…and they’re off! 2014 spring wind season has begun!

After a long cold & snowy record setting winter wind season has finally, finally arrived! Spring winds are the best time to ride, you basically have 2 months to score big winds & decent waves before the summer heat shuts us down.  Brush those cobwebs out of your gear, do a couple of stretches, convince yourself that your tight ass wetsuit must shrink over the winter & go get yourself some. No one wants to hear you in July complaining that “this year sucks” & you’ve only been out 3 times! Ride now, you’ll have to earn it Susie because the water temp is pretty cold & will be for a while. As always remember to support your local shop(buy from Red Sky!) I guarantee we’ll give you the lowest price that you can find anywhere & if you live too far away we’ll ship it to you–you have no excuse not to buy from us! Ride on my wind brothers.                                   OD RYAN 2OD MARK 4OD MARK 2OD RYAN 5



128 Responses to “…and they’re off! 2014 spring wind season has begun!”
  1. Red Sky says:

    Well, the forecast sucks! It looks like no rideable wind for a while. Looks like its time to start storm hunting.

  2. Red Sky says:

    Friday might be a Luna Pier day, MIGHT BE, that is! East winds! Wind will be straight on shore, little rollers will be pinning you on the shore, the beach is small(& probably crowded), they charge you to park & the you’ll be a little underpowered(maybe). Whats not to like!!!!!!

  3. Mark says:

    Its everyman for himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SW winds, make your best bet & roll before the storms form up. Brest Bay works great on a SW http://www.brestbaymarina.com/lake-cam-and-weather.html or Catawba for a big ol’ wave day. Maumee Bay will be side off but blasting once you get to the wind line(if you get out to the wind line that is) which might be a half mile out. Precede at your own risk, its going to be a fragmented group today….

    • Mark says:

      5.5 sail on the quad for myself (OP in the gusts) 9 kite for Don (OP in the gusts), 5.0 sail for Gary & 2.5 sail -2 kite for Abby & Kylie. Really good.

  4. Red Sky says:

    Friday the 13th!!!! Scary!!! Scary that there might actually be wind that is! Looks like it will shift to the WNW which will be about as good as Maumee Bay state park will get. We’ll see if it happens, forecasted to be coming in around 2?(when the front moves thru).

    • Red Sky says:

      well the front has just moved through, it shouldn’t be long now(if its going to happen) http://www.wunderground.com/US/Region/Midwest/2xFronts.html

      • Mark says:

        I’m seeing consistent double digits on Petes site http://www.bizb.biz/wind.html at MB, eating & rolling. ETA is around 2:30-3. WNW_ can it be?!?!?!??!

        • Mark says:

          Pretty good day yesterday! Friday the 13th delivered! The early shift consisted of Chuck the traveler windsurfing on a 9.0 sail(traveled to Monroe PP & back), Judd windsurfing on a 6.0 sail & myself on a 5.5 sail. JT showed up & put a 13 kite up followed by Andy on a 10 kite who had Brad in tow on a 10 kite. The late shift arrived with Ryan B on a 5.8 sail, AA Chuck on a 6.0 sail, Ryan O(the working man) on his 9 kite & finally Chris who was high maintenance (ggg) with an 11 kite with whopper jawed lines! WNW winds with a nice little swell. The group was scattered with some pulling way up wind & some others running a normal reach all in search of clean wind.

  5. Red Sky says:

    Finally!!!!! Pictures from last Sundays wind from no where session!!!!! Enjoy! http://www.redskytoledo.com/gallery/photo-gallery/?album=1&gallery=31

  6. Mark says:

    Thinking about rolling to MB for a quick hit

  7. Red Sky says:

    Ryan scored a sneaker thermal session at MB this afternoon. 13 kite & surfboard-powered up & staying upwind.

  8. Red Sky says:

    For those keeping track of the E. coli levels for Maumee Bay state park, here is the site:

  9. Red Sky says:

    Forecast looks pretty bad for the next few days, I hope everyone got their fill on Monday & Tuesday! http://www.iwindsurf.com/windandwhere.iws?regionID=232&siteID=1870&Isection=Forecast+Graphs
    The weeds & toxic algae can’t be too far behind….

  10. Ryan B. says:

    I will be at MB around 4:30

  11. Red Sky says:

    Its already blowing west! This might actually be a ride nite that blows! Maumee Bay is the call, probably a wind line but deal with it! Ride nite might start a after lunch just to be safe- I’d hate to miss it

    • Mark says:

      Rolling early(sorta) 1:30 Maumee Bay ETA……John I believe is the same time frame.

      • Mark says:

        12 riders out, typical West MB day! Pretty good day considering what we’re going to be dealing with in a few weeks.

  12. Mark says:

    I’m thinking of biting……

  13. Ryan says:

    Another sneaker thermal sesh at MBSP. Big kite and surfboard required

  14. Mark says:

    fools messing around with me……..lesson learned ~make sure you get all your gear out of the trailer when you shift the load in Avon if not this could happen to you… http://www.redskytoledo.com/gallery/photo-gallery/?album=1&gallery=27

    • Pete says:

      Dear Mother nature,

      I’m done mowing the lawn. Now, can I please have enough wind to go “mow the lawn”… at least?

      • Mark says:

        I’m not holding out much hope for today & Sunday is a total crap out but looky at Tuesday, showing some signs of life in the forecasts!

        • Andy says:

          Anybody chancing MB? Getting breezy over this way but haven’t been able to head up there.

          • Pete says:

            Not unless/until I see double digits on the sensors regularly.

          • Ryan says:

            Saw whitecaps in the point again…drove out to MBSP for a sunset session. 13 kite, blowing 15-20. I wish I had ventured out earlier

  15. Red Sky says:

    Pretty sad when we’re all getting worked up for tomorrows sketchy forecast & hoping it thermals in……the wind CAN’T shut off a whole month earlier than the usual mid June crap out……….or can it?

  16. Andy says:

    Brads up on his 13 and I’m putting up the 14 right now…MB.

    • Red Sky says:

      I believe Ryan is heading out there, I am not biting-I can still remember the good OBX wind we had……might be a good choice, might not, we’ll soon see!

  17. Red Sky says:

    Oh-oh, I think we skipped right into the mid summer no winds!

  18. Mark says:

    Don, the Ryan’s(O & L) & myself leave for Hatteras this Wednesday. It looks like we’re leaving you with a big, cold donut forecast. Enjoy it while we’re gone! We’ll be returning early Monday morn just in time for the returning wind!

  19. Red Sky says:

    today looks like it ‘might’ happen. Good luck though on finding a good spot in a S rolling to SSW forecast, Brest Bay or risk the off shore at MB.

    • Red Sky says:

      rain be a coming…….hopefully it brings some wind behind it

      • Andy says:

        Just rolled into BB. Looking good. Spitting some drops of rain but radar has it clearing soon. Gonna pump up the 10.

        • Mark says:

          destruction, terror & mayhem……that just about sums it up. The wind was blowing 10-50, no joke!

          • Andy says:

            Great session out at BB, wind did pick up and had to put the 10 down till the cloud passed, but then things settled and was lit for couple of hours. Two 10’s and and an 11. No carnage but some self induced mayhem.

  20. Red Sky says:

    and more pics from 5/4/14~ we’re going to have to start doing some wardrobe changes so you can tell the different days, they’re all starting to look the same! http://www.redskytoledo.com/gallery/photo-gallery/?album=1&gallery=28

  21. Ryan says:

    Who’s thinking what and when?

  22. Red Sky says:

    a bunch of new pics compliments of Denise Dicks. (yeah, I can’t make that up) Enjoy! http://www.redskytoledo.com/gallery/photo-gallery/?album=1&gallery=27

  23. Ryan says:

    Wasn’t it supposed to be windy today?

  24. Mark says:

    Today looks like its still “a go”, wait for it to turn west(and see if it actually blows) then it should pack in & build, Maumee Bay SP after 1ish for me…….time subject to change due to crappy or non existent wind!

  25. Red Sky says:

    Saturday looks like its going to (maybe) blast out of the west! Yes, its going to be cold. Sailflow has it happening later in the afternoon. Maumee Bay SP would seem to be the choice!

  26. Mark says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ze8JwdfHtyI John, Ryan & myself(maybe a Brad cameo) just chillin' at Luna Pier last monday. Gale warning and cold. I swear it was waaaaaaay bigger & windier than it looks!

  27. Andy says:

    Brest Bay tomorrow? Might cut work early and hit a lunch time session.

    • Red Sky says:

      Ahhhh, the age old question of where to ride in a SW! Remember Andy BB has a live cam so you can check it out before you go http://www.brestbaymarina.com/lake-cam-and-weather.html Too much W and BB sucks, too much S and MB sucks, you need a boat to get to the sandbar & CI is a pretty long drive……..

      • Brad says:

        Only thing Andy needs to get to sandbar if his wife to register his jetski trailer. hahahahahaha Yeah, so Andy is pretty well screwed!

        • Andy says:

          Brad…I’m out at BB right now,2 mins from putting my kite up….what you doing?…. lol.

          • Mark says:

            he is doing important Homer Simpson stuff out at the nuke plant! lol

          • Andy says:

            Just left BB, started out with the wind a little fluky, 14m good for a few runs and then kite fell out of the sky, ready to walk it in and the wind returned, minute later doing mach 3, fully depowered. Smoothed out some though, good day.If I had more time would’ve put up the 10, still good 10m conditions when I left.

          • Mark says:

            cold & up & down, thats no way to spend ones afternoon!

  28. Brad says:

    I might just have to join this party

    • Mark says:

      Round 2 was pretty intense. My hand s lost all feeling after one lap & I started to short run to try & conserve my warmth/energy. 4.5 sail lit up, John 7 kite, i”m pretty sure he was lit up & Ryan I think was 6(maybe 7) kite & good. Brad showed a little later on 4.5 sail, I think he was lit & cold also! We got some (No) Go Pro helmet cam footage- but you know how that usually goes! From the little footy I’ve seen from it I’m shocked how sorta bigish swell looks like flat ass water! Oh well…..in my mind it was huge!

  29. Red Sky says:

    action shots from yesterday of Pete & Ryan! Enjoy! http://www.redskytoledo.com/gallery/photo-gallery/?album=1&gallery=27

  30. Ryan says:

    Anyone want to try and beat the rain? I’m not sure I’ll be motivated if it’s pouring first

    • Ryan says:

      John and I headed to LP soon

      • Mark says:

        should be rolling soon.

        • Mark says:

          holding off, the rain has started here at the shop, my hope is to wait it out for round 2.

          • Ryan says:

            John and I at LP. He was on his 7 Fuel and a TT. I was on my 6 Fuel and a surfboard. I forgot how much fun it is to try and keep my feet on the surfboard overpowered at mach 3. We will see if I have a round 2 in me. Fan is drying stuff.

          • Red Sky says:

            Conditions at 1:55 pm EDT on 04/28/2014 (DOY 118 17:55 GMT)
            (Updated at about :55 minutes past the hour)

            Wind Speed: 35.50 kts (18.26 m/s) GALE
            Max Wind Speed: 41.99 kts (21.60 m/s) GALE

            It looks like round 2 is going to be a go(wind reading is from Toledo Light 2! Rain seems to have moved out(for know) Luna Pier it is. Leaving the shop around 2:30.

  31. Mark says:

    Anyone watching/thinking LP today or is everyone skipping for tomorrow’s epic looking forecast at LP?

  32. Ryan says:

    Anyone going to try and ride today?

    • Mark says:

      I don’t know, forecast says its as windy as its going to be right now with diminishing returns the rest of the day. Monday looks to be THE Luna Pier day(sometimes you only get 1 or 2 forecasts a year like this) big ass east winds starting Sunday & building all night then blasting cold, rain & big east winds all day Monday! If we’re lucky maybe we can score a Sunday warm up at LP! It will definitely be none but the brave out Monday, it looks miserable cold & rain wise!

    • Ryan says:

      Two reaches on the twintip cost 2 beaches…Surfboard, 13m and 6-7 trips to the sandbar before it started to really cut.

      • Andy says:

        MB went off tonight! After the wind went NE, it picked up. Went to MB around 6 and it was still marginal, pumped up the 14m anyways and by the time I got in the water I was depowering. Never let up. If I had more time would’ve went to the 10m. Good solo session.

  33. Red Sky says:

    Ryan is heading out to MB on the chance that its happening…..

  34. Mark says:

    Tuesday is looking like a Maumee Bay (baby) wave day!!! Hope to get out after lunch and score some juicy MB knee biters! Any takers???

    • Red Sky says:

      So far the MB line up is: Ryan O, John & myself. I’m guessing Pete might be in play later……

      • Brad says:

        I may make a showing on the west end today. It won’t be till 3:30. Anyone going to be be out still?

        • Mark says:

          The forecast(s) seems to have lightened up(all except NOAA who says its still gonna blast), I’m sure if it blows someone will be there at 3:30……..if its blowing….

        • Andy says:

          Report from MB, nicely capping, sorry Mark only baby waves. Gonna eat some carbs and then maybe put up the 10m.

          • Mark says:

            rolling to MB!

          • Mark says:

            Just got done, it was a full pull out at the beach. Ryan O, John, Andy, Ypsi S, Gary, Hood Chris & myself, Brad showed up as the 1st shift was leaving. Ryan decided to pull a double shift & ride with him. Up & down, teeny, tiny baby waves-come on MB you can do better than that! 13m to 9m kites, 6.5m to 5.2m sails. Kinda pleasant with a thick wetsuit.

  35. ypsi steve says:

    I sailed 8 out of 8 days on a beat-the-crowd hatteras trip last week, does that count?

    ypsi steve

    ps, eyewitness confirmation: yes it was just a 4/1 joke that the ‘Hole’ was sold and redeveloped for Kiters

    • Red Sky says:

      It counts Steve! In fact your 8 days in Hatteras when adjusted to “local Erie days” using the OBX coefficient equation actually equals 16 days of riding! I kinda figured that K hole thing was a farce(with the 4/1 timing & all!)

  36. Mark says:

    I’m pretty glad I rode last week, it looks pretty light(& cold) for a while. By my count here is who’s scored already this year: Ryan O, Don, Gary, John, Pete, Brad, Andy & myself. What are you waiting for, that cold water feels good on achy knees & sore joints!

  37. Red Sky says:

    Sundays action caught on film, its a lot, go get some popcorn & a beer-this could take a while! http://www.redskytoledo.com/gallery/photo-gallery/?album=1&gallery=25

  38. Mark says:

    Pretty good day, 5.5 sail/9 kite. All lit up, all happy.

  39. Red Sky says:

    Here is a big photo dump from the opening day session. Damn, that’s a lot of pics! http://www.redskytoledo.com/gallery/photo-gallery/?album=1&gallery=24

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