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SNOW!!!! Sweet, Sweet SNOW!!!!!


SNOW in November, do you know the last time you could ride Holly, Alpine or Brighton in November???? Neither do I! No complaining now, get your butt out & go riding!!!! Quit your crabbing about how sh!tty it is around here because there is no snow & how you hardly got to ride last year & how gas is soooooo expensive……..shut up & ride!!! Also try to keep it real, those of you who are the offenders know what I’m talking about. Just have fun!!!!! One more time, just have fun…….peace.

29 thoughts on “SNOW!!!! Sweet, Sweet SNOW!!!!!”

  1. Pat O, double S & myself scored a sweet spring MRM session…….super nice. We were hauling the mail.

  2. Harvard rail supposedly just went down. Our own Logan Plath first to clear it. (so I’ve heard). History has been made!!!!!!! Nice job. Don’t know who else in the crew made it. Maybe Mikey? Maybe Stiss?

  3. BB pretty good, Aaron and I rode for a couple hours on 9s, snow was blown around and the ice was bumpy, but still fun.

  4. PatO & myself scored a nice spur of the moment Mad River session…….its great down there-go see for yourself, Mikey & Robert are riding down there today.

  5. Somebody is riding the Perrysburg soccer fields this morning.

    I’m riding somewhere after work. Haven’t decided where, yet. I’m all loaded and ready to go as soon as I get off work.

  6. Pete, we have discount Mt. Brighton tics for $25 here at the shop……only about 12 left….

  7. 2 feet of fresh and a bus going to jackson hole jan. 4th!!!! i bought a bus with dzienny post for details of getting on a cross country road rager.

  8. Mad river for Pre-Jib saturday! Logans car leaves at 8am my car leaves at noon. Holly on Sunday (unless it rains) leaving at 10am for the early session…

  9. Brighton or Alpine Friday. Give me a call, I have Nick coming with and possibly phil and nick d. back in town.

  10. I hadn’t even considered that my favorite parts of the hill wouldn’t be open yet. Guess I’m not going either.

    Perhaps I’ll save the gas money and go north on Friday to catch some wind/snow.

    I’m jonesing for some kiteboarding.

  11. Wednesday is a 1/2 day at work for me. I’ll be done at 12:00. I’m seriously contemplating heading up to Mt. Holly for a first session of the season.

    Anyone else interested?

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