Wind, water & waves summer of 2017 kiteboard & windsurf~where, what, how was it.

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Time to ride! No excuses, Erie is slowly but surely warming up, the water is running high, the winds are starting to blow with some regularity & Maumee Bay is as brown as ever-so WTH are you waiting for? Maumee Bay SP, Luna Pier, CI, Boobies, Avon PP, Pats, the sandbar, Findlay reservoir or wherever you choose to rig, get out there and ride- kiteboard, windsurf or SUP doesn’t matter just do it. Tell us were you’re going, what was going down & how it was. We’ll see you out on the water.


60 Responses to “Wind, water & waves summer of 2017 kiteboard & windsurf~where, what, how was it.”
  1. Pete says:

    My parents are freaking out about the weather in KY/TN and asked me to delay my departure until tomorrow. As such, I’ll be playing at MBSP most of the day.

    Join me!

  2. Red Sky says:

    Thursday looking like a definite maybe at Maumee Bay, Friday looking like a can’t miss, the only question is Luna Pier or Maumee Bay?

    • Ryan says:

      I’m stuck to after work sessions so it will be MBSP for me….probably solo 🙁

      • jay says:

        Just double checked to make sure my trunk was still loaded up. Anyone contemplating an early shift?

      • Pete says:

        I’ll be late-shift at MBSP – probably 4:30ish.
        Tomorrow, you’re getting a sure thing because I’ll be driving to Fla where there is zero wind in the forecast. Enjoy the sacrifice.

  3. Mark says:

    THURSDAY!!!! Thursday???? maybe, NE & Harvey may be making it’s way N

  4. Mark says:

    Maumee Bay later today???? I’m rolling at 3:30 IF it’s blowing or looking promising

  5. Red Sky says:

    Ryan is heading out to MBSP, no report on the algae or the wind yet. His ETA is around 4

  6. Red Sky says:

    Here is a link so you can monitor the toxic algae bloom

    Here is the Maumee Bay(& Lake Erie beaches) e coli alert site

  7. Mark says:

    Looks like a hunt deep day at Maumee Bay SP. None but the brave dare venture out a half mile to get a clean breeze at the wind line. I believe Ryan is heading out early, I would bet the Traveler & Ypsi Steve will be there also. My ETA is around 4:30/5 ish.

  8. Pete says:

    Welcome to summer. Feh.

    • Pete says:

      At MBSP. Working from the beach today. Looks like 13m and twin tip. Pumping.

      • Pete says:

        Well, that was good for a few reaches before it shut off. Camping out here for the day. Will update as required.

        • Red Sky says:

          I am on stand by!

          • Pete says:

            Judd? (little blue Toyota) going out on 9.5 and big board. I’m getting lots of work done.

          • Pete says:

            I just scored 6 more reaches including 2 OK jumps and a backroll or 2. It comes up and then drops back off pretty quick. It’s nice to be all rigged and ready. I just have to change into board shorts (too cold to sit around in them) and go.

  9. Mark says:

    Maybe when the storms close in, MB may fire?????

    • Red Sky says:

      I bit last night around 6 pm with Ryan, light but hit the water anyways with mixed results.

  10. Mark says:

    I think I should have bit on a dawn patrol this AM!

  11. Mark says:

    I thought about heading out to MB to battle the 4th crowd, seemed maybe windy but then decided mega marginal wasn’t worth it

  12. Mark says:

    it seems a bit gusty right now, bad direction though~ SSW~ so there you go, you can’t have it all

  13. Ryan says:

    another West forecast. Fingers crossed. I work until 3

  14. Red Sky says:

    Looking like another classic west MB day this afternoon…….come on give it a try what do you have to lose?

  15. Red Sky says:

    Ryan & myself have a little training kite demo at Maumee Bay SP this morn then HOPEFULLY the wind fills in later & we can ride, we’ll see. Sunday also looks like a classic MB west wind day!

  16. Red Sky says:

    anyone thinking of an afternoon MB hit? Looking like a definite maybe on the W wind.

    • Andy says:

      Debating on hitting MB later, sensors aren’t showing much. Won’t be till 5 though

      • Red Sky says:

        hung out for around an hour, Traveler was on a 9.5 sail, Amokaman on a 7.5 slogging, Ypsi going out on a 8.5 sail, side off WSW. I opted for a car ride home

  17. Mark says:

    Ryan, Gary, Pete & myself enjoyed a warm (and NO wet suit day) today started on smallish stuff & ended on bigger stuff! Sunday funday!

  18. Mark says:

    Maumee Bay ETA today is around 2:30, I hope it delivers!

    • Mark says:

      Ypsi Steve, Jay, Ryan & myself could have used more but the N wave day made up for the lack of epic wind. Fun for all with just a little mayhem.

      • jay says:

        Does anyone have any recommendations for a trip to Belize in july? Thats where the wife wants to head off to after we ditch the kids at camp.

    • Mike says:

      South of Cleveland but get to Maumee SP area sometimes. Where do you launch there away from people?

      • Mark says:

        The weekends are tough if you get there in the afternoon. There are supposed to be personal watercraft beaches but people are always swimming in them. Counting Lake Erie beaches( from L-R or W-E the rocks separate the beaches) beach 2 & the beach 6 are the beaches that are for personal watercraft.

  19. Mark says:

    Tuesday is looking BIG. Due N, looks to be a decent Maumee Bay wave day. I’m off all day………AL DAY!!!! I’m riding as long as I can. Any takers??????

  20. Mark says:

    Ryan, Paul S & myself WILL be at Luna Pier around noon! Ryan reported the swell is starting to stack up. Bring dollars & quarters for the parking meter!

    • Mark says:

      a classic Luna Pier wave day!!!! Ryan & myself had it all to ourselves, Paul & the 2 surfers were kind enough to stay in the shore crunch & get worked. Why some people tend to ride only in the shore gnarl is beyond me but to each his own.

  21. Mark says:

    Luna Pier saturday???? Looking like a classic wave day.

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