2018 spring wind & water~Uncle Red Sky wants you!

The beaches have become battlefields & the waves are a war zone! As we move into the spring & summer wind & water season the surf nazi epidemic has become a real concern. You all have run into or had the misfortune to meet a SN at the beach even if you didn’t know it at the time. So hardcore with misguided views, moves he’s only read about & attitudes formed without basis, he always has to tell you how much better it was right before you arrived. He’ll go on and on about all the sweet moves he did that no one has ever witnessed. Sometimes he is disguised as an out of towner who knows more about the local spot than the locals, other times he’s the rider who hasn’t partook in many years but still thinks he has everyone covered on the water. Whatever form the surf nazi takes it is up to each & everyone one of you to help combat him. Remember, we need you!(Out on the water!)

56 thoughts on “2018 spring wind & water~Uncle Red Sky wants you!”

  1. Today & Sunday it blows, blows hard. Big boy pants are a must. You will get rained on but it will(might-depending on the rider)be worth it.

  2. My ETA today is 3p. Mark… I think you missed the best of it yesterday. Don’t make that mistake again!

    1. My ETA is 9:30, I’m going with the diminishing returns forecast. We’ll see which one holds true.;)

      1. Stoked up 5.5 sail from 9:45 to 11, after that it started cutting, gave up around 11:45, Ypsi Steve was schlogging on a 6.5 sail & Chuck the traveler was putting up a 9.5 sail when I left.

          1. That isn’t my party & the party thrower was traveling as of yesterday…..

          2. CISP is no longer a “secret spot” It is avoided by most. I might be game depending on the timing and the rain. I work until 11

  3. Maybe, just maybe we might have a Luna Pier baby swell day…….maybe that is, if it happens it looks like later this afternoon/evening

  4. A kiteboarder died on the eastern end of Lake Erie yesterday. It appears that he was out in 20mph side-shore winds (may have been ever so slightly side-off depending on his launch spot). No word on if he had a medical emergency or if it was an equipment failure or what.

    Odd that they said two jet skis tried to reach him but couldn’t.


    “The wind played a major role in this accident…”

    1. That is sad, Remember everyone to keep an eye out for other riders that may need help. We’re a tight small bunch, help out to keep everyone safe. Without John(aka the Diesel) riding much anymore we lost our CG security blanket.

  5. Ryan & Jay gonna give MBSP a try, nothing to report other than should be enough for 12 kite & surfboard. Their eta should be around 4ish. Happy hunting

    1. At best I’m early afternoon, more likely late afternoon. Waiting for a little swell build up if it keeps blowing….Ryan out, unsure about Jay, Andy & the rest

      1. Can I bring my consignment stuff and hand it off to you at the beach? Or, would you rather have me bring it in?

        1. either way, the only thing “official” I need is an email with the prices & knowing that you agree to our consignment %

      2. Noah said 2:30-3p for him. Jennifer is out. I’m thinking 4:30 for me. Though, I may roll out earlier and work from the beach.

          1. Well hell, report in later IF you can, I’m not down for a drive for marginal

  6. Looking like Luna Pier may come alive with some waves & wind thursday(tomorrow) & maybe early Fri…….

  7. Looking like a repeat of Sunday, hoping to hit Luna Pier in the late afternoon…….I believe there is a early AM raiding party heading to Maumee Bay

    1. Brad and I scored at MB yesterday. Will miss the morning session, but may hit an afterwork sesh. I’m 50/50 but Brad I think is planning on hitting.

      1. forecast is all over the place……..maybe/hopefully around noon, maybe later-depends which forecast you’re looking at

          1. Well, that took a sudden turn for the worse! Maybe late this evening after the storms pass? Looks like the LP wave jam is cancelled.

    1. 5 kiters & 2 windsurfers out today at Maumee Bay, Big stuff gave way to moderate stuff. Ryan, Andy, Jay, Jennifer, Foreign kiter, myself & Nils from Columbus. The lake gods took a board today & I witnessed a kite death loop, all in all I gotta say today was a good day.

  8. Looking for a quick afternoon hit, either LP or MB, debating if water is so high LP beach would be under water……LP better swell, MB won’t be flooded……..hmmmm

        1. count me in…Sterling would be fun but I don’t want to end up tangled in those tree roots

          ypsi steve

    1. We were blown off the water at 2 when the wind microburst rolled through. 4.5 sails(waaay too big) & 6m kites(kinda big!

      1. 11m right now, launched itself basically, brought her down and waiting for a little downgrade. Still gusting nasty, safe bet is to wait since I’m solo.

  9. Jay & myself hit the water today. Warm WSW winds blowing from 20 to 30+, typical all or nothing winds. 8 kite for Jay, 4.5 sail for me. Did I mention it was warm!

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