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Alvederzane 2011 wind season, I won’t miss you!

What a crappy wind season, it showed so much promise early on & totally let us down in early fall. By late February or early March I’ll have totally forgotten how to ride or jump a wave! A few good days few & far in between don’t make up for the epic disappointment that we’ve suffered this year. In theory we still have a few more opportunities to ride before the bottom on the thermometer drops out so my gift to you is the last one “confirmed” in our end of Erie gets a Red Sky gift pack from the best shop in the world…….Red Sky. Once again it has to have a witness & one of  our local riders, not your friend Vinnie up in Lake St. Clair. Basically, if you’re on the blog, you’re in the contest.

128 thoughts on “Alvederzane 2011 wind season, I won’t miss you!”

  1. Slingshot 2011 and prior just went mega closeout. Email me for whats left & prices. E.G.-2011 Slingshot Fuel 13 $799.95, 2010 Slingshot Octane 7 $499.95, 2011 Coupe 6′ 0″ twin fin surfboard $399.95. They won’t last long, hit me up & I’ll shoot you the complete list. info@redskytoleod.com

    1. Hey (insert your name here), they have Fuel 7s from 2010 ($549.95) & 2011($599.95), just saying……..

  2. Hey Red Sky…
    We’re still saying goodbye to last wind season on the blog. Looks like a new season is upon us! Time to switch things up a bit!

      1. It means farewell or good bye; literally translated, it means “until we see (each other) again.”

      2. I thought the first big wave day was the day the blog changes and Mark’s mutton chops get hacked. On a related note- I will be unable to attend today.

  3. round 3 today, I’m hoping to be at MB around 1 or 1:30. Ryan L should be the first there around noon, Ryan O probably around 1ish also.

      1. 1st shift is done, Ryan O & L, John, myself & doobie? Ryan B showed as most of the early shift was leaving, pretty lit up not as much as yesterday & a little more “holey”. No carnage today!!!! Not even when John put up that 14 for the first sesh.

      2. The gusts were great but the lulls were painful.
        Every time I was in shore it would tease me to send me out again.
        Not as good as yesterday, but better than nothing.

          1. this is what I got: stongèr wind estèrdai t″an todai. vhèrè IP Victor? Which I think means-better wind yesterday than today, where the hell is Vic!

          2. I’m pretty sure “вхэрэ ис виктор?” means “who want backrub?”

        1. “special wetsuits?” I hope you claimed “sailboarder” or “swamper” if you forgot the board shorts. OR—came up with funny aliases because you forgot them. #COVERYOURJUNK

          yup that’s a hash tag on Red Sky’s blog

  4. it looks like a “can’t miss” day….. that is, if your ideal day involves gusts past 40 & cold ass temps then, yep, today is that day. This might be as big as MB gets (at least wave wise) for the year!

      1. not quite the day of infamy I was hoping for but it was still pretty good earlier. A little carnage and some decent hits….fun for all!

        1. Here’s what was on the camera (as it uploads to youtube)
          1: Me showing how NOT to do a backroll kiteloop
          2: Patrick’s board crunching jump
          3. Mark actually powered up after I got there
          4. Don showing us how it’s done (except for that method)
          5 John’s kite before it’s demise.

          I’ll post the youtube links ASAP

          1. nah that wasn’t me. I seem to remember being at least 15 ft higher than that jump…maybe even 20 with a loop

  5. kinda cold today, 9 kite/5.5 sail little chop, just a prelude to tomorrows “day of death”! Ryan O, Pete, John, Luke(?) & myself. Kinda shocked more weren’t there……they all must be saving it for Big Monday.

      1. I do believe around 2. Timely it up with Don. I figure I won’t be able to hold all that long in the cold.

  6. Monday & Tuesday are looking like they could be an epic(for our end) NW wave day at MB. Sailflow is showing huge winds Monday! Rest up, I think its coming!

    1. LP with a northern pull, waaaay lit on a 4.1, Don lit on his 6 & also a 4.2, John lit on a 7 that I poked 2 holes in….sorry about that! Very very very sketchy indeed.

    2. Epic 2.5 hours at my Catawba super secret spot on the the 4.5. Water wasn’t 82 degrees like I was use to the last 2 weeks in Grand Cayman.

      1. John, Dewey, DD (late arrival) and someone else I don’t know (also late arrival) were at Boobies today. It started light with my 13 and the new Glide. Then, it picked up and I switched to the Mayhem. When it dropped off, I came back in and switched back to the Glide. It really picked up around 4:15 and we stayed lit until 6 when I left.

        Good session. It is so much easier to switch boards than to switch kites. I think those two boards were great purchases.

        The Mayhem is stiffer than the SX and has a LOT more pop. I like it a lot. The only “trouble” I had was switching from heel-side to toe-side but after a couple tries, I got used to those 2″ fins and was able to flip it around no problem.

      2. Judd & I at MB. Really strong in the channel getting worked on 6.5.
        Both rigged down to 5.5 just in time to kill the wind.
        I am heading out at noon today.

  7. hard to get excited about riding today, hoping the wind shifts NW and picks up, I don’t want to freeze my ass off for marginal conditions

        1. Johns report from MB: ” Out at MB Took one pull on the 14m and Said fuck it very light with a little south from gust to gust and cold as hell”

  8. I think its just starting to pick up, I should be at MB around 3-3:30…..IF its built by then……

    1. todays roudup, John on a 9, Ypsi Steve jumped thru his 4.5 sail then went to 4.1?, me took 5.5 out & got hammered-went down to 4.5, Ryan O 7 kite, Trailer guy unknown size sail but still too much, Pete- late!

      1. Hey I didn’t jump through the sail, I was thrown! it was a sort of bullet pass by Poseidon, he didn’t read the wind forecast was only for 18-22. I agree with Ryan, we hit 40 out there. One sail and one spreader bar. Gone. Worth it though.

        ypsi steve

      1. Ryan O, Pete, Ryan B, John, myself & Ypsi Steve(showing uo when we were just about done), kites lit up 9, sails lit up 5.5. Kinda cold but fun, today should be more of the same.

  9. it looks like we’re gonna have 3 days of decent wind starting Sunday, a cold WNW, that will seperate the men from the boys. Should be building, Tuesday might be the swell day.

  10. John report from MB, the new Slingshot RPM 14 is a keeper. Granted him a nice(but cold) session that might not have been possible for some kites today.

  11. I gotta admit, I’m having a real hard time trying to motivate to ride in 41 degrees & rain……but those LP waves are so tasty (watch out for the locals, rumor is they’re a quite unfriendly bunch).

  12. Here is yesterdays recap from an unbiased observer in the order of how they went in the water: Pete-$650 lighter, John- lit up but toughed it out, Gary- a valiant effort in overpowering conditions, Ryan O-king of Erie, Mark- one handsome SOB, Judd- WTF, Ryan B- should have rigged smaller eg. those over the front outside jibes, Patrick & Brad-should have been there earlier.

  13. Mentor…..7m ….huge air!…….you should of come this way!

    did i say 7m? i meant 14m….. did i say huge air….. i meant mowing the lawn….. did i say you should of come this way? i should of gone your way….

    man that sucked…..Hans telling me the buoys were showing 28kts….lol yea right…
    wind bigger here in avon

    1. MAYHEM on our end!!! I was on 4.5 and waaaaay overpowered, Ryan on a 7 and lit…….at least no one died!

  14. BIG WEDNESDAY!!!! (all right, maybe not all that big) Tomorrow looks to be sorta warm & pretty windy, I hope to get to MB around 1 or 2ish.

          1. Sailflow shows it rolling WNW in the afternoon, still hoping for 2ish ETA, I’d much rather ride a little side on the side off!

  15. it looks like I’m not going to miss any wind while we’re up at Boyne snowboarding!!! Who would have thought snowboarding would be the better option on this 75 degree weekend!

  16. I asked the UT Lake Erie Center folks on FB about the lack of ice this year and the algae bloom we might expect. Here’s the reply…

    From Dr. Tom Bridgeman: Our current understanding of what drives summer algal blooms is that nutrient inputs from the watershed (phosphorus and nitrogen) and water temperature are the most important factors. A lack of ice cover over the winter may allow more time for wave action to scour algal mats off of the bottom in some parts of the lake, but ice probably has little direct effect on the harmful algal blooms that we typically see in mid-summer. However, the lack of ice this year may be part of a larger trend. Studies show that Lake Erie (and hundreds of other lakes in the USA and Europe) have been gradually growing warmer over recent decades. Because harmful algal species tend to grow best in warm water, this trend may result in an algal growing season that starts earlier in the year and lasts longer into the fall. Lack of ice can have other indirect effects as well. For example, without ice cover, water evaporates from the great lakes at a much greater rate during the winter, which may lead to lower lake levels in the summer, contributing to faster heating of the lake, increased light penetration to grow bottom algae, and other effects.

    So… more islands of stink again this year by the sounds of it.

  17. Solo 2 hour session at MBSP. Nice WNW swell and 9 kite. Would have been perfect except I had to run back home for my harness.

  18. Karl sighting this morn, he dropped in before he was flying back to Reno, also a Tom C sighting, gonna get back in the water (maybe)…..& from snow world we had Robert -in from Columbus & Zach-in from Colorado stop in today

    1. Gusty. Full of holes. Shifting direction. Cold water. Blown off the lake on my 9. Best day of the year so far.

    2. Took the Ski out of storage early….. sandbar run… the ski spray going out there gave me “ice cream” headaches….lol

      great day could barely hold down my 7m….

      “elevator” jumps….. you know when you do a small jump then the gust takes you up another 10ft..

      glad you toledo guys got some….

    3. How long have I been sailing? you would think I would know by now that Maumee Bay is terrible on a south. Heading east next time for sure.

        1. Brad–I’m guessing you went to Maumee Bay SP because Bannister always hits there first. On the other hand you might have just wanted to avoid a bunch of kite boobs

  19. got a ses at mentor…….blown off the water on my 7….. survival mode… Mark on his 4m
    Chris lofted on the beach on his 7 ..I was trying to hold him down….I was like a fat man anchor!
    he bailed and would not go out….
    on the water for about a hour….big swell … some snow flakes…. glad to have survived…

  20. Anyone getting out Wed afternoon? Let me know when and where. 60 and windy!!!! and rain of course. I can get out around 3:30.

    1. we’re going out tomorrow, heading North- Crystal Mtn, then Boyne on Thursday! It will be the frozen granular type of water though……

    1. on the east side (ers), yes, you must wear gloves. Rear ends are way dirtier than our toxic lake waters for sure. Scientific fact! I just thought of this……my god, what if thats not a GLOVE!!!!!

  21. Here’s some GoPro video from my fall Bay Point sailing. Should have gotten more but the camera got bumped down and recorded 40 min of the top of my helmet. Dammit


    If the link doesn’t work search “Windsurfing marblehead ohio”

    do we have a first in the water yet? I don’t think the lake will freeze this year.

  22. Don is the leader in the clubhouse with time expiring………Xmas day ride, the whack ass santa hat was all the proof I needed!

      1. wow! thanks…… i am sure that was hard to say…but you will have plenty of oportunity for more in the future…..

  23. merry christmas!
    3 of us got out a mentor….12m…then as the day went on we got hammered..to tired and cold to down size…
    water temp still pretty good….41

    1. Just checked out the lake. Definitely worth getting a little rained on. Stuck at work at this broken plant.

    2. another dawn patrol…. at Edge..12m and 5 kiters… windy, rainy, cold…..gotta love it….

      i managed to blow out a panel on my 12m with a “water impact” bummer…

  24. did a dawn patrol….7:30… 2hrs over powered 12m…..4 kiters at edgewater …… nice swell….

    got there still dark…beat the surfers out!

    happy thanksgiving

        1. 5 kites on the water at B(.)(.)Bies. John and I were the only RedSky regulars. I stayed out one reach longer than John. Off the water at 3:30.

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