Don’t crap your wetsuit~Fall gales are here!

So far, so sucky! Not a lot of exciting riding went down this fall…..SO FAR that is!!!! The sh!ts about to hit the fan!! All of you belly achers that were crying about no wind, well beware of what you wish for-because its coming! We’ll see how many step up to get owned by an angry Erie. I’ve been her bitch before, its not that fun-but it certainly is an experience! Step up son, ride with the big boys, don’t take gales lightly, they’ll kick your ass!

147 thoughts on “Don’t crap your wetsuit~Fall gales are here!”

  1. 6 out of 8 days riding in DR. The wind was like clockwork. Everyday at noon it turned on. Great place, not looking forward to wetsuits and freezing my ass off again.

  2. Well………………………………………………………………its cold, but…………………..

  3. I’ve been to Cabarete, I loved it when it blew. If not, there is always plenty of El Presidente to drink.

  4. I’m pretty confident I could have been on my 9. Not quite sure how he was hanging on that 17! Warm, warm, warm :) I just wish gloves, boots and a hood weren’t necessities.

  5. You weren’t missing anything until about 20 minutes after Ryan posted that. Then, it picked up. I waited a bit and then pumped up my 17. I was absolutely LIT on it. Ryan was well powered on the 13 Fuel.

    Good day, overall.

  6. Looks good but I’m out, just got into work from kiddies 1st communion. And no damn it, I’m not catholic……

  7. Rode LP mid afternoon, 2:30, pretty good, I thought the swell would have been bigger……not too cold, Ryan held out longer than me…..

  8. powered on a 14m at LP. I thought it would be windier. Will try tomorrow at LP again if the rain stays away….Not as cold as I thought it would be

  9. Looks like another after-work session for me today. Any other takers at MBSP? I’ll be there around 5:30.

  10. Dueling 9’s in the washing machine that is MBSP!!! Short fun and cold. Pete and I were the only attendees.

    Mark– any news on my wetsuit? That leaky one is COLD

  11. Yea most everybody rides bows but some people mix it up a little bit. Grahm Ezzy is on the only bran new ezzy sail, I’m on a north, Mike is riding the old neil pryde sail with the chupacabra on it, and there is a bunch of others in the video as well. There were a lot of people out that day.

  12. You and the water will be gone by the time I get off work :(

    Karl who’s on what sails? I thought everybody rode bows there too?

    I saw a Fuel

  13. gusty + 9 meter kite + ssw + MWSP Pond + kiting alone fun.

    At least I got wet and I can count it as a session.

  14. Yes. I felt like a fly over a frozen drink. Not really. I didn’t hit any close to shore though. There is ice out deep:

    9 Fuel, 19 degrees and a nice session. Had to call it quits because my bar was slippery with ice…..
    It sucked trying to thaw my harness and boardshorts enough to get them off.

  15. The freezing mist made my decision. I ended up working late and finishing up our spring order before my weekend off. Maybe a quickie today or tomorrow if I get bored.

  16. I got in about 1.5 hours at MBSP today. It was really strange to be well powered on my 9 with the lake barely capping. Cold air really does have benefits.

  17. A correction on first in the water………Gary just reported that he has rode twice already in February——the first time was the 10th!!!!!!!!!!! Gary has the honors of first in(from our stomping grounds) this season. Sorry Ryan, you get an A for effort though…….

  18. Ooops sorry wrong Steve.

    I’m guessing Mamma Erie??? Maumee bay is barely 10-12 deep :)
    Cleveland (&East) on the other hand–nice big waves

  19. Whoops I mean rec.windsurfing: it was the high wind board tests thread, and Mammee Erie indeed it reads, intentional or not is what I was wondering, Salt water I wish.
    Ypsilanti Steve

  20. Didn’t make the news this time, but have plenty of witnesses…. ?????? Mammee Erie ???

    I think that Rhode Island salt water kills brain cells ;)

  21. Ryan any pictures?
    By the way, someone just posted something interestin on about small boards on Mammee Erie…, does anyone own up?

  22. 2 Hours on my 13 Fuel— just right. Dodged a couple of icebergs along the way to a perfect mid winter session!

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