaving in about 10 minutes for a lesson (maybe), hope to joy ride after

    1. real fluky, way lit sometimes to nothing going from the S to WSW. Tomorrow should be a lot cleaner.

  23. well, that dawn patrol didn’t happen so I guess I’m going to be on stand-by all day waiting to see some signs of life.

  24. it looks like all todays wind is coming with the rain, I’m still holding out hope for later today….

      1. I have given up on today, the new plan is a dawn patrol at LP tomorrow to catch the big E winds before they cut. ETA around 8 AM……IF its blowing that is.

  25. I was hoping for today……..hoping. Still not totally giving up, it was going to be Go Pro helmet cam maiden voyage. Now it looks like its Friday with all the storms!

      1. Marginal indeed. John and I tried with our 14/13’s and surfboards. I made beach twice but most of the time ended up walking back upwind. Steve was outrunning us on an 8.0 with float

          1. I would probably say no. Not sure what the criteria should be….stay upwind…jumping (small ollies off chop)…carved swell(chop)…check. That was 2 runs in and out about a mile deep…I ended up walking the other 4 attempts….spent a lot of time posing.
            oh yeah. there’s a board change from a downwinder on the len10 in there somewhere. John said he’s not counting his but mine might count…I’ll let you make the call….looks like I might miss 2 days in a row today and tomorrow…

          2. forgot to mention there was kite peril on the rocks from Brad & Andy before we got there. Brad lost his bladder

  26. John report from Maumee Bay, ENE, he is putting up the magic maker- the RPM 14! Update to follow.

    1. John done, it dropped tp about mothing once the storm cleared out, 14 & surfboard were not enough. A for effort……

      1. John an I went to my predicted spot from yesterday. Maumee Bay! 14/13 nicely powered on len10’s….Mayhem may be going up for sale…I can’t believe how much I missed the len10. Oh did I mention boardshorts…? YUP no wetsuit and warm. Wind cut under a cloud and kites fell from the sky within walking distance

  27. super good trip to Hatteras! way fun, we rode a lot, hit a new place and ate well! What more could you ask for? (other than some wind here in Ohio!)

    1. Got to agree….even though I jacked my ankle first day out. Ocean downwinders in actual waves, 9m all the time, kankles and one big big ankle. Glad Don made us stay for ONE last session.

      How about tonight?

      1. unless it comes early, I’m out- kiddie science fair @ 7……..I get to learn all about sea turtles!

  28. Quick session dodging storms with John and Drew. All of us on 9’s. Lucky to be in before the wind cut and hail fell.

  29. Edgewater day…..12m nice swell…..5 kites…. no hood no gloves…..no hooker’s ….. good day..

  30. SUNDAY!

    Join the crew of Red Sky Toledo for the first colossal wave day of the 2012 SEASON only on lake

    Bring your children and bring your wife! You won’t want to miss the action packed full day of

    See high-flying daredevil Ryan O launch himself 15… 20 or even THIRTY FEET INTO THE AIR!



    Poo Stance John will delight you with his kite destroying antics along the pier!
    Pete The Poser will attempt kiteloop after kiteloop the the delight of the carnage seeking crowd lined up behind the break wall!



    *admission is free and seats are on a first come first serve basis*
    *Red Sky Surf & Snow not responsible for the health of participants or the recovery of lost/damaged gear*
    **maybe… weather permitting**

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