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Photos of the team, friends and family doing all things Red Sky loves to do.

    Big Sky Montana~ 1/7-1/11/16 Pt. 2 Go Pro screenshots

    More from Big Sky~ these where pulled from the Go Pro footy. A lot of \"out takes\" & bloopers plus some just sweet stuff. Mark, Don, Jill, Ruby, Grace, Abby & Billy. Ohio \'til we die!

    Big Sky Montana snowboarding 1/7/16~1/11/16 Pt. 1

    The Red Sky crew were lucky enough to join the Renuart clan on an epic 4 days of riding at Big Sky. We ran 7 deep which I believe qualifies as a mob. Here are some of the pics we shot. This was the best trip ever!(until the next trip)

    The Fall Swell, wind & waves 2015

    These are pics from the fall 2015 wind & wave season. Photo credit on (most) of the pics goes to Pete Hustwayte. Enjoy these NW Ohio locals ripping it up at Maumee Bay & Luna Pier.

    Summer 2015 kiteboard & windsurf action

    This are pics from the 2015 summer windsurf & kiteboard season that we just didn\'t have quite enough for there own gallery. Enjoy these super duper action shots by our local crew of rippers! If you have some pics send them in & I\'ll post them(& make you famous).

    PM summer score 7/31/15

    What was a marginal forecast turned out to be a pretty decent summer day of riding as evening approached, those who stayed/came late scored(Ryan, Pete, Andy & Brad) & those that left early(John & Mark), well they left too early! Photo credit to Pete Hustwayte & Ryan Owens(since Pete is in some of the pics!)

    Tuesday ride night~ Ryan is Flyin\' 7/14/15

    A Tuesday ride night that actually happened!!!! The forecast was just about spot on for a change-W winds wrapping to the NW & picking up in the late afternoon/early evening. A pretty strong showing of 7 riders(1 left before the real good stuff blew in), Judd, Ypsi Steve, Jay, Mark, Brad, Ryan & Pete got some rare NW summer laps in at Maumee Bay state park. Thanks to Pete Hustwayte for the pics.

    The biggest day ever~ 6/27/15

    It might not have been the biggest winds I\'ve ever sailed in & it most assuredly wasn\'t the biggest waves we\'ve ever been in but wind & waves combined it might have been the most challenging riding I\'ve ever been in....maybe. The pictures don\'t lie this was one brutal day of trying to survive at Maumee Bay state park! 6/27/15 Photos by Pete Hustwayte.

    Spring 2015 it\'s on!!!!! Bring on the wind.

    The first batch of pics is from Pete with Patrick(yes, Patrick) doing the stunt flying-from Luna Pier 4/19/15

    Celebration of Wes RailJam 12/7/14~ the set up before the mayhem

    Wesley Tymiak was 26 when he passed away while snowboarding at Mad River Mtn last March. He was always down to ride, he had great style & he was one of us. This rail jam was for him. Great turn out by the Tymiak family, Wes\' friends, girlfriend Katie, Nanook & his fellow riders. Special thanks to all that helped out & donated product, time & effort. Pete for the pics, the wise elder snowboarders for the build, the team riders for the snow hauling & all the companies that donated product: Rome, Volcom, Marhar, Capita, Neff, Ashbury, Interior Plain Project, Skullcandy & more. Also thanks to John & Frenchie for kicking it off.

    Wes\' session 12/7/14~pt. 1

    John & Frenchie fittingly started it off. John had the heavy task of dropping in 1st followed by Josh. Fun times & a great job by all.

    Wes\' session 12/7/14~pt. 2

    and more from the RailJam, thanks again to Pete Hustwayte for all the pics(we only paid him with hot dogs!) Nice job by all the riders.

    Wes\' turn 12/7/14~Pt. 3

    Because whats a RailJam without Wes? Wes & friends from some of the past sessions. Ride on Wes, you will by missed.....

    NW day at Maumee Bay 10/17/14

    Ryan(most of the water pics), Pete(taking the pics) & Luke toughed out a cold day that was supposed to be huge. Maumee Bay state park air temp 55, water temp 56.

    From the Archives: late 80\'s to early 2000\'s pt. 1

    Before kiting even existed there was windsurfing(before it was \'cancelled\'), sailboarding, boardsailing, pole dancing, whatever you want to call it. From the archives I present to you the history (as seen thru my eyes) of performance shortboarding. Mark, Don, Tom, Gary, Pete, Paul, Pat & others. Check out all the homemade boards, they are easy to identify! We had skills back in the day that most of people on Erie would still kill for....

    From the Archives: late 80\'s to early 2000\'s pt. 2

    Before kiting even existed there was windsurfing (before it was \'cancelled\'), sailboarding, boardsailing, pole dancing, whatever you want to call it. From the archives I present to you the history (as seen thru my eyes) of performance shortboarding. Mark, Dave, Don, Tom, Gary, Pete, Paul, Erik, Pat & others. Check out all the homemade boards, they are easy to identify! Good god I can\'t believe all the neon!!!!! I still ripped though!

    From the Archives: late 80\'s to early 2000\'s pt. 3

    Before kiting even existed there was windsurfing (before it was \'cancelled\'), sailboarding, boardsailing, pole dancing, whatever you want to call it. From the archives I present to you the history (as seen thru my eyes) of performance shortboarding. Mark, Dave, Don, Tom, Gary, Pete, Paul, Erik, Pat & others. Check out all the homemade boards, they are easy to identify! If you got through all 3 of the archive galleries you are a glutton for punishment. damn we were skinny!

    Sneaker Sesh 6/8/14

    Sunday 6/8/14 we got an unexpected wind day out of the north at Maumee Bay state park. It was all the sweeter because no one thought we\'d even have a chance to ride. Ryan, John, Andy, Pete, Ypsi Steve, Luke?, Chuck the traveler & myself. Photo credit to Pete & his fancy camera!

    OBX spring 2014~ Red Sky lays waste to the waters!

    An (almost) full crew consisting of Ryan O & L, Don & Cooley & myself swept into Hatteras for a quick blitz, we scored 25+knots at Secret Spot & then followed it up with a violent stormy day blowing 35+knots at Salvo. The only casualty was a Go Pro that was deposited in the bottom of the Pamlico sound & a minor sail tear. Ohio boys 7 vs.Cape Hatteras 2 = Ohio boys win!!!!

    Big(ish) Sunday 5/4/14 at Maumee Bay

    Maumee Bay on 5/4/14, WNW winds around 20-25 knots, almost sorta warmish(60 degree air temp). Ryan, John & myself are your performers, photo credit to Pete & his fancy new camera!

    Spring 2014 kiteboard & windsurf

    Live non stop high speed action photographs from the 2014 spring kiteboard, windsurf & SUP season. Yep, it looks like someone got a new camera, prepare for a lot of pics this season!

    Death or Glory~second day of season~4/13/14

    Ryan, John, Gary, Pete & yours truly cranking around on 5.5 sails & 9 kites. Warm & windy Sunday funday!

    2014 Opening day 4/10/14~ Kiteboard-Windsurf season

    And they\'re off!!!!! 2014 wind & water season has begun! We scored a very,very windy opening day session, wind was 35+ knots & the water temp was 45 degrees. A lot of fatigued smiles left the water & Captain High Pants dominated the session on his birthday! You would think that with all these pics we must have rode for hours, I\'m guessing all these pics were shot within 20 minutes of each other. Here\'s to many more........windy days that is!

    Colorado 2014, Breck & Vail

    Late season out west \"action\" from Breckenridge & Vail. The Breck pics are from the trip I punked out on with Don, the posed Vail pic is from the wife & her girls trip out west-obviously on a girls only trip they don\'t care about action shots!

    2013 season~ kiteboarding, windsurfing & summer pics

    My goal is to get a few pics from each & every session this season. With that said some of these pics won\'t touch the lofty standards that have been previously set! (and by that I mean pic quality- not the individuals fantastic performances) We\'ll see how long I can pull this off. If you have some pics forward them to me so I can drop them in the gallery.

    Ride Night 6/18/13 Pt. 1

    A ride night that actually blew!!!! Most of them blow! Ryan, John, Pete, Ivan, Chuck & newbie D, believe it or not the winds were pretty light.

    Ride Night 6/18/13 Pt. 2

    yep, I shot a bunch of pics, enjoy part 2 of Tuesday Ride Night

    Sorta Big Wednesday 6-5-13

    The fabled ENE thermal, it is more than just legend, ask Ryan & John who were at the right place(Maumee Bay) at the right time(thermal thirty). That day will be forever talked about in the wind community, a day of reckoning, a day of valor, a day of brotherhood. Blood was spilled, bonds grew stronger & courage was challenged. That day will forever be known as........Sorta Big Wednesday!

    All things Red Sky photo dump~ the lost pics

    Everything that has been in the computer & camera that somehow never got uploaded to a gallery. Some pics from the 2013 season, some from past seasons, all killer, no filler!

    Cape Hatteras spring 2012 ~vol. 1

    The annual Hatteras Red Sky trip turned out to be one of the better ones! 5/16 - 5/20 provided wind, waves & fun times for all. One of the few trips with no episodes & the only injuries were an ankle crank & a raw rear from some ripe jerky! Vol. 1 picks are off the old school still cam, ocean pics are from Kill Devil Hills & the sound pics are from Salvo, go pro & tripod pics are still to follow!

    St. Patricks Boyne-Crystal weekend 2012

    Red Sky St. Patricks day Boyne Mtn carnival & Crystal Mtn snowboard trip. We had excellent conditions at Boyne Mtn on Saturday, 78 degrees & fast snow (believe it or not) & followed it up with 79 degrees on \"Black Sunday\" at Crystal Mtn were Holly \"pointed it\" and got hill jacked ending up with a broken wrist. She was pretty tough about it, Mikey & myself rode for another hour before our conscious got the better of us!

    Rail Jam November 6th 2011

    The 1st Sunday (1st Sunday that we\'re open for the season that is) Rail Jam went down smoothly even though mother nature gave us 68 degree temps & bright sunny skies. 24 hot dogs were downed, WNWO came out and shot footy for our new commercial & prizes were given, if you weren\'t here you missed out. We even had Robert come up all the way from Columbus just to ride in the rail jam, now thats some dedication!

    Red Sky shop tour 2011-12

    For those of you who have never seen us in person in all our awesome glory, brace yourselves, I present to you the best snowboard & winter apparel shop on the face of the earth! Enjoy the virtual tour!

    The hunt for  Hurricane Irene

    8/28/11 Hurricane Irene was supposed to bring some decent wind & waves our way, but... Don: you\'re lucky you stayed at MB …. we had marginal wind here …. so went chasing wind….and ….. found some more marginal wind… bummer….. oh well From Ryan: Conneaut trip yesterday with Don chasing down Irene….should have stayed home. Did get a couple nice pics though. Sorry for the plumbers crack–Mark ya might want to blur that one! At Maumee Bay- we had marginal winds & toxic blue green algae everywhere.

    Cape Hatteras 2011 trip summary

    There are a lot of pics from the early May 2011 Cape Hatteras world tour. This first Hatteras gallery is a quick trip summary, mainly of the 1st day of riding. Don\'t ask about \"towely\" I would rather forget that part!

    Cape Hatteras 2011 album 1

    Early May 2011, day 2. Yep, I shot a ton of pics. Some good, some not so much, but here they are. Enjoy the Don & Ryan kiteboar experence!

    Cape Hatteras 2011 album 2

    More of the Hatteras 2011 trip day 2. On a side note Don tried the ol\' \"side pull\" move on us when we were sleeping, thank god I deleted those pics. Now go on & enjoy the Don & Ryan extreme thrill show!

    Cape Hatteras 2011 album 3

    More of day 2 Hatteras 2011! (I told you there were a lot of pics). The only pic not included is a rather risky one of Ryan throwing a \"shaka\" while doing leg lifts looking into a mirror......don\'t ask! The last of the Don & Ryan death defying stunt show of doom!

    Big Friday at Luna Pier 4/15/11

    These pics won\'t do justice to how big & bad this day was. Dudes were lost at sea, LPFD was in full search & rescue mode, peeps were scared & the crowd was big. Luna Pier had a 59.9 wind gust recorded on this day. Oh, and to top it off it was pretty cold! pics courtesy of B.R. Goda

    Parking Lot Lab 2011 season

    woo-hoo!!! The legendary Red Sky PLL in all its glory!!!!! The PLL, the maker of champions or the place where dreams are shattered! You decide!!!!

    Street sessions 2011

    A lot of snow in Toledo this season, more than usual made for a sweet urban scene. Here are some of the sessions. Here, there & everywhere........

    Octo-burrrr, yes its cold!

    I'll answer all your questions right now! Yes, its cold, no, its not too windy, yes, its hard, no, I'm not from Florida, yes, you do get waves on the lake and no, Dons not on a diet........any more?????

    Dog gallery

    this is a test to see if we\'re ready to do a mother load dump of pics....this is only a test

    Born to Kill

    Here is fall in all its glory, gales to nothing, waves, swells & flat water, a little of it all. Get out while you can we'll be losing our daylight soon enough......Pics are from the last two gales at Secret spot & Avon power plant

    We call it relaxing on a day off, you call 911

    Not a lot to say other than Ryan is tougher than you & me. When unhooked goes bad, 11 stitches on the beach, compliments of Don, and still finished up the session. He was going HUGE after the stitches, HUGE by Ryan standards not yours.....ahhh, thats going to be one nasty infection after going back in to that crap. Don said it was to the bone & was squirting as he was stitching.....the wound that is not Ryan ......(he squirted before) 8/20/2009

    Living large, 2010 resort riding

    Too cool to ride street? Well fancy pants resort guy, this gallery is for you! 2010 Ohio & Michigan (oh yeah, maybe some Vermont).......enjoy!

    Toledo local winter scene 2010

    Last winters dirty Toledo street scene, from the Highland Park Technine/Rome rail jam to the Red Sky Parking lot to the surrounding streets of T-town, here it is in all of its glory! Enjoy

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