Spring winds, finally!!!! (or “Damn, I don’t think my wetsuit is gonna fit season)


Damn Don, you’re right, I don’t think your wetsuit is gonna fit this spring!!!! Fall pretty much sucked, sucked for a lot of reasons, but thats neither here nor now. Don’t take these cold blows for granted because before you know it the summer crappy winds will be on us. Remember what its like to wait for that high pressure system to finally move so we can be rewarded with a 12 knot blow…..from the Southwest? Well, get out and ride now. There’s waves, gales and danger out there this time of the year. If you don’t, I don’t want to hear your b!tchin’ this summer that there’s never any wind!  Riding makes everything better so go do it!

135 thoughts on “Spring winds, finally!!!! (or “Damn, I don’t think my wetsuit is gonna fit season)”

  1. Good Lord, the iKite meteogram shows near double digits! Do you think they’ll go ahead with the races despite the near-gale-warning conditions?

  2. Report from MB from Mike R- no wind & its not comimg up……..some racers are out there preparing for tomorrows battle royale- yes, its that time of year again, the windsurf championships are tomorrow & sunday, so act accordingly……you’ve been warned.

  3. It’s actually a no-handed backroll. Accidental backroll-kiteloops are scary – and often painful. In order to avoid them, I just let go of the bar completely. I think, once I’m more comfortable with the motion required to do the roll, I’ll be able to hold the bar without yanking the kite around with my back-hand.

    …I hope.

  4. Ooops didn’t know you were waiting. Pete and I (17/15) for a little bit. The wind came up and Pete switched to the 9 and I went 13. We rode from about 2-5. Pete added the one handed backroll to his bag of tricks. One lesson request 😉

  5. Great day. Chris broke a line about a mile out and had to be rescued by a jetski. He’s a kiter, so of course he immediately re-rigged and got right back out there.

    Mark/Ryan, the tall windsurfer from England wants a kite lesson. He said he called the shop.

  6. Got a couple hours in at Marblehead, first time on a NE. Good time, just me and the water snakes

  7. I was at MBSP from 10:00 to 2:15. I started on my 9. Crashed it on a jump and it sprung a leak on one of the valves on the LE (going to the center strut). I’m not having ANY kite luck this season.

    I didn’t give up, though. I rigged my 17 and I was throwing big airs right up near the beach. I had my own cheering section on the rocks. I sure hope some pictures show up on flickr later.

    There were 5 kites in the air when I left. Brandon, Chris, Aaron, someone else on a Havoc and another kite I didn’t recognize.

    I’m off again tomorrow and I’ll be at MBSP at soon as I drop off my daughter at school. Probably around 8:45.

  8. Maumme Bay for me, I am tied with friends cookout plans… LP prob sound better though, I’d join you Mark if I could!

  9. LP for me, hopefully leave around noon. Plan to hang on for a while…..if. You’re right Brandon, LP leaves no margin for error, small beach and rock breakwalls. Should be a nice swell out deep though. If you do lose some gear to the evil LP I know of a super great shop you can get new gear from!!!!!

  10. I keep telling myself to check out this NE LP action, but I’ll think I’ll stick with the big rigging area at MBSP. Looks like it will be more E than NE anyway.

  11. Brandon and I dueling 13’s for a while. It started to let up and I ran for the 15. Then it shut off as the sailboarders arrived

  12. Pete, don’t be too hard on yourself. Technically you landed all of them, just with different parts of your body.

    Don’t look at Monday’s forecast. It didn’t get upgraded, so, you know, there would be no reason to.

  13. Got in another solo session on the 17 tonight. That new guy with the ancient green van and neon orange sail was there, but he didn’t have the right gear… or something.

    Working on yard sales backrolls. Landed 1. Over-rotated another and skidded on my butt. I MUST learn that stupid trick!

  14. Anything for Katie, she finally got me out of hangin at the gay bar with Don!!! I owe her big time. Don did tell me he missed all the free drinks he used to get sent over to him at Port o call!

  15. Next time my nephew wants to take us on his boat, we gotta get him to take us deep on the lake, instead.

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