The Apocolpse is upon us!!! Spring winds 2012

 This spring has already been pretty interesting. Just look at all these signs that the apocolpse is upon us:  We started out with 80 degree temps in early March where the winds were similar to July instead of the big swell blows we usually get, cold rainy ass days in April, that well, felt like April &  a lot of  flat water days of no wind. We’ve yet to score a decent wave day and we’re already in to May!  The toxic algae is supposed to be at never before seen levels this year, John has already “damaged” 2 kites  this year (I believe he is trying to break his own world record of 19 set in 2009), Pete lost a board with about 5 of us around, which I still find hard to believe that we couldn’t find it.  Don is back riding Slingshot gear (I guess there have been some cold days in hell this spring)- Man, I hope Dimitri doesn’t catch wind of this! Also, one sure sign that the end is near…..Ryan O has actually HAD to work on some windy days this year!!!!!! Surely our days are numbered, Red Sky is carrying SUPs now!  Repent now, make peace while you still have time…..thats right, I said SUPs!

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  1. Had a little solo NE session yesterday 13m Fuel and Asylum 138 for about and hour then switched to my surfboard.

    Looks like the quad of death may get a chance….Friday…in Canada…if you’re lucky.

    1. that sucks, I don’t want to go to Canada or end up in Canada….keeping my eyes open for the possibility of a quick hit today.

    1. great story but jimminy cricket you try to clue people in and they write you up like a doofus. Guilty as charged though: too many times I have been blasting on the wide 115 when the next guy comes out on his traditional 130 and finds hisself just shlogging and cussing.

      ypsi steve

      1. I may have embellished a bit. Knowing it was a wide board probably would mean something to a windsurfer. As a kiter, though, I was just looking for general info. When you said you were on an 8 meter sail, I wasn’t sure I had enough kite. I just wanted to know if you were on a floaty board or a more regular board.

        In any case, we got some and they didn’t! We win! (looks like you won more by getting there earlier)

        More on the way!

        1. no problem, creative elaboration is an important part of being stoked!
          Anyway you guys were getting good hang time in the gusts, some serious height. Meanwhile I found out where the weeds are, mats are forming up a 1/4 mile west of the flag point

        1. The story of 2012 wind sports…

          I know today’s forecast just fell through. And, tomorrow doesn’t look good. But, LOOK! Three days out, it’s supposed to be windy. Just hold on 3 more days!


  2. UT sensor does not work. 9 Fuel and Asylum 138 for about 45 minutes then switched up to surfboard . John on 14 RPM and smaller Asylum and later surfboard. Gary showed late putting up a 6.7?

  3. day 1 for Quad of death: re-adjusted everything, not enough wind in close to figure too much out & not enough confidence to take it deep(& get back in) on day 1, in summary nothing figured out.

    1. Seems much windier looking out the window than the sensors show. I’ve got a few things to do before I roll. Shoot me a text if you do a feeler please

  4. Prepare yourself, the “Quad of Death” is supposed to arrive tomorrow, she shall give no quarter and expect none given or asked. Fear her, she will be a formidable force to be reckoned with.

  5. John report from Boobs: dawn patrol rode 10 lit up with 3′ swell out deep, seemed to cut out ith the rain. He believes it is done!

  6. John is out at MB right now, no report yet, either its so windy he is riding and can’t report or its so marginal he is waiting for something to report!

    1. John report: 1st tried 10 & surfboard-no go, then he went 14 & surfboard & still marginal, kinda like 2 saturdays ago. It looks like the early call was the correct call I’m still rolling out after lunch to see if I can get any in though.

        1. It never came up and I cut my foot pretty good. Karma for laughing at Marks foot jewelry…working Thursday

    2. Brad and I ran into the Russians out at Port Clinton. 13’s all around and big boards. A big cloud came over and things got interesting. It really would have been hairy if someone had a kite up because the wind REALLY started crankin. Sandstorm on the beach and kite bags flying! Got out the Rally 10 and little board, Brad rigged up his 5.5? and went out. Was ‘rally’ lit up for about an hour and a half.

  7. Everyone can thank me for tomorrow, I sold my 5.5 sail (equals 9 kite) so I have a huge hole in my quiver until I get the replacement in. WTF are the chances, 3/4 weeks of no waves & light wind, sell the think & BLAM wind & waves forecasted…….

        1. I’m out, too. You’re welcome.

          Working until 5.
          Daughter has DDS appt at 6:30.

          Hoping for Thursday.

  8. it looks like if I was motivated enough to ride in the cold rain this AM I would have scored a decent NW day at Maumee Bay, should of, would of, could of……..

  9. Flashback highlight moment: When Don & myself were the 1st to come across & help rescue the 300lb guy floating in his lifejacket in the channel after his boat sank & when he almost drowned Don trying to get his fat ass into the rescue boat. Pretty amusing.

    1. Another flashback highlight momemt brought to you by the lack of wind: 911 Hang glider down at NCYC. Some of the best video we’ve ever shot! Crashwell, Lunk, Buff & Lon I think were the participants, I can’t remember the names but that was some of the funniest/crazyiest stuff ever. The lost gallery album was a classic also. Coast Guard, tow boats, ambulance, fire dept & sherriff- that vid still puts a smile on my face!

  10. Karl sighting! He is in town for his bro’s wedding. You know what that means——-free backrubs for all!

  11. Airtime is sending me a new bladder & valves for the 13 Fuel because the first one leaked. That’s the kind of customer service that I’ve come to expect from Red Sky Toledo. Rare to find it in another company.

          1. so early I went back to sleep.” I “did call for peek wind arround 8pm last nite….should have waited

          1. Score! $urfboard and 13 kite…nice baby swell. Thanks Mark for the launch/land

          2. Good and bad at Marblehead. Bad, Blew my leading edge on my 12, good for Mark, I’ll be in to see you this week, Good, got up and cruising using Brad’s 13. Great day!

  12. my short review of the good & the bad today.
    Good: it was nice to finally ride, it was warm, it was windy at the wind line, I didn’t break any gear.

    Bad: the wind line was about a mile out, weeds, I be-dazzled my foot

    It could have been better, it could have been worse.

    1. Great day for me yesterday. Surfboard and 9m practicing for one of those big east days. I need to find some super warm water wax. Carnage award definitely goes to Mark with the custom foot jewelry. Who needs a metal detector? Thanks for taking one for the team!

    1. IF we’re running at all, Sailflow is showing crap, graphical NOAA looks good, but its never right, “I” & alert are both showing hope……unfortunately Sailflow vector map has been right on lately. As soon as I see it I’m jumping, I think we’re going to be done early.

          1. Didn’t load yet. Probably be later than 9 too. Did you see they upped the forecast?

          2. Pete said he might want to borrow the Key. Does that mean he would have to wear the pink helmet cam?

          3. no pink helmet, but I might be able to get my hands on some lil’ swimmer diapers

          4. trying to get all my stuff done quickly here at work so I can hurry up & wait for better wind & direction out at MB!

      1. not seeing much now…maybe 10-12 out of the east. Wasn’t planning on using a SUP and my freshly repaired 15

          1. Oops didn’t see that. John reported from Turtle Island and lost Peninsula earlier—light but hopeful. We have since given up too

  13. the forecast for the next week is the most miserable forecast I’ve seen in a while. There is NO chance of riding, NO CHANCE!

    1. Tomorrow is Thursday. And, this wind is forecasted for the back-side of a storm system. That almost never materializes.

  14. The Maumee Bay sensor keeps waggling at 15 out of the N……really, I’ve been watching it for a while. Once Ryan or John bites on it we’ll find out for sure!

        1. not sure if I’m biting, I’d have to call work coverage in & I don’t want to for marginal 15. I’ll wait a little & see if it boosts up.

          1. The report from Ryan at Maumee Bay, there is a wind line out way deep, W wind, not much swell, kinda cold. 13/14 kite & maybe 6.5- 7 sail.

  15. John report from MB, he is going out on RPM 14, it is blowing NE 12-16-maybe. He’ll report more later.

    1. John MB update: “that wasn’t worth it” a few sad down winder runs on the 14, it started to sprinkle(the weather that is) & didn’t seem too promising. He is done!

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