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Ride with us on Tuesday nites!!!!


Every Tuesday nite this summer is ride nite! Come ride with us! If you wondering about the windsurf & kiteboard scene come on out & check it out for yourself. See 1st hand what its all about. Its not a demo, its not a free lesson, we’re inviting you to come out & ride. We’ll be changing spots looking for the best wind so call the shop, email or keep watching the blog to see where we’ll be heading every Tuesday! We’ll have all of our gear so if condtions permit we might even let you have a crack at it! We hope to be hitting the water by 5pm. Stop on out and say hi, bring your own stuff & ride with us or just come on out and see if its something you might want to do! Questions? Lets hear’em. See you on Tuesday!

34 thoughts on “Ride with us on Tuesday nites!!!!”

  1. Damn that was good! Wave days rule! Ride nite bowed out with a roar, see you next season for more ride nites. (We aren’t done riding by a longshot but the ride nites where we bring stuff for the masses to play with are-see you next May for more Tuesday ride nite fun)

  2. Damn, a ride nite when we actually ride!!!!!!! LP is the call, waves will be the special of the day. Hit the water & enjoy. The last ride nite looks to be a good one.

  3. Luna Pier…..bring your own gear, not enough beach to play in the sand….its water or bust!

  4. Well, well, well, another Tuesday of light & crappy wind……..rolling to Maumee Bay, looks very light so we don’t expect to be there long. If its as light as it looks we’ll be doing good to hold until 6pm.

  5. Looks light & varible…….maybe a kite will fly maybe barney board cruising-more than likely longboard skateboarding….if ya got one bring it son, it might be all we’re doing! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Maumee Bay……….

  6. Here is the roundup from Tuesday, good at times, light at times. Land kites flew. Ryans 20 flew some of the time, Tooti Fruiti windsurf board was lit up!

  7. Call is Maumee Bay……looks very light, maybe floating on the vintage windsurf board & kites on the beach…….maybe longboard (of the skateboard variety that is)

  8. The call is longboarding at Stranahan, kites flying looks like a longshot. As said before, come on in & get a longboard, it beats standing around waiting for wind.

  9. Looking VERY bad for wind…….we’ll make the call around 3:30, I don’t expect anything promising.

  10. Tomorrows nite ride is looking pretty light……..I’m guessing land kites & longboards in land somewhere, but we’ll see. Stranger things have happened!

  11. Tomorrow should be interesting….that looks like a go deep and hope not to swim or go home 😉 If it doesn’t change again…

  12. Another possible Tuesday Ride-night with some actual riding?

    I think I need to try out this newfangled “windsurfing” thing that all the old guys on the beach are talking about.

    And I heard that Redsky has some great new kites to demo!

  13. Ride nite recap…….not enough wind for even the 3 meter kite led to a fun longboard session. Other highlights-lost the little dog for a while, dog returned & found us, big dog was bummed when little dog returned, proved once again that a longboard is a must when you don’t have wind. Longboarded for a few hours instead of sitting on my a$$ waiting for wind. Get yourself one.

  14. Once again lite winds are forcing us inland to Stranahan school for some land kites & longboarding.

  15. Ride nite recap: No wind led to a longboard session which was nice for a change of pace. Everyone should have one, it makes you skunk proof!

  16. Due to lite & varible winds the call today for the Tuesday nite ride is………land kites (if they’ll fly in the lite winds). Stranahan school to see what we can get flying. This might be short lived……..

  17. Call today is Maumee Bay, we will have some old windsurf gear to try for those in the know……

  18. Hope to get a Slingshot T3 demo soon for those that know how to use it for Tuesday nite ride…..always looking out for our riders.

  19. Nite ride update-arrived at MB to find one of the Red Sky chariots disabled. Waited for the tow truck, watched lite offshore winds & gave up the on the nite ride at about 6ish. Found the lost tow truck & saw Pete self launching the 20.5 at the same time, took tow truck back to the cripled RS ride & called it a wasted day. The big RS mobile saves another, two fer two!

  20. Ride nite recap: lite wind & raining, we hung to 5:30 to make sure we wouldn’t miss anything.

  21. I chickened out… Got off work too late and didn’t have hope for it. Went play basketball and sprained my ankle. Fool! Hope to be ok when the big one comes. It looks like it picked up a little later, hope you got some decent riding!

  22. The call is……….Luna Pier……looks lite but better than working! Should be there at 4:20….ggg….4:20!

  23. Love the nite ride idea! Especially since I will be stuck at the meeting at work at least till 5 tomorrow. But after that – count on me!

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