2018 spring wind & water~Uncle Red Sky wants you!

The beaches have become battlefields & the waves are a war zone! As we move into the spring & summer wind & water season the surf nazi epidemic has become a real concern. You all have run into or had the misfortune to meet a SN at the beach even if you didn’t know it at the time. So hardcore with misguided views, moves he’s only read about & attitudes formed without basis, he always has to tell you how much better it was right before you arrived. He’ll go on and on about all the sweet moves he did that no one has ever witnessed. Sometimes he is disguised as an out of towner who knows more about the local spot than the locals, other times he’s the rider who hasn’t partook in many years but still thinks he has everyone covered on the water. Whatever form the surf nazi takes it is up to each & everyone one of you to help combat him. Remember, we need you!(Out on the water!)

The Endless Bummer ~ Summer 2016

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The 2016 spring water & wind season has begun

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Here we go again, the high wind spring season is upon us. By now you should know the score, it’s going to blow 15 to 20 knots 3 days every week but it’s also going to be on the chilly side. You know this but a lot of you will ignore the good winds & wait for warmer air & water temps that will come when the wind starts dying out in June. As is always the case by the end of June you will start complaining how bad the spring was(even though you passed all the windy days because it was “too cold”.) The way to solve this is to buy a super warm wetsuit from your favorite shop, Red Sky. I’ll cut you a deal & we’ll order in a perfect suit just for you. It will be guaranteed to turn that cold frown upside down. Also there are killer closeout deals on kites & boards from Slingshot & also Ezzy and Aerotech sails. Let me know if you need anything & I’ll hook you up.

Ride Night 2014!!!! Its on!!!!!!

Come and ride with us. Tuesdays we meet up & go kiteboarding & windsurfing (weather & wind permitting). The goal is to go riding & have fun, bring your gear & come riding with us, got questions or just want to watch, come on out! We’ll post here where we’ll be, what its looking like & the most important thing, ‘IF’ the wind is cooperating & we’re actually going to be able to ride. The usual spots are Maumee Bay State Park & Luna Pier. 4 PM ish is when we arrive. Check back  & see whats up!rn 002rn 1

…and they’re off! 2014 spring wind season has begun!

After a long cold & snowy record setting winter wind season has finally, finally arrived! Spring winds are the best time to ride, you basically have 2 months to score big winds & decent waves before the summer heat shuts us down.  Brush those cobwebs out of your gear, do a couple of stretches, convince yourself that your tight ass wetsuit must shrink over the winter & go get yourself some. No one wants to hear you in July complaining that “this year sucks” & you’ve only been out 3 times! Ride now, you’ll have to earn it Susie because the water temp is pretty cold & will be for a while. As always remember to support your local shop(buy from Red Sky!) I guarantee we’ll give you the lowest price that you can find anywhere & if you live too far away we’ll ship it to you–you have no excuse not to buy from us! Ride on my wind brothers.                                   OD RYAN 2OD MARK 4OD MARK 2OD RYAN 5


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