Don’t crap your wetsuit~Fall gales are here!

So far, so sucky! Not a lot of exciting riding went down this fall…..SO FAR that is!!!! The sh!ts about to hit the fan!! All of you belly achers that were crying about no wind, well beware of what you wish for-because its coming! We’ll see how many step up to get owned by an angry Erie. I’ve been her bitch before, its not that fun-but it certainly is an experience! Step up son, ride with the big boys, don’t take gales lightly, they’ll kick your ass!

147 thoughts on “Don’t crap your wetsuit~Fall gales are here!”

  1. With rain forecast this weekend, tomorrow might be the last snowkite day on the ice here in Toledo….

  2. Somebody at work told me that they heard on the news that a kiteboarder got stuck out on the ice on lake Erie last Friday. Can Anybody confirm that?

  3. Nothing like a 130 to 6 session. Pete and I and plenty of wind. At times there was standing room only on shore 🙂 If I can walk tomorrow…..

  4. Shoot me a text. I hope to be there or at least on the ice as long as Les is buying the beer again 🙂

  5. Hey Ryan whats up. I’m going to be trying to get to Toledo this weekend for the ice boat regatta and to hang out, I’m working in Cleveland for a couple of weeks so I am working on getting a ride to Toledo. Hows the bay been these past couple of days? Mark I am also going to try to stop by the shop and see whats up, and I havent forgaten about that board bag money that I owe you 🙂

  6. Just got done with a session this morning. Rode Maumee bay off Point Place. Didn’t find any holes 🙂 Passed a few spots that looked sketchy. 13 kite powered in wet sticky snow. Rode until the wind went West.

  7. Just ventured out on the ice. Point Place seems to be solid with a good amount of snow cover. Lots of snowmobiles and 4-wheelers out. ZERO wind….
    ps Don’t eat (or eat it in) the yellow snow

  8. Ryan and I met at MBSP for 3 hours of 9-meter snowkite fun. I really needed that. Tomorrow/Monday I’ll be riding the flowrider, so enjoy any wind that this brings.

    Tuesday looks like a Mt. Holly day for me.

  9. I think we’ve been attacked?!?!?!?! Its on!!!! AHHHHHH, the smell of victory………Ryan, you got my back?

  10. Got to Sand Lake at around 3:00 and rode until 4:20-ish. The lake is solid with only one sketchy spot that I found. Of course, I found it the hard way. I was walking back after winding up my lines – with my fully inflated kite in my hand – fighting directly against the wind, and my foot went through at one of those spots that was weak under a pile of snow.

    The lake is about 70% covered with snow with bands of sheer ice between patches of snow. Unfortunately, the snow wasn’t adhering to the surface of the ice very well and even when I was in a snow patch, I didn’t have much an edge to hold.

    I’m thinking that another night may be the answer – will probably head to Sand Lake again tomorrow afternoon.

  11. thanks brad….. but was at peak and peek snow boarding…..windy as shit there also… no snow in the fields to do snow kiting…. Marblehead was prob the place to be..

  12. Don,
    Ice cleared out Sat. in Marblehead, wish I had internet there I would have told you to come over. I pussed out because I had no one to go with. There was good wind Sat. and ass kicking wind Sun.

  13. i planned a 3 day snow board trip to NY over the holiday’s……3 months ago

    and managed to time up 3 days of RAIN! damn i am good at this stuff!

  14. LP Today? I’ll go but I don’t want to ride alone. It would be nice to have someone there to tell everyone what went wrong when they pull my frozen body from the lake.

  15. Pete and I scored a short session at MBSP yesterday. Wind wasn’t ideal but I had to test fly my new Fuel 13. 😀 Bridle style relaunch on a 4-line C-kite….WOW–I’m gonna have to start crashing more??? Better depower than my 2006 13–but still a C—so if you’re scared of power stick to your bridles. If anybody has questions-or wants one ordered for X-mas let me know.

  16. Next time I’ll have to get Mark’s helmet cam. You had a couple of wave rides that looked like you were on your surfboard and a couple of off the lip backrolls in the danger zone. I think I got the lawnmower out

  17. great time, nice ridable swells, attack of the birds, ryan launching big!
    pics to come in a few days…

  18. 30-40mph winds, 8-10′ waves, snow, sleet, slush & 14 billion seagulls. Don, Cleveland Mark and I scored at the power plant. Don on his 6, Mark and I on 7’s. Round two tomorrow anyone?

  19. No vid yet, were having problems with the editing program. Will get soon, we had to order a replacement disc…. And it is the typical divide in half and add one for Karl’s condtion description….

  20. Karl told me “mast high.” Yeah Hatteras but just to show some scale of “mast high” and it was a washing machine inside for sure…..but outside—=)
    Link to the vid?

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