New stuff arriving daily!


That’s right, your favorite local shop bringing you the goods that you need! Fighting the good fight against the misled mainstream, garage shop wannabees (arghhhh!) and the pretenders of the wind world. We are you, we live to ride & ride to live. No one, NO ONE, rides more than we do! And always remember, Red Sky is your friend!

35 thoughts on “New stuff arriving daily!”

  1. So much stuff, you wouldn’t believe it so stop on in and see for yourself!!!!! We get new stuff everyday!

  2. Ahhhhh, Monday, another day, another shipment. Todays haul-Burton mens jackets, pants & gloves.

  3. What? I didn’t think so! Gnu my friends….Gnu! Street in bananatrac, Riders Choice in magnatrac, CHB in Magnatrac 7 B-Nice girls in magnatrac……for real, these boards were some of my favorites from test fest. (Street & Riders Choice). We’re working on a special rewards card-STAY TUNED! Remember we aren’t no McDicks selling you crap & giving some lame advice, we sell you the real stuff at the best prices with expert knowledge because we rode most everything we sell! Who’s side you on?

  4. The latest gear to drop in: Technine boards-MFM Classic, Jib & Split T- & bindings-MFM Classic & Split T- & Analog hoodies & tees. Hurry in G & don’t forget to pick up the new Burton catalog while they last!

  5. Aerotech sails just went closeout……there is not a lot left so if you want me to check a sail size & price let me know ASAP!

  6. A lot of 2009 Burton mens & ladies jackets, pants & snowboards arrived. Dregs longboard skateboards also arrived today.

  7. What-you’re jonsing to snowboard already? Well I got the fix for you……..we just received 30 2009 Burton snowboards. Yep, winter gear is starting to drop! Also 3 new styles of Electric sunglasses & Sanuk sandals. By the way, just for the record-two plankers do fear women!

  8. I do believe a BIG surprise hits tomorrow……….stay tuned. (Hint-36 of them & two plankers fear ’em)

  9. Petes new Slingshot Lenten board, Da Kine Pyro(kite) & Nexus(windsurf) harnesses & harness lines. Kiteboarding (sept 08) mag also.

  10. Drum roll please…….The first of the winter 09 snowboard clothing dropped today-Nomis hoodies , only a few but its gonna start rolling fast & furious in the next month!

  11. Three day holiday weekend! Gee, I hope corporate doesn’t find out! Oh, thats right we are “corporate”.

  12. A big haul today!!!!!! Maui Fin Co. weed wave fins for powerbox boards—-& if you’ve rode lately you know these are a must! The weeds are coming quickly! AND…….Slingshot Turbo 3 kites & SX kiteboards!!! Contact the shop about finding out how to demo one!

  13. Chirp, Chirp, Chirp……..Is anyone there?
    is the wind ever going to blow again?
    Good news is; my golf game is improving.
    Bad news is; I have time to play golf because there is no wind.

  14. Oakley sunglasses & ……….Slingshot Lunacy pro model kiteboards!!!!! They won’t last long, thats a promise!

  15. Catch of the day. Da Kine harnesses, spreader bars & adj. harness lines………New energy drink arrival~ 5 hour & 7 hour energy drinks. You know they have to work because of all the warnings on the label. Hurry in & get yours…..if you’re not scared that is!

  16. Sector 9 skateboards, a pretty big load to choose from just arrived. All your friends will think you’re cool with a new longboard! Its just like surfing on cement! Hurry in and get yours now! NOW!

  17. Yahtzee!!! RRD FSW 115 in today! Don’t know how but its here! Don’t let Brad push your buttons Ryan!

  18. Mark, Bring that mast base with you if you head to SS Fri. I’ll call you on my way home today with credit card.

    Hey Ryan B I have a Flow I can rent you, Mark said he had 115 RRD I could try out.

  19. Fresh catch of the day-Chinook booms, mast bases(2 bolt & 1 bolt) & extensions(tall & med). Da Kine Tabu kite harnesses. Spreader bars for kiteboarding & windsurfing. Hurry on in son & get yourself one.

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