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Kiteboard & Windsurf spring 2015~Deals, Doings & the Dileo.

Spring has sprung but the wind hasn’t yet! A new wind season & the same ol’ same ol. If you are new to the wind game or a veteran that hasn’t figured it out yet, remember, IF it is windy in the spring do everything & anything you can to go out & ride. Do not skip a windy day because 60 degrees with overcast skies aren’t to your liking, don’t say to yourself “well there is a chance of rain”- man, your gonna get wet anyway. AND never ever turn down a chance to ride with your friends!  Go ride….right now. The toxic algae isn’t a problem yet(you know it will be), the winds haven’t shut off yet(they will in July & August) & the beach isn’t crowded yet(Maumee Bay SP on a warm weekend-forget about it). Check with me for closeouts, steals & deals on kiteboard & windsurf gear, no one beats our prices & we’re locals. Hell, we’ll even ship it to you. 😛

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137 thoughts on “Kiteboard & Windsurf spring 2015~Deals, Doings & the Dileo.”

    1. Not yet, it looks like the main bloom is still by the islands. You should be good to go on today’s west wind.

  1. Gary heading out before he punches in at work, reporting(& it sounded from his phone) good winds. Looking to bounce after lunch IF it is showing potential. Yes, I am desperate so “potential” will make me bite. Waiting for JT’s T Rex to arrive then hopefully eat lunch, roll out & score a session-that’s not asking for much is it?

    1. well, even though it’s looking kinda light, I’m going to roll to MB to take a look, so I guess Ride Night is a ride maybe.

      1. well, that turned out way better than I ever would have thought! A full house out at MB, Judd, Ypsi Steve, Jay, Brad, Ryan, Pete & myself.

  2. I’m not sure about today, the wind seems to have moved east, after yesterdays beating it would be nice to get on the scoreboard BUT I’m not schlogging.

    1. Brad, Ryan O, Pete, and myself, oh and Andy.2.0, nobody schlogged, good day had by all, 13/14 meter and plenty of sun. Ryan L represented the windsurfers. Some carnage but nothing really to talk about. Sunday Funday!!

    1. Lots of pics. Will post ASAP but it’ll be a bit as I’m still recovering from the ransomeware attack.

    2. Had to make due with equipment on hand. Old naish board with even older hot pink cambered naish 4.5 sail but it all survived a couple hours in the huge swells of Marblehead. Took off from a flooded somewhat protected marina and hoped I wouldn’t die when I hit the wind line. Amazingly I had it flatten out enough to make it survivable. Hope to get out for dawn patrol at MB if the sump keeps up with the rain.

  3. This report is from Gary at the Point: the blowin’ is beginin’ . Judd is going out to bite at Maumee Bay.

    1. I am kicking it in Maui. 4.5 to 5.7 every day, warm and sunny. This wind is my gift to you, you are welcome.

      1. Thanks RB! Here is a MB beach report from newbie Jay: Wind is up. “Water is way up. See if anyone else shows up”

          1. Is everyone worn out. Heading back from Florida. Planning on baypoint around 3 today

          2. Maumee Bay for Don, myself & Ryan O,(Pete?) around 11, Karl & Ryan L at NCYC after a regatta. Ryan B at Waikiki.

  4. Saturday looks to be stormy & wet but also looks like it’s going to be a full on gale out of the N. Maumee Bay will be the call, IF you can’t handle a gale(or have gear small enough) don’t ride in a gale(we do have a Slingshot RPM 6m on sale for $399.95 complete-used once), no one wants to spend an epic wind day saving someones gear that got away from them.

    1. Time 2am 5am 8am 11am 2pm 5pm 8pm 11pm 2am 5am 8am 11am 2pm 5pm 8pm 11pm
      Wind (mph) 17 20 26 39 41 42 45 38 33 27 20 18 12 11 6 13
      Temperature (F) 64 64 62 61 61 60 59 58 57 57 58 66 72 74 71 66
      Model NAM 12km NAM 12km
      Model Run 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z 06/25 18z
      Visibility (mi) 15 15 5 2 2 2 2 3 8 6 15 15 15 15 15 11
      Precipitation (in) 1 2 1 1 1
      Cloud Cover (%) 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 77 33 91 100
      Pressure (mb) 1012 1009 1006 1003 1000 998 99

  5. Well, here is my Ride nite observation -Harbor lt2 was showing 12 gusting to 13.5 at 3pm, sensors are showing single digits to around 12, most of the forecasts(I & alert) show it lightening up as the evening approaches, NOAA- the least reliable has it picking up……..soooooo, I am NOT biting on ride nite, I’m sure someone will be it Ryan or Pete & Maumee Bay would be the call. So good luck it is every man for themselves.

    1. debating a feeler……………………………………not. Good luck! harbor lt shows good, Pete site sensors show poo.

  6. Wed. update. Jay(new guy) is at Boobies this AM, Brad says: “Hoping to hit sandbar around 430 if weather cooperates. I can fit several kiters if anyone is interested. Let me know.”

      1. Gary, the Diesel & myself with a mid day score. 9m kite & 5.5 to 5.0m sails. Warm & windy-what more could you want?

          1. hahahahaha, yeah I’m a little slow late at nite! AND how true in both applications!

  7. Maybe a dawn-ish patrol on Saturday, the winds seem to be dropping as the day goes on. Nothing like last Sunday so everyone can unpucker!

          1. Boo! That puts me on the bench. Give another update, if you can, if it takes a turn for the better.

  8. Sunday/Funday!?!?!?!?!? It might be a little chilly, it might be a little wet but it also might be a little windy & wavy! As of now it looks like the only question is Maumee Bay or LP……….well?

      1. It’s been so long I’ll totally be lost & floundering! I hope the Diesel is on standby, I may need his CG saving expertise!

        1. Well it looks like the real deal tomorrow, it is going to be miserable with storms & the temp BUT that is what is bringing the wind…..you know that is the way it is. I do believe Sunday will be a none but the brave day so put on your big boy pants if you dare! Don is showing up tomorrow with his “pull ups” which are darn close to big boy pants! I do believe the call is MB. Sack up Susie!

          1. oh it does look like a whole day washout, we’ll see who actually shows, it’s going to be ugly.

          2. Looking out at lake in Marblehead and it is big and scary. Did we skip right to fall. Trying to work up the courage. Sure wish I had a wingman out here. Definitely my 4,5 right now

          3. what happened to Andy, is he on the DL? MB ETA is 10:30, Don is rolling in from Cleveland, make good choices!

          4. man, that was a big ass wind, stinging rain & sketchy wave day. I truely felt like i was in danger of drowning a few times…….but winner, winner chicken dinner, I didn’t!!!!!!!! :0

          5. yesterdays roundup-4 kiters~Don, Ryan O, Vin & Patrick(6 to 9m) & 4 windsurfers~ me, Ryan B, Ryan L &……….KARL!(4-4.5m). Safe to say everyone was lit up. Chaotic swell, full wetsuits, high water, big gale winds 30-40 & stinging driving rain, what more could you ask for?

          6. Brad and I returned for the night shift along with another new brave soul, Matt, if I remember correctly. We both stayed lit on our 10’s and Brad patrolled with his 4.5, either he was scared to put up his kite, or he didn’t want to miss out on sailing a wave day. Only he knows the true answer.

          7. I think when it hit me I caught -“I85hit” Ohio- out of the corner of my eye.

  9. Don’t look now but late Saturday/Sunday is looking like a (maybe) baby wave day. A friggin’ small swell day!!!!!

  10. well that was fun, pretty much lit up the whole day in my shorty wetsuit. The Diesel &b Ryan on 9m kites, Gsry 4m sail & me 5.5 down to 4.5 sail because I was getting worked. Full pull, we had nothing else to give.

    1. I’m a bit on the sore side today. kinda glad its not blowing today. Saw plenty of beach body drags yesterday. Fortunately I was not one of them.

  11. There is good news & bad news.
    The good news is it looks like Mon & Tues are going to blow!
    The bad news is it’s out of the dreaded SW with T storms & rain.
    It’s every rider for themselves when it’s out of the SW, pick your poison & go get some………if you dare.

  12. The Diesel & myself are heading to MB, ETA 1:30. Looking kinda sketchy & light. There is only one way to find out for sure…….

        1. Still no wind. One windsurfer out deep. 14 might work but just can’t get motivated. Not a wasted trip. I did get my boat registration sticker.

          1. So I didn’t even do a feeler after work. Did anyone actually get out and ride?

  13. Tuesday we ride! WNW at Maumee Bay is always a pretty good time, if the direction is just right you get to run out to the sandbar! Prepare yourselves we’re running out of time.

    1. well…..will it or won’t it. I’m still saying it’s going to be good, big temp drops usually bring in decent winds! MB- I can feel it.

      1. Is any one heading out in the am/ early afternoon. ( someone got beat down and has to play mr mom when the kids get of school this week)

      2. Well, it was worth the drive…. barely

        Once past the patchy stuff int he bay it was steady 6.5 wind as far as you wanted to sail. The wind line was not too gusty, so all in all it was pretty fun,

        ypsi steve

  14. Well it looks like some (maybe) rideable winds Friday out of the much dreaded SW. Roll the dice if you’re feeling lucky~ Boobies, MB and deal with the offshore 1 mile out wind line, the eastern proving grounds-you better have a helper, the Sandusky sandbar-you better have a boat or a super secret spot hook up. The wind probably won’t blow anyways!

  15. it looks to be a day of reckoning, a typical MB WSW none but the brave day…….big boy pants are a must!

    1. well, that was fun. 9m kites & 5.5m sail. John, Ryan & myself for the 1st shift, Jay showed w/ 8m kite & started to figure out the evil MB WSW winds & Matt showed up for the late shift. We almost lost the Diesel, but big Vin pulled a fast & furious save out of his a$$ & avoided what I thought was sure disaster.

          1. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. He was going way out too. He went south all the way to where the road runs right next to lake.

          2. Maybe that’s where he started? I can’t imagine solo-launching at CISP. Or, maybe he had a kite-bitch?

  16. Big Tuesday!!!!! Cold with big westerly winds, you know what that means at Maumee Bay, don’t you? A big far out rolling wind line with inner connector gusts-if you are lucky enough to time them out. It’s going to go down one of 2 ways. 1) one of the best days of the year so far 2) a horrible gust/crap fest . No in between, you know that…..

    1. OBX trip officially postponed until the fall! The void of wind that TS Ana is leaving made it a sorta easy decision, no chance of a thermal(wrong direction) & mega marginal days at best. 🙁

  17. 2015 Slingshot has just went closeout-well not officially yet but on Memorial day(all but the RPM). This is the earliest they have ever went closeout, it’s 20% off & you know we’ll hook you up deeper if possible! I’ll get a sheet out ASAP to everyone that usually gets one(if you don’t hit me up & I’ll send you one). 2015 Kites, boards & bars!!!! If you can’t wait let me know what you are looking for & I’ll shot you the super duper Red Sky hook up price. Act soon so I can get an order in before it’s gone-quantities are limited.

  18. After todays sorta promising wind forecast that crapped out I do believe Ryan, Don & myself are not hitting H2O until we get to Hatteras next Wed!

  19. Here is the report from this AM at Boobies by a new kiter, Jay: “Bb = consistent low teens… Gonna start rigging up and see what happens.”

  20. Dang you wind! It is starting to look like we might not get wet again until we get to Hatty. A few more warm up days would be nice.

  21. I hope we’re not going to skip spring winds & roll right into the summer doldrums. Almost looking that way.

      1. bleak, Monday looks like the next day that is rideable….but that can all change as it always does,

  22. If anyone is wondering, no I’m not, waaay too cold today. My hands would last about 15 minutes w/gloves.

  23. Looking at heading out around 3:30. Any takers for the Catawba super secret spot? Kites may be a little difficult due to trees. If no takers I may head to MB.

    1. No time for the CS3, might try the northern super duper secret spot BUT if there is a lot of W in it MB will be the call. Man I hate WSW gusty ass MB days…….

        1. Well, Vin & myself bailed pretty quickly, you’ve all seen it before-the typical SW- WSW MB gust fest with the moving windline- been there done that & decided today we didn’t need to do that.

          1. Thanks for the update. Headed east and sailed on the 4.5 for 1.5 hours till the wind started letting up. Great season opener!!!

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