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Snowboard season 2012-13 is here (go on & get some)

Well after last season I hope you’ve learned a few things. Don’t ever take what we do for granted, every time you ride is a special day. Ride early, ride often & don’t complain.  Have fun even when its not perfect, jump higher, ride faster & as a wise man once told me “point it“. Tell us where you are going, tell us where you where, tell us how it was-spread the stoke. And remember, Red Sky is your friend!


18 thoughts on “Snowboard season 2012-13 is here (go on & get some)”

  1. To honor Logan’s dedication & hard work here at Red Sky we are closing up this Saturday/Sunday (3/9- 3/10) to head up north for 2 days of riding & celebrating his Red Sky retirement . Logan will be venturing into the real world after graduating form Adrian College with a degree in Cryptozoology he will be going on to further his education and working on his PhD in Crypto reproduction. Congrats Logan to all you have & are going to achieve, you will be missed!

    1. 6 workers heading up, hopefully 6 come back in as good of shape as they where when they headed up!

  2. I think me and steve are hitting mad river on sunday. Hopefully they start getting their shit together.

      1. back from the North, Cab was fine Friday nite, Boyne a little wet on Saturday(thanks Holden for keeping me dry-technology is a wonderful thing) & Crystal super cold on Sunday(another shout out to Holden for keeping me warm)- no complants- its always good to get out & ride.

  3. New snowboard team rider search has started……..we have a few ideas, tell us why it should be you.

  4. We just sold the 1,500th snowboard in Red Sky history tonight. A Lib Tech Skunk Ape! 1,500!!!! Damn, thats a lot of boards sold! Thanks to all who had a hand in us reaching that lofty number.

  5. A raiding party is going up early Thursday AM to crank out 2 days of riding, Thursday- Boyne Highlands since they’ll be the only one open, Friday- Boyne Mtn , Crystal of Caberfae, whichever one looks to be the most promising! Gamblers-yes, but at least we’re not sitting at home crying about the weather.

    1. It looks like it will be Boyne Mtn on Friday unless Caberfae comes thru! Double dose of the Boynes!

      1. Here is the Dec. 6/7 Boyne trip summary: Thursday 12/6- Boyne Highlands, 3 lifts, 6 trails(all the steeps) a mix of snow, sleet & ice balls. Got a big ol’ grease stain on my new Holden coat from the lifts. They were certifying instructors so it was knucklehead city on the hill. No one got jacked, we all tightened up after 3 hours, no hits to be found. Friday 12/7 Boyne Mtn, 3 lifts, 3 trails (one of the lifts/ “trails” was Boyneland-the beginner hill- & yep we hit it 3 times) soooo basically 2 runs. No one there, snow was not as cruded up as Highlands. We ran the 2 open trails, Hemlock & Victor, 293 times jumped in the van & 4 hours later we were home. At least we’re on the board!

  6. Kyle was the first employee to get out this season- Friday nite at Mt. Brighton. That was barely beat by Aaron & John hours earlier at Mt. Holly riding the bar as much as the hill.

    1. Also supplied some slope side support, fixin’ boards and making turns… What else is winter all about?

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