Shut up & Snowboard


Tick tock, get out & ride while you can. I can do a blah blah, I threw a 1080 blah blah, blah blah…..shut up and go riding! We probably have until mid March locally & early April if you’re willing to drive up a a little ways  in Michigan. We don’t want to hear ya belly aching in May that this season sucked & there was no were worth riding. We don’t want to hear how sweet you are-we’d rather see it. Oh & we have a sweet parking lot set up, hurry & hit it while you can, ITS FREE!!!!! And its also the 3rd rated park in Ohio! There are only a few rules for the Red Sky Parking Lot Lab to remember: 1Ride at your own risk  2Keep ski tips up……AND away from the PL lab. Enjoy!!!