The Winter Swell Soul Riders~none but the brave 2016-17

When the winds start to blow at gale force out of the SW you know the winter wind season has arrived. The water will be uncrowded & the beaches will be barren. You will be very cold, your hands will go numb followed soon by your feet & you will love it. The winter swell is for the soul rider, the rider who will go out despite all these negatives to get his fix in. Here’s to all of us, be careful out there. Ride on!

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47 Responses to “The Winter Swell Soul Riders~none but the brave 2016-17”
  1. Mark says:

    Just got back from NLP, everything you own & more. 5.5 sail down to 4.5 sail, sometimes blasted, other tomes slogging. No joke it was blowing 10-35~ sometimes on the same reach.

  2. Red Sky says:

    Ryan, myself & Don are heading to OBX soooooooo enjoy the wind we are leaving you with! We’re back on Monday, just in time for some sweet spring winds.

    • Red Sky says:

      and we’re back from Hatteras(or the OBX if you prefer). It could have been better but it also could have been much worse. Regardless of the wind it’s always a fun time road tripping with Don & Ryan. No injuries, no broken gear other than a Go Pro gimbal given up to the ocean gods. The drone even survived!

      • jay says:

        Met up with Peter at bb. Got a run in on the 8. It picked up to 30/35. Had a 6 in the truck. Made the rookie mistake of putting the 8 away before inflating the 6. Wind came down immediately. Good time had by all.

    • Brad says:

      Anyone for dawn patrol Saturday morning at MB?

  3. Red Sky says:

    Ryan is heading out to MB now, I’m waiting for an update. I’m thinking around 1ish IF it is worth it.

    • Mark says:

      I got to MB to find Pete on a 13 kite & the AA/Ypsi windsurf contingent on 6.5 sails. Rigged up a 6.5 & was under powered to over powered all session. I do believe Pete may have given up his drone to the lake gods.

      • Pete says:

        She was about 1/2 mile out and parallel to the marina when the wind took her. I couldn’t get it back to shore.
        I had some awesome footage on there, too. Feh.

        I’m going to see if the Visa Purchase Protection plan will cover it. X your fingers!

        • steve says:

          I went under on a ‘drop-tack’ and came up to this buzzing sound overhead and the eye on me. But I did not shoot it down .
          And it was otherwise a pretty good day.

          Ypsi Steve

  4. Mark says:

    Tomorrow-Saturday! IF it blows Maumee Bay, I’m not punking out IF it is blowing. ETA around 1ish.

  5. Mark says:

    maybe a MB day tomorrow(tues) afternoon, we’ll see

  6. Mark says:

    Just got back from the lake, Don & myself blown off the water at the end. 12 kite & 6.5 sail waaaaay to big. By that time we were too tired to re-rig

  7. Red Sky says:

    Pete K up at Brest bay right now, report is: starting to come up, going to give it a try. Another kiter just came off the water OP on a 17 & is sizing down.

  8. Mark says:

    I do believe Luna Pier way be going off BUT I have to mow a yard 🙁

  9. Mark says:

    If MB rolls to the WNW later I may bite, IF it does it looks to be around 4ish….any takers?

  10. Mark says:

    well as of know it looks like a might be hunting the windline at Maumee Bay sp on Sunday. No time to head east, so my choices are limited…..

  11. Mark says:

    damn, I should have rolled out yesterday afternoon! This cold, windy weather kills me!

  12. Mark says:

    seeing the rain approaching makes it hard to motivate…..

  13. Pete says:

    Tuesday looking like a maybe.

    • Mark says:

      yes, looks like a definite maybe. Looks to roll WNW in the afternoon after the rains but the wind steps down a bit……MB????

      • Pete says:

        Looks like it’ll be done by the time I could get there after work. Tomorrow @ LP looks better.

        • Mark says:

          agreed & I’m not too excited about riding a MB west wind (windline?) day on my own this afternoon in big winds

    • Mark says:

      a cold maybe but still a maybe……

      • Pete says:

        I convinced Ryan to waste gas with me and we arrived at MBSP at 5:45-ish to find sketchy conditions that would have been tempting if it was 75 and sunny.

        Tomorrow is going to have to be REALLY convincing to get me to bite.

  14. Mark says:

    6.5 then 5.5 sail pretty lit up for 2 hours, Gary on a 6. Cold water!

  15. Mark says:

    Dang it’s mega windy!!!!! WSW side off MB not too appealing with the next stop Canada if you F up. North LP is too off shore with no access……..

  16. Ryan B says:

    Anyone out today?

  17. Ryan says:

    Near perfect sideshore day at MBSP. Blown off the water after a while on our 9m Fuels. Nice little 3 foot kickers on the way out.

  18. Ryan says:

    Toledo season opener Sunday?

  19. Mark says:

    who was the last in??????

  20. Mark says:

    big winds coming, let me clarify big cold ass winds are coming……whoever ventures out is gonna earn that ride the hard way!

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