He ain’t no hodad Squidlips! The fall winds 2015, where & when.

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“…In the old days, I remember a wind that would blow through the canyons. It was a hot wind called a Santana and it carried the smell of warm places. It blew the strongest before dawn across the Point. We would sleep in our cars and the smell of the wind would wake us. And each morning, we knew this would be a special day.

The summers passed with each year. I don ‘t seem to remember them anymore. I remember the fall and the coming of winter. The water got cold. It was a time of the west swell. A swell of change. A swell you usually rode alone.

The north swell was cold and lonely and dangerous. It was a powerful swell that marched down the coast in the winter. We used to ditch school, go down to the Point and watch it break.
There were light breezes and low-tide afternoons. I remember the rocks and the clear, cold water.
But now it all seemed to be behind us. The change wasn ‘t in the beach or the rocks or the waves.
It was in the people. Some got married, some moved inland, some searched for a new spot and some died.

Who knows where the wind comes from? Is it the breath of God? Who knows what really makes the clouds? Where do the great swells come from? And for what? Only that now it was time and we had waited so long.”

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  1. I do believe Ryan O is in the lead for last in the water honors this season. Pete & Ryan rode Saturday at MB & I believe Ryan was the last out of the water. There is still time to beat him & grab last in honors for the year.

  2. Gary just got done riding, put in a hour of so on a 6.0 sail, up & down but still a score! He is the leader so far for last in the water for the season!

  3. Anyone heading out today? I like putting on wet wetsuits on days like today. Same spot in Catawba if I can find someone that’s in. There was enough room on the beach yesterday for kite, but not sure if there still is today

  4. Edmund Fitzgerald memorial ride on Thursday????
    “Twas the witch of November come stealin’
    In the face of a hurricane west wind When the gales of November came slashin’
    When afternoon came it was freezing rain
    In the face of a hurricane west wind When the gales of November come early”
    Kinda sounds like Thursday & Friday…..


        1. The question is, will there be water left by the time we get out there?
          I’m probably stuck until 4p.

          1. my guess is no! I’m hoping lil’ Fitz (my quad bd) can manage though before it gets too bad.

        2. Come on Mark. Super secret spot in Catawba at 3:30. Could be last time, he is selling the house. Sorry too many trees for kites.

          1. B- sounds tempting but no time for E(& probably no water on this end) J-gonna be too off shore probably(or no water) at our end & if you’ve never rode in a gale a gusty 30 to 50 is probably not recommended.

          2. Had to abort 4.5 and rig the 4.0. Very good for the 45 min of light I had. Great video of the top of my helmet. Damnit!!

          3. Brad–glad someone got some today. I couldn’t see any water from Point Place!

  5. the worst direction of all, the dreaded WSW! Thinking of it then remembering how far the limp is to clean wind on a WSW. Water temp. is 52 degrees-make good choices.

    1. Judd report from MB, waaaay off shore winds, gusting from 0 to 20! On the bright side it is warm(the air that is)

  6. Anybody thinking MB after work? Might be time to get a proper session on the big boy kite. Kinda cold=dwindling motivation

    1. I’m gonna watch the wind, not working today so I will hit MB if the wind shows up. Should start building after lunch. Fingers crossed.

      1. Just arrived at MB, looking good, onshore and capping. Gonna pump up the 10m. Not another soul out here.

  7. the horrible WSW forecast, no good anywhere unless you have time to head east, I hear Brad is looking for volunteers.

    1. Yep. Boating leaving at 4 if the wind is here. That will give us couple hours of kiting. Let me know by 3.

  8. Anybody gonna get their Willy’s chilly today? I’m gonna check out MB after work today, eta 5:30

        1. Thanks for the update. I saw that little bit of South…and after today at work I had zero motivation to try.

    1. Got a 1.5 hour session in at the sandbar on the 10. Keeping an eye on Thursday. If anyone can make it to Marblehead by 4 on Thurs let me know.

  9. Gary, Pete(sorta) & myself. Marginal 5.5 & 6.0 sail, up & down, good in the gusts not so much out of them. Would have been 13 kite. Pete forgot a pump & aborted the mission, probably a wise call.

      1. I was planning on it, but I got a UPS delivery and I’m busy playing with my new toys. Plus, I don’t think the wind is happening today. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Also, Monday! Monday! Monday!

  10. What’s the plan for today? I woke up to the sound of wind and instantly smiled. Then, I looked at the radar. We should probably get it in early.

      1. Looks like I can play work hooked. Im going to head to mb but will probably end being a wus and just spectating. Eta 10:20 ish

          1. No. LP is not an option from what I saw from the mayor yesterday. They’re expecting water to be at the break wall.

          2. Ryan & Don are east(Edgewater or Headlands), I’m in no rush, we’re going to get rained on anyway. Eating lunch then rolling ETA 12ish.

          3. Enough beach to launch kites? Training pretty hard at MBSP. Not sure what we are waiting for. Like Mark says, we are going to get rained on anyway.

          4. the newest LP report from G, they have boarded up the walk thru, it is a no go! Soooooo, no one brought their big boy pants!

          5. Thanks for joining me, Mark! I hope your fin-box is ok. I did end up hitting some submerged crap right after you asked me about that. Not surprising considering how much crap there is along the shoreline.

            6M Kite = fun, even in the rain.

      1. Heading to Marblehead around 1. Looks like I will be solo, but its so worth it. Last chance Mark. come on.

          1. Ryan report from MB~ solid 6m kite, he has just called it from the AM shift! Be careful out there, it’s going to be ugly!

          2. Solo session 11:15-2:15 on my 6m Fuel. I love that kite. It might be time to lose the bridles on the 9 and 13. I really miss the direct responsive feel. I had to go without again to realize how much better it is. Packing the surfboard tomorrow for some wave riding

          3. well, I rode with my 3 favorite peeps, me, myself & I. 4.5 sail OK to pretty lit up from 4-6. Me was killing it, I sucked & myself was all about himself, you know, ” did you see that big air, did you see that sweet wave I caught”. Then Patrick & Lenten Sr. showed up. And, yes, Patrick did put up his 10! Rd. 4 on Saturday is going to be good!

    1. This is from Vin he is on Erie on Coast Guard duty:

      9:12 AM (59 minutes ago)

      to Redsky
      Out at the Harbor light , it is stacking up pretty Good. We are seeing 6 footers with a rogue 7 .

          1. Perfect 9 kite session. Nice Swell. Brad, Pete, Andy, Patrick, Jay, someone else, and I. We rode until sunset again.

          2. I don’t know how I’m going to take 2 more days getting beat up. Gonna have to tough it out, i’m feeling todays 3 hours of abuse! Don received a good finger cut also, we fixed it with stickers & ripstop material.

  11. On my 9 until sunset. Glad I went back out. Jay joined me for the final session. Saturday looks HUGE

    1. I’ll be kiting MB after 4:00 today. Thinking about sailing the big waves at Baypoint Friday early afternoon. Let me know if anyone wants to join the wave party.

  12. My ETA on Wednesday is 1:00pm.

    Went tonight expecting a solo session but found Patrick just finishing up on his 14. I talked him into staying and pumped my 13. It was great 13 M kite conditions with huge floaty jumps. There was already swell at 7pm.
    The next 6 days are going to be huge. I can hardly wait.

    1. Actually… I may move my PTO to tomorrow. Today’s forecast isn’t as good.
      Anyone else feeling “sick” today or tomorrow?

      1. I’m planning on hitting MB after lunch today. I most likely will not be able to get out Thursday till after work.

  13. “Only that now it was time and we had waited so long.” Almost prophetic, It looks like THIS is our fall wind, this might be the best we’ll see until next spring. Like the guy said, “And each morning, we knew this would be a special day.”

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