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Tick tock, get out & ride while you can. I can do a blah blah, I threw a 1080 blah blah, blah blah…..shut up and go riding! We probably have until mid March locally & early April if you’re willing to drive up a a little ways  in Michigan. We don’t want to hear ya belly aching in May that this season sucked & there was no were worth riding. We don’t want to hear how sweet you are-we’d rather see it. Oh & we have a sweet parking lot set up, hurry & hit it while you can, ITS FREE!!!!! And its also the 3rd rated park in Ohio! There are only a few rules for the Red Sky Parking Lot Lab to remember: 1Ride at your own risk  2Keep ski tips up……AND away from the PL lab. Enjoy!!!

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    1. Boyne’s webcams show snow, form the hemlock cam you can see the lifts run, the lodge cam shows worker prep’n the lifts.

      really nice webcams, seems to be realtime, you can zoom where ever and creep on passer bys.

  1. Nubs & Boyne Mtn. are closing this Sunday April 4th! The season in Mi/Oh is almost over….. :(

  2. Nubs is gonna try & be open to April 11th!!!!! Boyne Mtn. & Crystal close this sunday. Go on & get some……

  3. This saturday, March 20th, is Carnival at Boyne Mtn. That means boobies for all y’all that haven’t seen a pair yet! And if you don’t like boobs you can still ride!

  4. There is a glimmer of local hope, Snowtrails & Mt. Holly both say they may reopen for one last day this Saturday, 3/20!!!!!!! Stay tuned……..

    1. Mt. Holly is officially done….again……Snowtrails is still talking crazy about MAYBE opening up this Saturday. That is a big MAYBE!

  5. We made our first trip to seven springs, pa yesterday and it was pretty awesome. We missed all of the rain and the place was empty. The snow was pretty nasty but the parks were the best I’ve ever been on. Its a much easier drive than up north too.

    1. true indeed. transworld rated #3 park on the east coast. pretty accurate. everything was set up perfect and had great flow. some new creative hits too.

  6. And so the cycle goes, the local areas have shut down for the season. You can still ride for a few more weeks 4 hours up in Michigan- Boyne, Caberfae, Crystal, Nubs & Shanty! Go on, go ride before its too late! There is still time……..

    1. radical pineapple

      anyone setting up a trip up north? let me know im down if anyone wants to go. 4193778153

  7. Peek n Peak NY tics, I got them-you want them…….IF you are serious about going there let me know…….loyal/regular customers only. (that means ya support us)

    1. that is……IF they make it to another Tuesday……up North might be the only game in town after this weekend……

  8. Is there any snow in toledo? Any spots that could be ridden? I want to ride seeing as Mad River is closed. Let me know

  9. Mad Riv closed midweek for “snow conservation”. Too bad they still have like 4 ft of base everywhere. Reopening Fri at 4.

  10. Bluebird day at Mad River yesterday- still plenty of coverage, go get yourself some before its too late!

  11. Until the PLL gets re dug there isn’t much of anything to ride……..gonna take a lot of work …..hope to do something with it soon.

  12. Whats up everybody? When’s an urban session going down? I’m trying to build my snowboarding portfolio up so if anyone wants some pictures taken hit me up. 614.634.3338

      1. For sure man. I’m probably hitting up mad river friday for some riding and shooting before hips and lips saturday. You want to ride? We can hit some street spots in the next few days if you want too. A broken wrist isn’t going to get me down

    1. Change of plans, we got the flat bar back and I’m going to ride that in the parking lot, stop out if you want to ride.

  13. radical pineapple

    anyone riding fri morn//afternoon? looking to hit either the parking lot or maybe do some street. hit me up here or txt me 419 377 8153.

    1. looking to do some riding tonight or tomorrow am. something local. maybe the parking lot lab? or some street. is anyone down?

      1. I’m looking to ride Saturday morning, parking lot lab needs a serious overhaul. But I’ll probably ride the promanade park rail for an hour or so

  14. radical pineapple

    anyone up for digging out the parking lot lab and making a line tomorrow/today (thurs) hit me up 419 377 8153. i wanna do some riding.

    1. Hey dude, i’m out for today, i’m taking the wife down to mad river so she can break in her board. I’ll pass your number on to OZ. He was looking to ride today. I’ll tell him to text you.

  15. Ok, so I ditched out on riding yesterday but I’m feeling better today and looking to ride. Anyone in?

  16. Fresh snow on the ground means more street sessions. Looking to head out today around 3pm. Meeting at the shop and heading out around toledo.

  17. best sunday in the park yet tonight. rain missed us. soft snow. great temps. the park is set up really really well right now. go score some!

  18. Caberfae was packed like a mother…….crazy lift lines & limped the big sub successfully back home without blowing up in NON record time!.

  19. Street session and photo shoot today! Meeting at the shop at one and heading out from there. I’m thinking about riding bg. Anyone down there know what the snow looks like?

    1. Snow isn’t awful in BG, I actually broke my wrist saturday at mad river but would be down to kick it and shoot photos if you guys came to BG. Let me know!

          1. soon, I gotta dump a ton into the gallery, should start getting them in next week……..

  20. Good to see you today! Please pass along a message. Wife is not going to get a new boots now, so you guys can let them go. Thanks for holding them. Stay in touch mate…. Michal (Blarney)

  21. Bluebird day at Crystal yesterday, car trouble right before we got there, only firing on 7 cylinders-stuck getting it kinda fixed from 9 to 3 today at Traverse City-pretty much sucked & wasted all of todays riding, I’ll hit Caberfae on the way home tomorrow & cross my fingers on the way back…….

  22. Looks like we have a session brewing! I’m holding down the fort at the shop until six then trying to ride some street. If anyone wants to ride stop by the shop and we’ll head out from here…

  23. Just got back from mad river, such a good day, bluebird and warm. The snow is great down there. The park is groomed to a T and they’re looking to stay open as long as possible. Heading back down on sunday for the shop session. Lets get a big group together and knock out some bangers.

    1. Yeah, I’m heading down around 9:30. My car is full and we’re leaving from downtown, so if you want to ride just meet us down there! It should be a good session

  24. Damn Mikey, as soon as you leave we got someone in to ride parking lot lab with you!!!! He is just strapping in now…..

    1. haha, Yeah that was me. Let me know when you guys are riding the lab again, I will definitely be there. It will be pretty legit with the extra rail there.

  25. I’ll probably end up riding the parking lot again today, if anyone wants to meet up and ride some street let me know, I’ll be around all day

    1. hey you guys should come check out my backyard sometime this weekend i got a pretty nice set up with 2 rail and im worken on building a 7ft tall quarter pipe

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