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2018 spring wind & water~Uncle Red Sky wants you!

The beaches have become battlefields & the waves are a war zone! As we move into the spring & summer wind & water season the surf nazi epidemic has become a real concern. You all have run into or had the misfortune to meet a SN at the beach even if you didn’t know it

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He ain’t no hodad Squidlips! The fall winds 2015, where & when.

“…In the old days, I remember a wind that would blow through the canyons. It was a hot wind called a Santana and it carried the smell of warm places. It blew the strongest before dawn across the Point. We would sleep in our cars and the smell of the wind would wake us. And each morning, we knew this would be a special day. The

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Mike Chamberlin~a pioneer passes in wind world

  When I started getting into windsurfing waaay back when I didn’t see myself racing or putzing along(we call it schlogging now) as all the other windsurfers were doing, I saw myself terrorizing the water ways, riding waves & jumping everything in sight, there were not a lot of guys close to doing what I

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KITEBOARDING & WINDSURFING new & used gear sale~ 2015

Are you looking to get into kiteboarding or windsurfing but the high price of new gear is beating your dream down? Now is your chance, we take in consignment kiteboard & windsurf gear from our local riders, most of the gear is in fantastic shape with a lot of life left, some of it, well,

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Ride Night 2014!!!! Its on!!!!!!

Come and ride with us. Tuesdays we meet up & go kiteboarding & windsurfing (weather & wind permitting). The goal is to go riding & have fun, bring your gear & come riding with us, got questions or just want to watch, come on out! We’ll post here where we’ll be, what its looking like & the most important thing, ‘IF’

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