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Ask the Bros!!!!!


Don't judge a book by its cover. Oh, OK, judge away they are wearing matching pink hoodies after all.

Here is your chance to ask a real live Bro any question you want!!!! Mikey & Logan, Bros with a silent “P” by any definition. Specialists in sliding sideways on snow, you can tell there commitment  to the snow world by there lack of coin in their pocket & the smiles on their faces. Only a true snowboarder can smile at the thought of riding a ton & being poor! The other way to tell they are true to the cause is by their matching “berry” hoodies! Ask away, go ahead! Got a question on building a feature, setting up for that 360, pressing, huckin, hogging (Logans specialty), set up, urban, where to ride, how to ride, life, whatever it is they’ll have an answer- granted it may be wrong but an answer none the less! What are you waiting for, lets hear those questions!

32 thoughts on “Ask the Bros!!!!!”

    1. UT is always a spot with tons to do. Campus police don’t ever care and it has hills and stairs for drops so you don’t always need a bungee or drop in.

      Other than that there is some cool stuff downtown and a bunch of downrails throughout the city.

  1. this is a small compilation of last winter, you guys should have checked out the quarter pipe i built!

  2. hey guys im out for the season…got a bad concussion the other day and cant do any “contact sports” for the next 3 months. still got alot of snow in my backyard though

  3. hey you guys should deffinately stop by tommarow i got a nice setup in my backyard
    i just got done building a 7ft tall quarter pipe

  4. dear logan, i heard you used to be edge but now frequent Captains Quarters in order to catch….. a buzz. I was just wondering if you are currently subscribing to any labels other than ofcourse: hogger/catcher dependant upon who is pitching. hahha. check the site for new photos— http://www.shredskinny.blogspot.com

    PS mikey- call me when you two come for your turn and burn in march

    1. For what I know they ride relatively stiff boards, but when you are watching them on TV they are going so fast taking turns quickly which cranks the torsional flex of the board super hard and they appear to flex a ton.

    1. I’m stuck working until four then a bunch of us are heading down to mad river for the sunday night session.

  5. Eliot from FLo RiDa

    I just want to give a shot out to my bestest buddy in the whole wide world Mark! haha and mikey of course! Miss ya guys! Hope to see a guys soon! Holla from FL!


  6. what is this think you call…. “hogging (Logans specialty)”…… my english not that good, I think I might be good at this, how you say “hogging” because I can do lots on my board, but never tried hogging. thanks

    1. 1. hogging
      A competition, usually between a group of men that involves going to a bar/frat/house party. Participants go with the direct intention of hooking up with the fattest girl at the party. The guy who bags the fattest girl wins.

      “I went Hogging out at Rusty’s Last Chance last weekend with Jim and Earl. I bagged a 250 pounder and “won”.

  7. Looks like we’re getting a couple inches of snow this weekend. If it adds up we’re looking to throw together another rail jam. Keep checking the site for updates!

    1. Hey Mikey, if we get snow we will be snowboarding at St. John’s after school Tuesday. Call my cell 419-360-5279 if you can make it. Our Mad River trip is Thursday the 11th.

      1. Hey buddy, i’d love to come out but i’m stuck at the shop all week. I work open till close sunday through thursday. We’re trying to plan another railjam soon though, i’ll let you know when we get it figured out.

  8. Dear bro’s(in your cute matching berry hoodies) where are all of the photos and footage from the rail jam?

    1. footage still on tapes somewhere. haha

      photos are on the shop computer just waiting for the gallery.

      soon my friend, soon.

  9. Nowhere too close (within an hour anyways). Within 2 hrs is Mad River down near Bellefontaine, OH. Yes go south for snow. Great area for all levels. Bunny hills with magic carpets to the best park in the midwest.

    If you don’t feel like making the drive pray to the snow gods for a dump in Toledo then go hit a rail.


  10. Looking for your take on the best local area to ride & progress at……hopefully within a hour or so.

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