Pat O’Connor~We can be heroes, just for one day

pat (600 x 826) Four months……..unbelievable that it has been four months since Pat O’Connor passed away, it still doesn’t seem real to me. If I could only see him one last time to let him know what a debt of gratitude I owe him but unfortunately I will never be able to convey to him how much I appreciated the friendship we shared & thank him for all he did for me.  Pat was always (in addition to being a great friend & mentor) the older brother I never had. We shared many adventures together be it snowboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, kayaking all the while wreaking havoc all across the country spanning from Mt. Hood & the Columbia river gorge in Oregon to the Atlantic ocean beaches of North Cacalacky. We partook in some of the most idiotic stunts & shenanigans known to man. Most of our adventures where based on the sketchiest of sketchiest ideas but we always pulled it out in the end and had a great time in doing so. Music, yeah, we played music & sometimes discussed/debated bands but believe it or not those times were few & far in between. During our trips Pat would turn me on to some new bands that he knew I’d like BUT he would also listen to(read: put up with) some of my more well, poor tastes in music. He never, ever, ever, said anything about our trip mixed tapes that I made for every journey. Yes, you have heard that correctly, the music man, the legend, the most knowledgeable music source Toledo will ever see ~Pat O’Connor~ let me make all the trip music & never critic-ed it, added input or probably more appropriately criticized my choices. That’s just Pat. The strange thing to me is I knew how cool Pat was, I knew how great a friend he was, I knew what a great husband he was, I knew how important he was to the Toledo music scene but it turned out that I never really knew……I don’t think Pat really knew how much either. From the scope of the funeral, the birthday party in store at the Clash, to the outpouring of all the people Pat had touched in some way & Pat O’Connor day, let me repeat that Pat O’Connor day, Pat made a huge difference in ways no one could have guessed. I try to ‘be like Pat’ but I will never come close and that’s all right if I can be just a small percentage like Pat, I’ll take that as a victory. Pat was my friend and I am the better for it. ~Mark Musgrave


What can I say about Pat O’Connor that hasn’t been said by hundreds of others before me.  He was kind. He was generous. He had a great sense of humor. He was a musical force. But most of all he was a great friend. I still look for his car at  the Clash as I pass by on my way to work. I have countless times headed to the phone,over the last 4 months to give him a call from the shop with a business question(he gave great advice too) or to just say hi.  I was lucky enough to work for Pat for 17 years at Boogie Records,(the best job I ever had),due largely to this kind,generous, and funny man.   ~Holly Podzinski



7 Responses to “Pat O’Connor~We can be heroes, just for one day”
  1. Jeff says:

    Pat was an amazing man and this was a nice tribute. Mark & Holly you guys are guys are great and I definitely see some of Pat in both of you!

  2. Tom Chamberlin says:

    And you too Holly!

  3. Tom Chamberlin says:

    Nice Mark!

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