Charlie don’t surf! (& neither do we with no wind)


Mark: You either surf or you fight.

Ryan: Are you crazy God damnit? Don’t you think its a little risky for some R&R?
Mark: If I say its safe to surf this beach Ryan, then its safe to surf this beach. I mean I’m not afraid to surf this place, I’ll surf this whole f…ing place!

Mark: Charlie don’t surf!

later that day……..

Pete: Your mission is to proceed up the Cuyahoga River in a Navy patrol boat. Pick up the Don’s path at Avon, follow it and learn what you can along the way. When you find the Don, infiltrate his team by whatever means available and terminate the Don’s command.
Ryan: Terminate the Don?
Vic: He’s out there operating without any decent restraint, totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct. And he is still in the field commanding douche bags.
Mark: Terminate with extreme prejudice.
Pete: You understand Ryan that this mission does not exist, nor will it ever exist.

285 thoughts on “Charlie don’t surf! (& neither do we with no wind)”

    1. If it starts early, looks like I’ll be a sacrificial lamb. Need to be heading home around 2 on Sat. Have the whole day off friday, so maybe I’ll get lucky friday.

  1. heading to Fla….. no wind in the forecast there…… should have some good sessions here… compliments of yours truely

      1. Thanks Don! You leave and it gets warm and windy. Got my first Point Place session of the year last night. 15 Rev, overpowered to not powered.

        1. Made it… warm and sunny….. the wind forecast is GREAT! …. 5-10 for the next 5 days!


  2. 1 1/2 hrs of 9m at the PPlant…… could not see….pellets of sleet…. felt like daggers in your eye’e…..

    3-5 ft swell was the good part….. 1/2 in of snow on the grround now….. gotta love Ohio…

      1. do you need my shark repeller? oh wait your not windsurfing…. your hanging at the retirement community party hall…..

        1. here is the extravagance I am staying at…….Kevin Youkilis- the Boston Red Sox 1st baseman is staying in the mansion next door during the duration of his spring training. There family is supposed to come over to Toms place for a night around his firepit……damn, I’m so outta place! How f ing funny is that!

          1. Did you have to flip a coin to find out who was “pitching” and “catching?” LOL

          2. he is a catcher holding a hot weiner…..hmmmmm…..very good observation Pete.

  3. Leaving for FLA tomorrow back Monday AM……hanging with the in-laws!!!!!! Don’t worry, no fun planned. I’ll start a new blog post when I get back……

    1. rode till my hands were not functioning……it didn’t take too long. LP had nothing when we swung through- ended up at Maumee Bay, put about 2 hrs in with Don, Ryan showed as I was whupped……sitting here at work STILL cold!

  4. quick 2 hr ses…. 12m… had to jump over an ice flow 1/2 way out….. on each tack….. landed on it once it was like hitting rock….ggg

    Monday looks like the day….

  5. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY, who’s going out on sunday and where cause the wind is looking pretty good…i’m back from some good times in charleston, sc and ready to go


  6. Dodging icebergs at the power plant… 12m then 9m…. no waves… the ice kept it flat…
    300 yd “hole in the ice to kite in…. Cleveland Mark, Chris first sess… as we were leaving
    then Luke and Joel were heading out. fun time

    1. WOW… cool I was looking at Thursday at the PPlant…. but it is fizzing out….do you guys have open water yet?

          1. Awesome!!!! I’m looking forward to getting out there too!!!!

            That being said, perhaps it is time for a new blog for kiting…

          2. “perhaps it is time for a new ……”

            KITE !!!

            ….from your favorite blog site..

  7. Does anybody know who was flying the old Takoon 9m in the Perrysburg Soccer fields yesterday?

    By the way just got back from 2 25knot sessions in the warm waters of Naples FL.

    1. Hey Pat

      That was Zack, he was the land boarder who posted comments during the summer. He said he had a great time out there. I go to school with him

      Mark A

  8. Big day at the bay. Don rolled from C-town in 4WD with a last minute call out. Mark A and Zack helped me keep C-kites the majority. Pete was a little late and non believing the slew of 7’s and 9’s in the air but added another 9 to the mix. Gary…I don’t know how you didn’t get cold! Thanks everyone for the great turnout!

    1. yes that was fun…great wind and snow…..sore!
      good turn out…. now I just have to try to stay awake
      at work all night….

      1. Yes it was a great and I am looking forward to the next session.

        It was also nice to be out there with so many other kites!

  9. Slightly underpowered on a 13 at Pburg soccer fields. Still fun, but the snow was pretty light

      1. I get done working at 1:00 tomorrow and will meet up with you guys if you have a decent place to ride. Give me a call 419-350-0089.

        1. I went out there to check out the conditions and there is plenty of ice but the snow on top is thin and patchy. I am going to try and find a spot with better snow conditions.

    1. I’m working until 5 and then might hit the ice near Cullen Park. Safe……something with grass under the snow? 😉

  10. Merry Christmas!

    Mark and Chris…… had an epic session this AM at bayshore….. 12M way over powered…. me….well I do

    have a family……ggg and did not want to end up in the “dog house”

  11. wow…… did that wind get by without anybody….trying….bummer….
    of course i had an excuse also……

  12. good PP day kiter mark and I …9m kite… nice swell…. gota love NP 6-4 psycho II wet suit…. i was sweating in it today! …. get yours from Mark / redsky today!

  13. Boobs was lots of fun today…Had decent wind until 1:30 when it started to trial off.

    Jon was good on his 11 while I was slightly overpowered on my 14

  14. Well, if it is south west, Jon and I were thinking about hitting up Boobs, but I will leave a message tomorrow morning before I leave

  15. When you say got some , what exactly are we refering too???? Because if its what I’m thinking its a big yes sir from me 😉

  16. Counted! 7m and waxed up surfboard a little overpowered switched up to lunacy for some aerial antics

  17. I would love to be in tomorrow but instead I got a great session in today at MB with jon

    We were perfect on an 11

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