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Summer kiteboarding & windsurfing 2009-good winds, good times or bad wind, bad times


I was going to start this post by saying negative things about riding in the summer, but I caught myself and I’m not going that route! Nothing but summer positives from me from now on!!!! Like how fun it is dealing with weeds and gack, nothing spells fun in the sun better than that! Its natures way of telling us the lake is okie dokie! Not to mention the gallery of fans that show up in the summer to watch us ride, some call them crowds but not me, fans, each & every one of them cheering us on to victory. God bless you beach people, you’re not in the way, we like it when you walk under dangerous flying thingys. Let the kiddies jump up and down on our saily whatchamacallits, they can take it, the more the merrier! Bugs, I love bugs, they’re part of Gods kingdom so whats not to like! Did I hear someone mention jetskis? Man, that soothing sound just puts me in a peaceful trance. So enjoyable to hear, better yet is when they accompany you on a reach. We’re all water brothers so come on close the gap a little more on your wind powered friends. Just writing this has me all stoked for summer to settle in fully! I can’t wait! Unfortunatly fall is just around the corner…..storms, no more fans, our jetski escorts disappear, weeds & bugs-they too abandon us in the fall. Riding with 2 or 3 of your crew all alone in big stormy conditions just sucks. Don’t take summer for granted because before you know it……fall:(

302 thoughts on “Summer kiteboarding & windsurfing 2009-good winds, good times or bad wind, bad times”

  1. Getting it done right now you lazy sods! (I love using british slang!) Also getting in a shout out to the Sex Pistols (I’m a lazy sod)!

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