Wind, water & waves summer of 2017 kiteboard & windsurf~where, what, how was it.

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Time to ride! No excuses, Erie is slowly but surely warming up, the water is running high, the winds are starting to blow with some regularity & Maumee Bay is as brown as ever-so WTH are you waiting for? Maumee Bay SP, Luna Pier, CI, Boobies, Avon PP, Pats, the sandbar, Findlay reservoir or wherever you choose to rig, get out there and ride- kiteboard, windsurf or SUP doesn’t matter just do it. Tell us were you’re going, what was going down & how it was. We’ll see you out on the water.

Pat O’Connor~We can be heroes, just for one day

pat (600 x 826) Four months……..unbelievable that it has been four months since Pat O’Connor passed away, it still doesn’t seem real to me. If I could only see him one last time to let him know what a debt of gratitude I owe him but unfortunately I will never be able to convey to him how much I appreciated the friendship we shared & thank him for all he did for me.  Pat was always (in addition to being a great friend & mentor) the older brother I never had. We shared many adventures together be it snowboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, kayaking all the while wreaking havoc all across the country spanning from Mt. Hood & the Columbia river gorge in Oregon to the Atlantic ocean beaches of North Cacalacky. We partook in some of the most idiotic stunts & shenanigans known to man. Most of our adventures where based on the sketchiest of sketchiest ideas but we always pulled it out in the end and had a great time in doing so. Music, yeah, we played music & sometimes discussed/debated bands but believe it or not those times were few & far in between. During our trips Pat would turn me on to some new bands that he knew I’d like BUT he would also listen to(read: put up with) some of my more well, poor tastes in music. He never, ever, ever, said anything about our trip mixed tapes that I made for every journey. Yes, you have heard that correctly, the music man, the legend, the most knowledgeable music source Toledo will ever see ~Pat O’Connor~ let me make all the trip music & never critic-ed it, added input or probably more appropriately criticized my choices. That’s just Pat. The strange thing to me is I knew how cool Pat was, I knew how great a friend he was, I knew what a great husband he was, I knew how important he was to the Toledo music scene but it turned out that I never really knew……I don’t think Pat really knew how much either. From the scope of the funeral, the birthday party in store at the Clash, to the outpouring of all the people Pat had touched in some way & Pat O’Connor day, let me repeat that Pat O’Connor day, Pat made a huge difference in ways no one could have guessed. I try to ‘be like Pat’ but I will never come close and that’s all right if I can be just a small percentage like Pat, I’ll take that as a victory. Pat was my friend and I am the better for it. ~Mark Musgrave


What can I say about Pat O’Connor that hasn’t been said by hundreds of others before me.  He was kind. He was generous. He had a great sense of humor. He was a musical force. But most of all he was a great friend. I still look for his car at  the Clash as I pass by on my way to work. I have countless times headed to the phone,over the last 4 months to give him a call from the shop with a business question(he gave great advice too) or to just say hi.  I was lucky enough to work for Pat for 17 years at Boogie Records,(the best job I ever had),due largely to this kind,generous, and funny man.   ~Holly Podzinski


The 2016 spring water & wind season has begun

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Here we go again, the high wind spring season is upon us. By now you should know the score, it’s going to blow 15 to 20 knots 3 days every week but it’s also going to be on the chilly side. You know this but a lot of you will ignore the good winds & wait for warmer air & water temps that will come when the wind starts dying out in June. As is always the case by the end of June you will start complaining how bad the spring was(even though you passed all the windy days because it was “too cold”.) The way to solve this is to buy a super warm wetsuit from your favorite shop, Red Sky. I’ll cut you a deal & we’ll order in a perfect suit just for you. It will be guaranteed to turn that cold frown upside down. Also there are killer closeout deals on kites & boards from Slingshot & also Ezzy and Aerotech sails. Let me know if you need anything & I’ll hook you up.

Kiteboard & Windsurf spring 2015~Deals, Doings & the Dileo.

Spring has sprung but the wind hasn’t yet! A new wind season & the same ol’ same ol. If you are new to the wind game or a veteran that hasn’t figured it out yet, remember, IF it is windy in the spring do everything & anything you can to go out & ride. Do not skip a windy day because 60 degrees with overcast skies aren’t to your liking, don’t say to yourself “well there is a chance of rain”- man, your gonna get wet anyway. AND never ever turn down a chance to ride with your friends!  Go ride….right now. The toxic algae isn’t a problem yet(you know it will be), the winds haven’t shut off yet(they will in July & August) & the beach isn’t crowded yet(Maumee Bay SP on a warm weekend-forget about it). Check with me for closeouts, steals & deals on kiteboard & windsurf gear, no one beats our prices & we’re locals. Hell, we’ll even ship it to you. 😛

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This has been one sucky bummer of a summer(& fall!)

I know this is going to sound like the “back in my day things were different” old guy rant but man, I swear this has been one crappy summer(& fall!) of epic disappointment due to weather(lack of), injury & bad luck. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it never blows much in the summer, but this season seems different.  It started early this spring, it was cold but we  hardly a wave day come through, we had some wind but no swell, no Luna Pier bomber days, no 3 day Maumee Bay North blows. It continued into late spring, the annual Hatteras trip was cancelled due to injury! We haven’t missed that trip in over 20 years. Then when we were supposed to be in Hatteras I jacked my ribs/internal stuff. I still haven’t shaken the bruise & discomfort of it(nor have I rode since then-I’m not sure how the harness is going to work without killing me). Thats not so bad you say?  You might be saying to yourself “what else do you got for us you big pansy?” Well then the construction of Central & Secor  roads cranked into full speed grinding the shop to a halt! There have been many days when the intersection has been closed & usually busy Central Ave is a ghost town. Wow, it can’t get much worse, can it? How about the complete lack of wind for weeks on end maybe the monsoon rains that we had or how about the oppressive heat. Well, to top it all off I ruptured my Plantar Fascia tendon running a 100 meter dash against my 12 year old(I was up big when it let go). I got to wear a groovy walking boot for 4 weeks & I’m not supposed to do anything until 7/31! What else could go wrong? All the bad karma, juju, vibes have had to of been used up, right? With that said bring on the fall! And I’m not missing next opportunity for wind I’m taking, jacked up or not!

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