S’No joke man, I need to ride. Come on winter!

Here we go again, waiting for the local areas to open up to signify the start of the snowboard season. The second sign that season is upon us is the annual flood of riders coming in & asking about being team riders for Red Sky– now I’m not gonna lie, we hear a lot of crazy stuff…… A LOT….so since its hard to choose a team rider on his word alone, we’re going to have tryouts, its our own version of “Destination Truth”. We have a sign up sheet for perspective team riders here at the shop so if you think you might be Red Sky material sign up. Stop in and we’ll give you more info about what we’re looking for and expect. The most important thing to remember when you’re thinking about trying out is this- if you’re not down with us, we’re not gonna be down with you. That means if you ride ski co. gear & stuff we don’t support, you’re probably not gonna be chosen as a team rider. AND the other important question to ask is what you can do for us. I would rather have the stoked kid that loves to ride, tries hard & is always riding than the one trick contest pony with the harsh attitude. Also this season we’re going to have a few free rail jams, the one we held last year was just the beginning we hope to make them an annual event complete with prizes & swag! Lastly, get out and ride because its fun, being cool is just an added bonus. If you have any better ideas or are going out riding, jump in here and let us know. Red Sky……out.

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    1. WTF their business is snow they should be swamped with us Midwestern people experiencing pow for the first time.

  1. Tomorrow is going to be a sick day for me at work, that means street session. Heading into the shop at 11am

    1. don’t worry, I have a tow rope in the ‘hevy to pull das car out of the snow once you become stuck!

          1. dude is here to “fix” it….its only gonna cost us $800…….only $800 and if I want “lube” to make it less painful-that is even more $….

  2. people think it’s the fricken Y2K happening all over again this week. hopefully we get all the snow that its calling for.

    1. Haha never thought of it being a repeat of Y2K but that’s so true. According to weather.com were in for the big part of the storm landing from midnight to 5am being under severe storm warning, perfect recipe for no school!

      1. I wish that were the case in Adrian. whole student body living on campus = no cancellations ever.

      1. 3 days of crowded up North riding, Crystal, Boyne & Crystal…..good conditions other than a gabillion people up riding..

  3. Looks like 2 inches of snow tonight with 2+ coming saturday, should be a good weekend. Trying to get a street session going for Saturday, Meet at the shop at 11am

    1. heading up to Crystal, Caberfae & Boyne tomorrow, back Sunday nite. Hope we do get some fresh snow here, remember last year we didn’t get the mega dump until early Feb…….

  4. Winterfest is this saturday at madriver. long lift lines, but really just going to tip a couple beers back, grill, ride some and listen to the reggae bands.

  5. The Lone Rider

    Thinking of going to Promenade Park Sunday in the afternoon let me know if your interested in riding. 248 881 5224

  6. Just got fresh pledxiglass for the drop in, heading to the shop around 2 to intall it. It should make the drop in lightning fast. Riding the shop for a bit then heading out to get some clips on the streeeeets.

    1. one lone rider(Kyle) braved the frozen ice lot setup of death, broke his butt(not actually) & went home…..

      1. Haha it was beyond sketchy, and some how all the snow at Promenade park disappeared, it was a tragic day.

  7. Heading out again tonight to try to get some photos. Riding UT around 5pm. Meeting at the shop to ride the lot at 4pm

  8. Everything is still set for today at 11am. Photographer is coming out at noon to shoot video/photos. Everyone should make it out it will be a good session for sure. Schedule so far is: 11am: Meet at the shop, ride there until noonish or until everyone shows up. 12pm: Head downtown to ride the promenade park rails and whatever else we find down there. 2pm: start heading towards campus, stopping at the bancroft/Dorr street rails, the upton balance rail and jermain park. 4pm: Get to UT and start riding whatever we find.

  9. Street session on Saturday. Meeting at the shop to shred at 11am then rolling out from there. Probably head downtown, then hit a couple rails on the way toward UT. Finish the session at UT. Everyone is welcome to tag along

  10. Good turn out today at the shop, one session with five of us then a later session with French and Rad pine, pretty good day. Rail is out if anyone is looking to ride.

  11. We are renting Banshee Bungees, gotta be 18 & sign your life away, other than that its painless…..

  12. With any luck I’ll be heading to the shop around three tomorrow (Wednesday) to ride the lot then street. Anyone down?

  13. As seen on TV!!!! Yep, the new commercial starts this Friday & Saturday after 11:30pm on ESPN, Comedy Channel & Cartoon Network( adult swim). Gonna make a couple of people famous! I hope it doesn’t go to their heads!!!!

  14. I’m heading up to the shop around 4pm today to start moving some snow around. I’m hoping to get a couple of hits in on the rail if I can get the snow to pack. I could use some help if anyone is looking to ride a little.

  15. Mikey, Logan, Robert, John & Wes took part today at Parking Lot Lab……..not a bad turn out.

    1. cool, i’ll be there, apparently i’m the only one who uses this blog… I guess it’s just me on the red sky team. try outs today at noon, hahah

      1. I’ll be here…..oh, thats right, I’m always here! They are a few shop regulars that have been on my radar for TR picks….we’ll see.

        1. I think we should have it right after the new year. I’m working on getting some new features for the lot so we should pick a date

  16. Parking lot lab 1.5 is officially open. Only one feature right now but we’ll be adding more all the time. Stop by the shop and checkus out!

  17. Finishing up the start box for the parking lot lab then heading into the shop to set it up. To start it’ll just be the start box and Kurt’s rail but if you have something to add, bring it! Stop out around 2 if you want to help

  18. Almost forgot…… we had an X games womens slopestyle finalist in the shop this morning!!!! No sh!t, for real! To bad Parking Lot Lab wasn’t ready!!!!

      1. Mary Sallah, has rode for a bunch of companies, Flow was the most recent……we couldn’t call her out unless we wanted our butts handed to us!

  19. Hey, there is snow on the ground and we still have 4….count em – 4, Banshee Bungees in the store…..what are you waiting for????

  20. Check out the Mad River park cam. They have features going up and they say they will have a full top to bottom park built for opening day (tomorrow)!!!!

    1. is anyone riding tomorrow, i get off work at 1130 and im looking to get jibby wit it ahah. call or text me tomorrow morning 419-345-8647

  21. I’m pulling the plug on riding tomorrow. I’m holding out for Mad River next weekend. They’re having their Burton kick off bash with demo’s, DJ’s and a little railjam thing so you know they’ll have features set up.

  22. Banshee Bungees just dropped…….they won’t be here long get them while you can. 10 & 20 footers……huh??? I thought so!

  23. Cold for the next 10 days, everywhere should be open soon. With any luck we’ll have the parking lot lab running by Christmas.

  24. I’m definitely riding somewhere on sunday. It looks like Mad River is going to hold out until the 11th to open, but their guns are blowing today and probably all this week so who knows. Snowtrails is probably the best option. Either way i’m riding this sunday for sure and i’ll have room in my car for 2.

    1. We were thinking snowtrails for sunday also, if it fails we will end up at brighton or holly. mt holly, is a creppy place, dolls are likely to jump out and start singing “its a small world after all” at anytime.

  25. Looks like we may be able to get some turns in this weekend at brighton. Last year we went for opening day and it was pretty rough, but definitely fun. I think i’m heading up Saturday after the shop closes if they’re open. Let me know if anyone wants to come

  26. Looks like cold weather around thanksgiving. Lots of 20’s which means resorts can blow snow! It won’t be long.

  27. soon, supposedly upper lower Mi. is expecting a big storm early next week…….maybe, just maybe Thanksgiving weekend?????

  28. Things are looking good, we have a 6 foot tall drop in with a plexiglass down ramp for crazy speed, A ten foot long 1 foot wide 2 foot tall box and kurts 8 foot square rail from last year. We’re looking to add more features as the snow falls but it should be good!

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