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Have you been wanting to get into kiteboarding, snowboarding or windsurfing but the high price of new gear is beating your dream down? Now is your chance, we take in consignment kiteboard & windsurf gear from our local riders, most of the gear is in fantastic shape with a lot of life left, some of it, well, is not , but the price reflects it! We also are selling our snowboard rental fleet along with some of our personal snowboards.  The list will change often so keep checking back for “new” arrivals! Too lazy to stop in, we’ll ship it out to you(if possible)! Also we guarantee to have the lowest price on all new windsurf & kiteboard gear from Ezzy, Slingshot, Aerotech, Exocet & more. Tell us what you want & we’ll give you a price quote. 8-)


Slingshot 2012? Fuel 9m kite only $299.00

Slingshot 20?? Diesel 11m kite complete, bar, lines, pump. $299.00 LIKE NEW

Slingshot Glide kiteboard 149cm- like new $329.95

Slingshot Lunacy kiteboard 132cm $150.00

Da Kine harness S $50.00


Mistral Explosion 315cm  board, bag & fins $100

Loft Lip 2011 wave sail 5.7 $199.00

Chinook alum boom complete $50.00

Chinook alum boom complete $75.00

Da kine harness L $30.00

Many more fins, mast bases/universals & extensions-contact us for more info/prices.


Rip Curl 4/3mm MT & hood $150.00

Rip Curl booties 5mm sz 11 $40.00

Xcel gloves 3mm $15.00

Xcel gloves 5mm $15.00

changing bag/mat $10.00


Burton ltr 138cm bd & binding $99.95

Burton ltr 144cm bd & binding $99.95

Burton ltr 148cm bd & binding $99.95

DC PBJ 153cm bd, board only $198.00

Rome gang plank 152 bd & Rome Katana binding $449.95



2015 Rome snowboards, boots & bindings are on SALE! We have ’em, you want ’em


We have an exclusive on 2015 Rome snowboards, boots, bindings, bags & gloves from our Rome rep- its his pre-production trade show run, none of this will be in shops until next September!!!! Its all 25% off the retail price, brand new & carries full warranties! NEXT YEARS GEAR! I can’t tell you how lucky we are to have been chosen to sell it. The savings are big, the gear is cool, come on in & see it in person ~ if you live too far away of are just plain lazy, we can ship it out to you! It won’t be here forever! (we have to send it back to Rome soon) 16 snowboards, 16 boots, 14 bindings & 35 gloves! You can be one of the 1st in the world to be riding 2015 Rome gear!

Its here! 2015 Rome snowboard gear!

Its here! 2015 Rome snowboard gear!

2015 snowboards:

 Mod Rocker 149 & 156 on sale for $427.50 (reg. $569.99) ——-SOLD!

Agent 156 on sale for $405.00 (reg. $539.99)

Anthem 159 on sale for $405.00 (reg. $539.99)

Crossrocket 154 on sale for $360.00 (reg. $479.99)

Reverb 153 on sale for $300.00 (reg. $399.99)

Artifact 146 & Artifact Rocker 150(SOLD!!!) sale $300.00 (reg. $399.99)

Brigade 151 on sale for $285.00 (reg. $379.99)

Boneless 145 on sale for $285.00 (reg. $379.99)

Gold 147 wm on sale for $375.00 (reg. $499.99)

Lo Fi Rocker 146 wm on sale for $345.00 (reg. $459.99)——-SOLD!

Wildcat 140 & 143 wm on sale for $277.50 (reg.369.99)—–SOLD!

Romp 141 wm on sale for $270.00 (reg. $359.99)—–SOLD!

We also have 2015 Rome bindings-390 Boss(SOLD), 390, Mob Boss, Arsenal, Mob, Madison Boss, Strut & Runway on sale at 25% off. 2015 Rome snowboard boots- Guide, Inferno, Folsom(SOLD), Libertine, Bodega, Stomp, Bastille, Memphis, Smith & Mini Shred at 25% off.  Jump on it!


2015 Rome snowboards, boots & bindings on sale.

2015 Rome snowboards, boots & bindings on sale.