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Bring the pain! The 2011-12 Snowboard season is finally here!







 BRING ON THE PAIN! What happened to the early season snow falls you said we’d have Mr. Weatherman? You kind of fibbed on that one didn’t you! Well this weekend (12/10) most everyone opens up for the long awaited snowboard season. We’ll have the parking lot set , AKA  The Parking Lot Lab, up firing as soon as we can. Until then go hit some of our fine local day areas like Mad River & Mt. Brighton, give them a little love because the both work the local scene pretty hard & don’t have that big corpo mentality like some (that we won’t mention).  Remember always to point it once in a while, don’t talk crazy sh!t, don’t hate, jump higher & support your local  snowboard shop.  Get it while you can!

59 thoughts on “Bring the pain! The 2011-12 Snowboard season is finally here!”

  1. Rumor is we’re having an “End of the Season” Rail Jam Saturday March 24th from noon to 6. 3-5 features, hot dogs & product toss. Check back for details!!! Oh yeah, its FREE!

    1. disregard that above rumor!!!! Its probably not going to happen, we’ll make the final call by Wednesday.

  2. we are heading up to Boyne Mtn. carnival/crazy days this Friday nite, we’ll be closed this Saturday(3/17) to take part in the mayhem on Saturday. Head on up & meet up with us, its a sight to behold if you’ve never been up for crazy days. We’re gonna hit Crystal Mtn. on the way home on Sunday, meet up with us & I might hook you up. We’ll be back open on Monday. Get out one last time while you can.

    1. Gonna be a good trip, the best part is I’m not going to miss any windy days on the lake while we’re gone!

  3. Old employee day here at the shop, Robert in from Columbus & Zach in from Colorado. Its like a family reunion!

  4. Blog follower special!!!!! Get a FREE Mt. Brighton ticket with any, ANY purchase. One per person, while they last…….the catch? They close this weekend! Hurry in- buy a Red Bull get a free lift ticket! You also have to mention you read it on the blog……FREE TICKET with any purchase!!!!!!

  5. Head up north, they are expecting 19+ inches over the next few days!!!!! We just got back from 2 days up north, Crystal on Wednesday had 3 inches of new snow & Boyne on Thursday scored about 5 inches new! Both were 100% open & looking good. Quit your bitching & go up & ride some pow!!!!!!

  6. heading up to Crystal Mtn tomorrow, then Thursday rolling to Boyne…….hoping for fresh snow, could be icey poo. We’ll soon see.

  7. Found a truck, got real desperate and am going to rob a pile of snow from homedepot parking lot, plan to get the redsky parking lot rail set up around 1 130

  8. psssst…….Capita Horrorscope is on sale for $219.95– that is $140 OFF the regular price of $359.95. We have a 151, 153 & 155 left. Rome Artifact is on sale for $225–that is $144.95 OFF the regular price of $369.95. We have a 153 rocker & a 147, 150 traditional camber left.

  9. Talked to frenchy and aaron around 10:30 this morning. they went to Mt Holly, but holly didnt open till 3. someone there told them to drive 10 more minutes to a indoor park and gave them the tele number. I guess they called and the owner told them is was closed because they were currently building a foam pit. They complained about drving up from toledo and everything being closed, so owner told them to come over and gave them free acess.

    they texted me some pics its a indoor carpet park. The pics i got show you can drop into your choice of boxes, or down flat rail then ride off to a 4or5ft quater pipe. Another was the drop in to kicker into the foam pit they were building.

    They said it was pretty legit and we are gonna plan something to go back when the snow is gone.

    Its called Misfit labs in Fenton Mi. off of 23

  10. Here is what I got to ride at snow sports demo: Burton~ Nug, Easy Livin, Mr. Nice Guy, Hate, Process, Super Hero, Whammy Bar. Capita~Outdoor Living, Defenders of Awesome, Horrorscope, Indoor survival. Lib Tech~Banana, Attack Banana, Box Scratcher, T. Rice. Gnu~ Riders Choice, Pickle, Metal Guru. DC~Mega, Tone, PBJ. Rome~Stash, Mod Rocker, Hammerhead, Cross Rocket, Butterknife. Stepchild~Jib stick, Powder sucks rocker, JP. Technine~ Camrock. Stuff that I didn’t ride that we sell a lot of (Artifact, Agent, Postermania, Stair Extreme, Carbon Credit, Custom) didn’t hardly change from this tear to next so I tride to focus on the new designs…..

  11. heading up to Boyne Mtn. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for industry demo/test/buying show. Should be fun, trying to ride as many of next years boards & bindings as I can…..

  12. The air bag is at Mad River today & tomorrow for all you Mikey wannbees………$5 for 2 hits I believe

  13. heading down to Mad River on the 60 degree day for a quick hit tomorrow, you know what that means in a day or two MR will be fantastic!

    1. bluebird MR day, 60+ degrees & great conditions, other than about 10 Amish skiers (full skirts & bonnets) we had the place to ourselves!

  14. leaving tomorrow for another up north circle tour, Caberfae Friday nite, Boyne Mt. Saturday & Crystal on Sunday……

  15. I’m heading down to mad river Friday morning, leaving at 7:30-8am and I’ll be back in Toledo by 3pm. I have room for 2

  16. Might be everyones last chance for parking lot snow for a while. I’m working here at the shop all day so come out and set something up.

  17. Parking Lot is alive, for the time being. If we avoid the rain on monday we should carry snow for a while. Stop out and get some drops, then head out to the streets!

  18. Is there enough of the rare white stuff in the pll to make something happen? Im thinking to bring my shovel up friday after 5pm

    1. there is only about a half inch right now. hopefully we get the big dump tomorrow nite like they’re saying we’ll get.

    2. I’ll be at the shop all day tomorrow, definitely riding in the parking lot, most likely riding street afterwards

    1. snowtrails was actually pretty sick! there big boy park got a facelift this year and is pretty solid. worth the extra 10 minute drive.

  19. I just got back from Mad River, pretty sketchy after 2 days of warm & rainy conditions. They should be solid once the cold & snow move in tonite! Shaping up for a good weekend.

  20. Looks like Logan and I are checking out snow trails on Saturday. If anyone wants to tag along let me know.

    1. Damn we were there, I didn’t see you. We’re heading back down Sunday morning. We’ll be there around 11am

  21. heading up North for a 3 day ride a thon, Caberfae tonite, Boyne Saturday & Crystal on Sunday, should be good & hopefully no crowds, Mad River should be good for all the rest of you this Sunday.

  22. Heading back down to mad river on Sunday, looks like it’ll be 35 and sunny. Yesterday the place looked great. Leaving from red sky at 9:39am. Red sky should still have discounted lift tickets if you need them. They are $33 and they’re $45 at mad river.

    1. I’m meeting up at the shop tomorrow morning at 9:30 and I’ll be on the road no later than 9:45. I still have plenty of room in my van so if anyone wants to come along just be at the shop tomorrow morning.

  23. I’ll be at mr all day. If anyone is down there come say what’s up and get in some park laps with me.

  24. I’m heading down to mad river on Friday, and I have room for 5 people, let me know if anyone wants to tag along…

    1. Just got back from MR, not a lot but its still better than nothing, watch out for the law down there, I’m $105 lighter……

  25. A couple more days of sketchy weather then we should be off & rolling! Mt. Holly, Brighton & AV have been open since last Friday. Mad River & Snowtrails are MAYBE looking at this Saturday- a BIG maybe that is! Crystal, Cab, The Boynes & Nubs all look pretty good right now. The PLL is down until further notice!

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