S’No joke man, I need to ride. Come on winter!

Here we go again, waiting for the local areas to open up to signify the start of the snowboard season. The second sign that season is upon us is the annual flood of riders coming in & asking about being team riders for Red Sky– now I’m not gonna lie, we hear a lot of crazy stuff…… A LOT….so since its hard to choose a team rider on his word alone, we’re going to have tryouts, its our own version of “Destination Truth”. We have a sign up sheet for perspective team riders here at the shop so if you think you might be Red Sky material sign up. Stop in and we’ll give you more info about what we’re looking for and expect. The most important thing to remember when you’re thinking about trying out is this- if you’re not down with us, we’re not gonna be down with you. That means if you ride ski co. gear & stuff we don’t support, you’re probably not gonna be chosen as a team rider. AND the other important question to ask is what you can do for us. I would rather have the stoked kid that loves to ride, tries hard & is always riding than the one trick contest pony with the harsh attitude. Also this season we’re going to have a few free rail jams, the one we held last year was just the beginning we hope to make them an annual event complete with prizes & swag! Lastly, get out and ride because its fun, being cool is just an added bonus. If you have any better ideas or are going out riding, jump in here and let us know. Red Sky……out.

168 thoughts on “S’No joke man, I need to ride. Come on winter!”

  1. Boyne Mtns. last weekend!!!!! April 15, 16 & 17th!!!! 2 lifts, 11 trails & terrain park still open

  2. Anyone seeking the comfort of nubs nob this weekend? Currently there are about 4 of us planning to go saturday.

    1. Possibly Boyne Highlands instead, their website says there is some sort of “beefed up park” with music and food event.

  3. Heading up north to Crystal & Boyne for a 3 day rideathon tomorrow……probably my last snow hit for the season…..sad.

  4. shhhhhh……I do believe we are a Nike snow account now……hush now. Late summer it drops……

  5. Kyle Lentz, winner, winner, chicken dinner! Since we didn’t have the “official” rail jam, we are choosing the lucky winner by frequency of PLL rides. That is hands down Kyle. John was a distant second. Next time in Kyle pick up your starter gangsta kit compliments of the best snowboard shop in the universe( Red Sky if ya already didn’t guess) Technine & Amp.

  6. The 4th Annual Stoken!

    You can’t control the Stoke.

    For the fourth year Rome SDS brings you the end of season stoke you crave. Stoken is the un-contests of all contests. It’s a time to celebrate the shred season as it winds down and warms up, in a huge crew moving from feature to feature just having a good time.

    The Stoken may include: all, some, or none of the following good times:

    Reverse Limbo Ollie Bar – mad ups bro

    One Hitters – could be a hip, quarter pipe, pipe, or on the chairlift

    The Long Slash – spray and pray

    Barrel Bonks – little tap, tap, taparoo

    Mystery Flavor – could be anything

    We’ll all be traveling as a pack from feature to feature, sessioning each jib or event in a super loose good-times jam format. And while the Stoken isn’t about winning, we still want to hook up a few people displaying the largest stoke quantity with a few extra items.

    First in Stoke – 2012 Mob Bindings
    Second in Stoke – 2012 Rome Jacket
    Third in Stoke – 2012 Rome Backpack

    At the end of it all we’ll wrap it all up with a good ol’ product toss and possibly some hot dogs down in the parking lot.

    March 19th – Nubs Nob in MI – 10:30AM

      1. John, that is cut & pasted from a Rome email I got, I don’t think anyone has confirmed they are going up to it yet……….

        1. I pulled out the board/boots and beer cases with straglers in them from the car, i suppose iam done till next year.

    1. Caberfae is a fun time. We got a couple inches of snow while there and had first tracks the next day.

      The mini park was all ride on butter boxes.

      Definately byob and plan to entertain yourself cause there is nothing there but the hot tub.

      bring extra pillows for the hotel too. thanks for the passes Mark.

      1. yep, glad I could help….thats what you get when you buy mad product & show much appreciated shop loyalty.

  7. Mad river is closed today(saturday), tomorrow sunday (3/6) will be their last day of the season……Snowtrails may not be done yet. They may still have one more weekend in them…..

  8. Anyone interested in cabberfae next weekend the 11 12 13??

    there is 6 of us going already. leaving friday noonish

    1. It was Marks stomach howlin for Del Taco.

      for some extra $ can you round my edges on the horroscope while its there.

        1. what ever one is most extreme of sorta and kinda. They are like a swiss army knife right now, taring up my high dollar leather candy gloves.

        1. The drop in is not bad, the hit where the rail was is sorta plowed up a little(half of it plowed-half the hit still visible. The run off will need a little help.

  9. A few of us are coming up tonight (tuesday) to film/photo on the parking lot rail if anyone else wants to join.

    1. It is a one feature park now, the barrel was sh!t canned. One 8ft rail! The landing from the rail is gonna need some work/dug out. They plowed some mounds there.

  10. Looks like we’re heading back out to Swanton for a street session on Saturday. Super fun big rail, picnic tables to butter across, fence jibs. Should be a good time

  11. We got the new “Marleys Mellow Mood” drink in……..I dare you to drink one, no, I double dare you!!!!! They’ll put you out!!!!!!

    1. its been worse! The barrel hit is hurting but the flat rail with a little help would be ridable. The lip to it would need a lil’ makeover but there is plenty of snow in the plow piles to work with……….

  12. I’m working 1-8 on wednesday and Thursday. Come out to ride the parking lot lab to keep me company! We have lots of snow so we can build a showtime booter. The Deposit II

  13. Heading up to Boyne Mtn for 4 fays of riding the 2012 gear. Take it easy on the relief crew in the shop.

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