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Prince of the Parking Lot rail jam

  Nov 16th,2019 1p-?  – stay  tune  for  details.

14 thoughts on “Prince of the Parking Lot rail jam”

  1. radical pineapple

    rail jam was awesome. my girl and i had a blast. cant wait till the next one (hopefully will be able to hit the damn rail this time )

  2. Railjam was a huge success! Everyone had a good time.
    Frank the tank won the railjam and took home a pair of Sound pants
    Wes took second and won a Technine Jacket
    Josh French finished in third and won a fancy pair of Rome Aviator glasses.

    Thanks to Rome, Sound, Technine and Nomis for the product!

    Keep checking the website for info on the next Railjam.

    1. Logan & Mike just headed over to Highland park to complete the set up & yes, the swag boxes were in hand!

  3. Getting ready to head out to the park to get things set up. Collecting snow today and building start boxes. Hopefully we can gather enough snow to have 4 or 5 features set up. The product toss box is pretty full with swag from Rome, TechNine, Celcius, Nomis and Sound!

  4. Just spoke to our Rome rep, they’re in for the Rail Jam!!!!!! Everyone loves Rome swag!!!!! Woo-hoo!

  5. It’s looking like we may have BCSN and maybe even the news out there for our session. Everything is still going according to plan. We are bringing out own snow and a couple of drop in boxes so we’ll have snow and speed for the features. We were hoping to have 7 or 8 features set up but realistically it’ll end up being about 3 features. Either way it’ll be a great way to get on the snow locally and for free. Check out what the other crews in toledo are doing and catch some free swag.

  6. I just talked to our Technine & Nomis rep, a box of swag has just been shipped out! So get ready for some free stuff!!!!!

  7. The railjam will happen rain or shine… We are going to bring a dumptruck full of snow from around town to make sure there’s enough snow. It definitely won’t be as glamorous as we had hoped but we’ll have at least two features to hit, free swag and an Al Peake and sons food table with hotdogs, hamburgers and more.

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