Tuesday ride nites 2009…they’re back!

What is ride nite you ask? Well, its a good excuse for us to close early on Tuesday and go ride for starters, the number one goal on ride nite is to hit water & ride. This is also a good time for anyone interested in kiteboarding or windsurfing to show up & see what its all about.

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SNOW!!!! Sweet, Sweet SNOW!!!!!

SNOW in November, do you know the last time you could ride Holly, Alpine or Brighton in November???? Neither do I! No complaining now, get your butt out & go riding!!!! Quit your crabbing about how sh!tty it is around here because there is no snow & how you hardly got to ride last year & how gas

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Don’t crap your wetsuit~Fall gales are here!

So far, so sucky! Not a lot of exciting riding went down this fall…..SO FAR that is!!!! The sh!ts about to hit the fan!! All of you belly achers that were crying about no wind, well beware of what you wish for-because its coming! We’ll see how many step up to get owned by an

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New stuff arriving daily!

That’s right, your favorite local shop bringing you the goods that you need! Fighting the good fight against the misled mainstream, garage shop wannabees (arghhhh!) and the pretenders of the wind world. We are you, we live to ride & ride to live. No one, NO ONE, rides more than we do! And always remember,

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Ride with us on Tuesday nites!!!!

Every Tuesday nite this summer is ride nite! Come ride with us! If you wondering about the windsurf & kiteboard scene come on out & check it out for yourself. See 1st hand what its all about. Its not a demo, its not a free lesson, we’re inviting you to come out & ride. We’ll

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Lake Erie kiteboarding & windsurfing summer 08

With much anticipation we embark on the 2008 Lake Erie wind season. What will this season have in store for us? Glorious moments of victory, disappointing days that never arrived, humbling days where we were owned or, gasp, more days when one of the crew needs rescued. Will the man deny us from our sacred

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