Lake Erie kiteboarding & windsurfing summer 08

Don Sequence

With much anticipation we embark on the 2008 Lake Erie wind season. What will this season have in store for us? Glorious moments of victory, disappointing days that never arrived, humbling days where we were owned or, gasp, more days when one of the crew needs rescued. Will the man deny us from our sacred riding spots. Will we lose even more lake access? Are we up for the challenge? I don’t know what we’ll end up with, more than likely though, all of the above. Whatever it is, I’m anxious to get it under way! ITS ON!

421 thoughts on “Lake Erie kiteboarding & windsurfing summer 08”

  1. Working…

    Went to MB for a quick snowkite session. ICY, gusty and dark. Called Pete off after an hour.

  2. Saturday:
    Air temp = 60 degrees
    Wind direction = 180 degrees
    Wind speed = 30+ mph

    Great LP day!

    Who’s in?

  3. Hi people

    As a fresh user i just wanted to say hi to everyone else who uses this forum 😀

  4. Dudes, we just hosted a wind/ wave competition today, solid 25 to 30 kts of breeze with a bit of wind chop. I’m pretty sure everybody attending tried a loop of some sort, intentionally or not. We will have photos to recap the event soon.

  5. anybody getting some of this? I need to live vicariously through you guys while I’m stuck in the office all weekend.


    Mark bring the helmet cam. This should “make the cut”
    Unless you prefer the recent seagull brigade filming Don

  7. Brandon, right, you guys looked good out there. My attitude lost altitude at a certain point.
    ypsilanti steve

  8. Sterling was decent, straight on waves, and fun on a 6.5 until I put my knee through it on a botched gybe. 5.5 replacement was not quite enough to punch the surf easily so I did ‘speed runs’ (alternating with ‘turtle waddle’) in the shallows between waves. 3 kiters, I think Brandon, were also hanging languid out there at times but likely having a bit more fun.

  9. Aaron and I hit SSP, super lit on my 13, gnarly waves. Also Brar, unidentified Fuel rider, Ypsilanti Steve. Wish I rigged the 9.

  10. Just got back from MB. Just me and Chris.
    Cruising on a 6.5 nothing major. Hope the weekend is better.

  11. Just got back from the green monster’s backyard. Lit up on the T3 11 (now in 1:1 mode) Just Mark, I and a bunch of swell. A weekend off…..and wind?

    Lashaway on the blog!!!!!
    Turtles? uhm OK Are you hiding in your shell?

  12. Sat & Sun looking promising.
    Anyone heading out of town and unable to sail?
    We need a sacrifice to the wind gods!

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