The Apocolpse is upon us!!! Spring winds 2012

 This spring has already been pretty interesting. Just look at all these signs that the apocolpse is upon us:  We started out with 80 degree temps in early March where the winds were similar to July instead of the big swell blows we usually get, cold rainy ass days in April, that well, felt like April &  a lot of  flat water days of no wind. We’ve yet to score a decent wave day and we’re already in to May!  The toxic algae is supposed to be at never before seen levels this year, John has already “damaged” 2 kites  this year (I believe he is trying to break his own world record of 19 set in 2009), Pete lost a board with about 5 of us around, which I still find hard to believe that we couldn’t find it.  Don is back riding Slingshot gear (I guess there have been some cold days in hell this spring)- Man, I hope Dimitri doesn’t catch wind of this! Also, one sure sign that the end is near…..Ryan O has actually HAD to work on some windy days this year!!!!!! Surely our days are numbered, Red Sky is carrying SUPs now!  Repent now, make peace while you still have time…..thats right, I said SUPs!